Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Chat with Caleb Lambshead

So this past week I had the opportunity to sit down with a good friend of mine, a brother in Christ (and in law), someone whose also in a group of guys who the Lord has used to have a huge impact on my life. Caleb and I went to the same church, and as […]

I need to be tolerant

Now off the bat, let me be clear – I mean tolerance as shown and defined in an excellent Adam Ford comic you can find by clicking right here (and I am agreeing with who he’s saying is tolerant). That’s the kind of tolerance we all need. Why do I need it? Let me explain. This past […]

A chat with pastor Dave Lombardo

This week I had the opportunity over email (gotta love the internet) with a great brother in Christ; a very close friend, a mentor, and an accountability partner: Pastor Dave Lombardo. Dave is serving as the youth pastor at The People’s Church in Toronto, and had worked in partnership with Youth Unlimited for a number […]

A chat with Dr. Tom Lambshead

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with a dear friend; my father in law, and my former pastor and boss Dr Tom Lambshead. Tom is now an interim pastor at a local Waterdown church, as well as serving as the Director of Professional Development with Pioneers Canada. Dr. Lambshead has had a life […]

None of this is fair

The other day I had a conversation with a friend at work. During the conversation he had said one of his gripes with Christianity was that it didn’t seem like God was fair. God isn’t fair in the sense that we like to think of fairness – that everyone should get what they deserve. However, […]