Monthly Archives: July 2016

Why are some of the most straightforward scriptures the toughest to follow?

A little bit of a forewarning – it is currently 3:18 am (or 8:18 for you Northern Irish and English folk who read this), and I’m staying up late to prep for starting my over night job with a nation wide coffee chain tomorrow. I hope this will all make sense. So onto the title […]

Learning to love ‘the grey’

No, not the bad Liam Neeson vs Wolves movie. So while I was over in the UK the last two weeks I had a number of interesting conversations; an example of which was shown in Cameron Butryn’s blog post that I shared in my post last week (and if you haven’t read it, I really […]

Up in the Air

Heads up; there will be run-on sentences coming. As I write this, my amazing wife and I are several thousand feet in the air – she reading an ebook (which one, I don’t know, it’s just not Jurassic Park) and I watching a HILARIOUS episode of Star Trek Voyager called Blood Fever. Last time I […]