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I’ll be straight up and honest – I haven’t really planned out this post, and I don’t quite know where it’s going. But it’s 4:38am, and I need a distraction. A good distraction. One that hopefully stimulates thoughts that points to the Lord. So this is a topic that there’s SO MANY ways to come […]

Being Thankful

So  I’m  pretty sure this is something most (dare I say all) Christians have struggled with at some point or another (or possibly even constantly) – being thankful. And to be straight up; lately I’ve been having a bit/a lot of trouble being thankful – which when I actually stop and think about it is […]

A miracle

Now normally I don’t post more than once a week(ish), but after reading my boy Cameron Butryn latest blog, there were things I wanted to say. As I read this post (which you really should read) from Cam, it brought up a lot of different feelings in me. See, I was one of the the two […]


Late night/early morning post? Late night/early morning post. Full disclosure, this isn’t about the frequently hilarious former NBC/Yahoo sitcom (although, at some point I will probably want to use at least one Troy and Abed gif here, as they are too good not to). Second disclosure – I am REALLY tired, and have been watching […]

Trust in the Lord

I don’t know how long tonight’s entry will be to be honest; it’s about 3:29am at the time of writing, I’m staying up again to sleep all day because I work overnight tonight – at the moment I’m on NAT GEO documentary two or three on sharks, the current one is about the Greenland Shark. […]