Monthly Archives: March 2017

For all its faults, I still really dig ‘Superman Returns’.

I’m writing this on a half a screen as I watch Supergirl (not the terrible spin-off movie from the Donner Superman series, the pretty good show on Netflix). Gotta love technology. And as I’m watching Supergirl, I’m like “man, I like this show, I like that it’s light and optimistic – things Superman should be.” […]

The Sony ‘Venom’ movie

I’m not gonna lie you guys, its difficult not to be pessamistic about this movie. I don’t like to be a negative nathan, but I don’t see how this movie can work or even be decent at all. So as it currently stands, it’s going to be released October 5th of 2018 – with no […]

A Chat With Fran Purvis

Good afternoon friends! Today I am happy to share with you a new interview, one I got to conduct with a good friend of mine and missionary Fran Purvis. I met Fran back in high school years (good ol EYCI) in a ‘World Religions’ class. From there I had the pleasure of getting to know […]


  I went in expecting to like this movie and I left absolutely loving it. It may be my favourite X-Men movie, and it is hands down the best Wolverine movie. Gotta mention this right off the bat – Logan is rated R, and for very good reason. So any Christian parents who come across […]