Monthly Archives: September 2017

A short post about the first two Brendan Fraser ‘The Mummy’ movies.

  So my amazing wife and I have spent the last two nights watching the first two Brendas Fraser movies (we miiiiight watch the 3rd with Jet Li or the first Scorpion King, don’t know). Why? Cause why not. They’re good. Well, the first one is. ‘The Mummy Returns’ is a mess…and a frustrating one, […]

Thoughts on the Batman ‘Arkham’ series AND Netflix’s Punisher trailer

So this short post is brought to you by my amazing wife. About two weeks ago for my 30th birthday, she surprised the dickens out of me with a PS4 that came with a game I’ve been wanting to play for years: Batman Arkham Knight – the fourth game in the amazing Arkham series. I […]

Another collection of other thoughts

For reasons shared on One Cross Street, I haven’t had much time to post lately. Let’s just dive right in. I haven’t had a chance to catch The Defenders yet, which I’m looking forward to watching. With all that’s been going on, I’ve been revisiting old shows/ones I’ve already watched a bunch (DS9 (rough first […]

No real post, just some plugs

Things have been MAD busy lately, and mostly in a good way. Jill and I got a house (pretty sure I mentioned that), so we’ve been moving and painting and between the house and the apartment. I left one of my two jobs to focus on the other – where praise God, things have been […]