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Entering The Psalms – Steve Lambert

The late author and pastor Eugene Peterson has said that the Psalms are unique in the Bible in that “most of scripture speaks to us; the Psalms speak for us” (Working the Angles, 55).  The Psalms teach us how to come to God in prayer, but they can be very confusing for many Christians.  Many of the Psalms seem […]

A Conversation With Five Friends pt 1

Have you ever noticed with friends how you can have the craziest conversations where it will jump from serious topics to the lighter things with no rhyme or reason (or that I’ve used this intro before)? That’s what this new three-part (our first three-parter!) episode is. I recently had the chance to see four lifelong […]

Prayers of Doubt – Steve Lambert

What does faith look like in the face of doubt and despair?  How do we pray when we aren’t sure that God is listening or that He cares?  Most of us don’t know how to answer those questions. We find them awkward and disturbing.  We like to think, or to pretend that Christians don’t ever […]

Let’s Talk About – MCU Phase 4 with Steve Lambert

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re rejoined by the always grand Steve Lambert, and we’ll be looking at the MCU Phase 4 (and slightly beyond)! Also, I had some unfortunate technical difficulties early on in the episode – my apologies for the wonky audio at points. Finally, if you enjoyed today’s episode and […]

Let’s Talk About – Shin Godzilla

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio spoilers are inbound as we are looking at one of the best entries into the Godzilla franchise (and one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last five years) – Shin Godzilla. You can also watch today’s episode on youtube! What did you think of Shin Godzilla? […]

Let’s Talk About…

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re breaking our “off on holiday’s rule” (since it’s only kinda a holiday) and we’re looking at some more movies (recent and brand new), comic crossovers, prayer requests, news from Comicon, and more! You can also watch today’s episode on youtube!  What did you think of the movies […]