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Let’s Rank The Star Trek Film Franchise

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are ranking the 13 films of the Star Trek film franchise from worst/least enjoyable to best/most enjoyable. We recognize some of ours will be controversial. Hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and God bless my friends! PS: Please don’t hate us.

God is good

It’s been about six months since I’ve last posted. Heck, out of the 9 (this being the ninth) posts we’ve published this year – this is only my 3rd. The last time I was regularly writing for here was last November, it was the final post in my Ranking The Star Trek movie series. Around […]

Redeemed Otaku – Pokémon Origins (Reshare)

From Redeemed Otaku – “Bex and Chris from One Cross Radio discuss many things from evolu… er, I mean growing up, to having it all and still losing. Watch out for Team Rocket and their electric sticks!” Hope you enjoy, and God bless my friends!

Let’s Talk About – Alien & Predator

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re looking at two separate yet intertwined franchises – Alien and Predator. We’re looking at the highs and lows, and what the potential future may hold! What’s your favourite Alien and/or Predator movie? Where do you want the franchise to go? Let us know in the comments! Hope […]

Let’s Talk About – LOTR Show Wish List

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, I’m sharing my wish list for the upcoming Amazon Prime LORD OF THE RINGS series – and one has been granted! What’s on your wishlist for the series? Let me know in the comments!  Hope you enjoy, and God bless my friends!