A Chat With Cameron Butryn

This past week I had the chance to (over facebook messenger – we live in an easy to contact age) chat with an old buddy of mine. He’s someone who I’ve known for ages,  hes’s a guy whose brain I like to pick, and quite frankly he’s a brother in Christ who inspired me to take blogging much more seriously (and see the benefits of it); and his name is Cameron Butryn. I first met Cam when his father Alan became one of the pastors at my former/home church of Calvary in Toronto. Over the years we’ve hung out a fair bit (we have a few mutual friends and are up for the same kind of silliness) and it’s been a pleasure to see the Lord grow Cam into the man he has become. Cam posts a weekly blog, which you can find by clicking right here, and he was kind enough to answer some questions I sent his way. Hope you enjoy.

Could you share a bit about your testimony?

CB: I am very blessed to have been raised in a Jesus loving and church focused home. I’ve spent my entire life being able to learn about who God is and who I am to Him through my parents and church connections, but it wasn’t until my mid-teens that it started to become a more personal relationship. Jesus and I really started going steady when I was 18 and did a 6 month discipleship school with Youth With A Mission. It’s been an imperfect journey ever since, but God has been constant in grace, mercy, and love.

When did you decide you wanted to actively blog – and do it seriously?

CB: It was around this time last year when I was in Berlin, Germany that I felt a nudge in this direction. I was spending a few months over there and had some extra time to reflect, so I started writing out some of my thoughts. If I recall correctly, I ended up sending some writing to my mom who asked to post it on her blog. I received lovely responses and felt a sense of confirmation to pursue my own blog. Although, it wasn’t until late that August that I fully committed to consistently posting every Friday.

How do you decide what to write about when you post? What inspires you?

CB: I consciously approach every post with an open and prayerful heart. It really feels like praying for my ‘daily bread.’ I often am inspired by my own life experiences and being able to share the wisdom I’ve learned from my successes and my failures. Some weeks are inspired by books I read, some by interactions I have with people, and some are out of the blue and unexplainable.

Are there any pastors, preachers, or theologians that you read or listen to (or watch, etc) that you’d recommend?

CB: I really love Rick Warren, Judah Smith, and John Piper. Warren has an amazing ability to present the Bible in such a practically applicable way, Smith has a talented way of presenting Biblical truth in such an appealing and down right fun way, and Piper has created a great balance between his conservative and intellectual teaching and leaving room to let the Holy Spirit move in any way that He wishes.

What would you say is a difficulty faced by the church today – and what’s something we need to work on?

CB: I believe the church makes it a habit to over-complicate many things. Whether that be internal or external politics, doctrinal focuses, or rigid structuring, I believe Jesus is often lost in the mix. It’s all about Jesus, and although matters of doctrine, theology, and structure have their place of importance, what really matters is showing people how to encounter Him personally for themselves. You can’t meet Him face to face and not be affected. If we can work on loosening up, growing in grace, and guiding each other deeper into His presence, there will be radical growth.

What would you say is your biggest struggle as a blogger?

CB: Ideas flow often and, typically, quite easily. Executing them, on the other hand, can be a real struggle. As a bit of a perfectionist, it can be quite challenging to articulate and illustrate the ideas I have in a way that I am satisfied with. I often waste too much time fearing that it won’t turn out well, instead of simply sitting down and grinding it out.

What are some of your ‘go to’ scriptures?

CB: Different scriptures prove meaningful during different seasons, but I am always a sucker for the book of Ecclesiastes read through the lens of the New Testament. The writer had it all, but still found himself looking for more. I am reminded that life on earth is short and rather absurd, but it is still to be fully enjoyed by delighting in the presence of Jesus and guiding others into His presence as well.

You’ve also had some missions experiences – can you share some things about that?

CB: As I mentioned before, I did a 6 month Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. It was an amazing time of learning, being surrounded by like minded and spiritually hungry people, and experiencing the foreign mission field. I spent 3 months, of the 6, in Bangladesh doing a variety of different ministries. Above all, though, I would say the most valuable aspect of seeing the overseas mission field is the perspective that it taught me. To see how other people live, to see what they believe, to see their struggles — it really put it all into perspective for me. It’s not easy to leave a lasting legacy when you’re only there for 3 months, but I’ll tell you this much — it left an eternal mark on my soul.

And finally – what would you say to someone thinking about starting and maintaining a blog – especially one that is Christian themed?

CB: If you had three readers — Jesus, yourself, and, of course, your mother — and would still find joy or purpose in creating and producing blog material, you are set for success. It’s an unbelievable blessing and privilege to be able to share with the world and create connections with different people, but if your foundations are rooted purely in blogging for His glory and your joy, you’ll do nothing but thrive.

As I mentioned up top, Cam has a blog you can read which you can check out at http://www.cameronbutryn.com/blog – and I’d highly recommend doing so.

Thanks for reading, and God bless my friends!