On today’s 10th episode of One Cross Radio, I am thrilled to share with y’all my interview with Pastor Daniel Winter, who pastors my home church Calvary. Calvary sits in the densely populated Pape area of East York, which borders downtown Toronto, Scarborough, and North York. Pastor Daniel been leading Calvary for a number of years and came to today’s episode with a wealth of experience, a great perspective, interesting insights, and a great personality. Personally, there were moments in this episode where the Lord was speaking right to me through him, and I truly hope you’ll have those too.

If you want to hear the sermons from Calvary, you can check them out by clicking me.

As said in the interview, we will be taking a break for Christmas (I’ll also be doing a training for a new job) and will be back sometime in January. I hope and pray you all have a wonderful time during this Christmas season.

Thanks for listening, please share if you can, and God bless my friends!