Do you know how many film franchises have 10 entries? Well, a surprising amount actually – but most of them are terrible horror movies, straight to DVD franchises (nothing wrong with that, some are a lot of fun – looking at you Tremors!), and anime franchises like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Digimon – and I’ve only seen four Pokémon movies. So that leaves us with ‘All Monsters Attack’, the 10th Godzilla movie from the original Shōwa series. It…it wasn’t very good. Hopefully, this post will be better. On a side note, the Godzilla film franchise is currently at 33 films with 34 coming out in a couple months, and the 35th next year! Now, let’s get to the post proper…

Whats’ been going on?
Alright, so, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – it’s been about two or so months since I’ve written a post (whereas the awesome Steve Lambert has submitted two). So what’s been up? A bunch of things actually. Like I mentioned during the most recent episode of One Cross Radio, back in about mid-November (during the ranking the Star Trek movies post-a-thon), I had a big time flare up of my mild anxiety and depression, and it was kicking my butt – especially with stuff that was also going on at the time that I won’t get into. Anyone who struggles with mental health to any degree knows that when that stuff’s popping off, even stuff that normally brings you energy and joy can become daunting and stressful – which writing here did. My former schedule for here was writing a post and doing an episode of One Cross Radio a week – which up until then, was manageable. But between the two (and the overall busyness and everything else at the time), One Cross Radio wasn’t feeling daunting and stressful – so that kept going, while I took a break from writing here. I’ve missed it. So with all that being said, that means we’re getting back to regular scheduled programming right? Not quite. See (as I shared with those who follow us on Instagram and Facebook), praise be to God, I’ve recently been blessed with full-time hours and a second on-call job, so that greatly reduces my free time (and as much as I love doing this and One Cross Radio, neither are a source of income, so I can’t turn down work to do them). So going forward I’ll still be both writing here and doing One Cross Radio, but at a reduced schedule. Please keep this in your prayers as I try to figure out what a good (yet doable) schedule will be while adjusting to the (again, praise be to our awesome God) new full-time work schedule. Also please keep me in your prayers, as I’ll also be helping another podcast get off the ground and working on it in the coming months – which is pretty exciting.

Two sides to every story:
So I came the whole “Covington Catholic” story a week late, and what was interesting there was I got to see the full (and ridiculous) picture – which is kind of a shame, cause if people (especially the news media) hadn’t jumped on the first ‘viral’ part, there would have been the whole picture much sooner. What was nuts with that is at first everyone was just focusing on the part that looked bad and fit the story/narrative that was being told/pushed (a kid in a maga hat smirking and apparently harassing an elderly Native-American) and was leading to numerous adults and media outlets encouraging a child to be assaulted. Later that weekend, more videos surfaced online (including an almost two hour one) showing a more full picture (that a separate group yelled at the kids, they started chanting their high-school pep songs, and then the Native man approached the main kid) that also disproved much of what had been said/accused coming out of the first viral clip (and if anyone’s interested, you can read the kids statement here). Now I’m not trying to tell anyone how to feel about this – or any – story or incident. But I do want to encourage people to remember that there are two sides to every story and we most often need both (or, you know, a two-hour video and not a 90-second viral vid) to get the complete picture. We should not automatically presume or pronounce absolute guilt (or absolute innocence) on anyone, especially when very little information is available. Unfortunately, I’d say this goes double for any political story – as bias on any side/for any party is at a seemingly all-time high, and they each outright lie and make false claims about the other (focusing on the buzz-words that can widely be interpreted as bad and leave out the context of what they’re doing). It really shouldn’t be this way – I miss when it wasn’t.

And not doing these above things/behaving this way (condemning, lying, judging, bearing false witness) goes triple for Christians, that should be obvious, but it bears unfortunately reminding (I see it all to frequently).

Alright, now let’s talk about some movies!

Avengers Endgame:

Oh. My. Goodness. This. Looks. Awesome! Seriously, the marketing for this movie so far has been phenomenal and wonderfully restrained. There’s been no action set pieces, no big fights revealed, no big hints at plot points. It’s all just been a wonderful series of the Avengers looking insanely depressed as they lick their wounds from their loss (half of all existing life) to Thanos in Infinity War. Heck, there’s barely any humor in these – which is wonderful, as there shouldn’t be too much of that given the nature of this story. I seriously can’t wait for this movie.

Godzilla King of the Monsters:

I’m not gonna lie guys, this one is almost tied with Avengers Endgame on my most anticipated list. Simply put, the trailers for the movie have made it look both epic and beautiful. There appears to be tragic (given the wide-scale death that will happen) and wonder (that Mothra shot though) filled tone, and an epic scale. Plus…I’m insanely excited for King Ghidorah (he is debatably the archrival of Godzilla). The brief snippets we see of him are awesome – he’s HUGE and looks like a force of nature. Seriously (again), I can’t wait for this movie.

SO GANGSTER! Look HOW HUGE Ghidorah is!

Hobbs and Shaw:

This looks like the right kind of ridiculous. Now, that’s something I’ve said (and that’s true) for Fast & Furious 5-8, but it holds true for this spin off as well. While it’s going into territory I did not see coming (with a genetically engineered borderline super villain) – I’m game. A super powered Idris Elba facing off with the walking embodiments of testosterone that are Jason Statham and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson just works. The Rocks and Stathams chemistry lead to some of the best parts of Fate (F8te?) of the Furious, so I’m definitely in for this one. Plus…Idris Elba. Outside of his movie with Beyonce and Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, I’m always in for Idris Elba.

Now it’s time for some quick plugs:

Good olJosh Keefe did a great video looking at The Prince of Egypt that is well worth a watch:

You guys and gals should also check out this great podcast episode looking at anxiety (and mental health from a Christian perspective) by Britnney Moses.

I also wanted to share with you this great sermon from our dear friend pastor Dave Lombardo from Upper Room Community Church looking at Finding Purpose in Suffering that is well worth a listen:

And finally, wanted to share this random and GREAT video about the history and evolution of the Godzilla films:

A GREAT video about the history and evolution of the Godzilla films

Alright guys, that about does it for me today. I’m not sure when the next post will be up, but I do want to come up with a good schedule for this and the podcast. Thank you all so much for the prayers and support!

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post! God bless my friends!