A Collection of Thoughts 3: Tokyo Drift

Every second in a series should be ‘Electric Boogaloo’ and every third should be Tokyo Drift (yes, it was the worst Fast movie, but dang that’s a good title). I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want to see “Jaws 2: Electric Boogaloo” or “Bambi III: Tokyo Drift”? I’d be in in a second. Also, unfortunately, there won’t be a podcast this week. I’ve been pretty sick with a nasty sinus infection and I had to postpone the interview I was gonna do. Hopefully, it’ll be back next week. Anyways, moving on. Like I said, I’ve been pretty sick all week, and I’ve had a couple blog ideas. But instead of doing a bunch of short posts, here’s it all in one. Let’s get to it.


– So Thor Ragnarok hit theatres last week, and if you haven’t seen it maybe skip this part (I won’t be talking plot points, but some people want to know nothing going in). It was REALLY good, it might be in my top 5 MCU movies (definitely top 10). It was a comedy first, and a superhero movie second, but it had some really solid action. There’s not much I didn’t like about this movie, aside from the first act. Not that it was bad, but it felt a lot like “okayyyy…these are the things we have to do to set up the story we actually want to tell”. There was a lot of hopping around, I loved seeing Doctor Strange, but it wasn’t needed. Once it was Thor on Sakaar and Hela in Asgard, the movie settled into a groove and was firing on all cylinders. Second act on was great for the most part. A highlight of this movie would have to be the treatment of the Hulk. Hulk has frequently been compared to a raging child, and they rolled with that here. He was a stubborn 5-year-old when Thor showed up, and I loved every second of it. Watching them fight and bicker and be stubborn reminded me of so many times with my brother when we were kids. It was great to see. Hemsworth was excellent as Thor, and I’d love to revisit this character/character pool post-Avengers 3 & 4. Valkyrie was a great addition, Korg was hilarious, Thor is awesome, Loki is as always great, Hela was phenominal, and I still want Beta Ray Bill. Bring on Ragnarok 2: Electric Boogaloo. I also gotta shout out Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster, such a blast to watch.

–  Since seeing Ragnarok, my amazing wife and I have been on a bit of a Thor-a-thon. We’ve revisited the first two Thor flicks, and I gotta say…The Dark World gets a lot of flack, but it’s a pretty enjoyable movie. Outside of the Loki & Odin parentage scene in the first movie, The Dark World is better to me in every way. Sure, Malekith and The Dark Elves are underdeveloped, but; Friga gets some great development and a big moment, more Heimdall (and more Idris Elba is always a good thing), more stuff with the Warriors 3 and Sif,  WIDE CLEAR SHOTS OF ASGARD (something the first movie had an annoying lack of) and some solid stuff with Loki and Thor. Is it perfect? No, far from it, but I enjoyed more on a re-watching than I have some of the other MCU flicks. Also, pretty sure the central theme of the Thor films is “Odin is the worst“. Seriously, such a jerk.

– This week has been one of my rumors for comic games and movies. The first I saw was that Rocksteady was developing a Superman game, which would be AMAZING, cause Superman needs a good game, and those guys know how to make a good superhero game – and I want them to make all the superhero games (imagine a Flash, Green Lantern, or on the Marvel end Moonknight game with the care of the Arkham series, it’d be FANTASTIC). Unfortunately, it’s since been refuted by Rocksteady.

– The other big rumor is the Fox has been in talks with Disney to buy most of their company. This would include remaining Star Wars stuff Fox has, studios, FX, and for comic book fans the biggest thing – X-Men and Fantastic Four. For the most part, I am on board if this deal would go through (like 98%). I’d love to see Fantastic 4’s character pool in the MCU mix, as it would give the Avengers in future phases someone big to face off against (the Skrull (or certain Skrulls I should say since the Skrull will be in Captain Marvel), Doctor Doom, GALACTUS), and I’d love to see the X-Men back in the Marvel fold. But where my hesitation lies is Deadpool and Logan. Now I’m not saying I want every comic book movie to be R-rated at all, cause only a few should. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Deadpool can work in a PG-13 environment (he has and does in the comics, especially when he guests in say Spiderman). But I want the option for an R-rated comic book movie. Logan could not have told the story it wanted to tell in a PG-13 setting, it would not have worked. Now Disney releases R-rated movies through their Touchstone  Films (as they did when they owned Miramax), but would they move a comic book property their to do it?  Would they risk a potential negative association with the more ‘family friendly’ view of their Marvel Studios brand? I’ll be honest, I’m not sure they would, and I don’t like that. Some comic book stories, to do them accurately, would require an R-Rating (not even because of vulgar stuff, but due to tone and themes), and I’d like the option for those to exist. Also, for me it’s a logistical nightmare trying to figure out how the MCU would reboot/work the characters in (where were the X-Men all this time in the MCU? Have they been in hiding? Why would the world respond badly to them?). Mostly though, I want this to happen. I’d *love* to see Spidey on screen with Deadpool, or the Avengers to square off with the X-Men, or Beta Ray Bill to lay a smackdown on Galactus (seriously, just give me Beta Ray Bill).


– So the other day on Instagram I posted two collages, one of the many Spider-people and the many Thor like characters. With Spiderman, there’s Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider, Kaine Parker’s (former) Scarlet Spider, Silk, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales’ Spiderman, Miguel O’Hara’s Spiderman 2099, Spiderman Noir, amongst others. Now I like these characters, but at some point when there’s so many of one kind of character/power set does it takes away from the characters and makes them less special. Now with some of these guys (and gals), they are very much their own character and not just Spider-clone #172, but still, I don’t want like 20 Thors/Thor like beings. It might be cool at first, but in the end it could take away from the coolness of the character (thinking of the 90s, when Venom and Carnage were big so suddenly we had a bunch of other symbiotes that went nowhere).

– Final thought; I want Marvel to do more animated movies. DC cranks out (for the most part) excellent animated adaptations of their stories yearly (looking at you, Batman Under the Red Hood), and I want Marvel to do it too. Their Hulk Vs and Planet Hulk stuff was really good. I want more…and more with the 2099 umoverse.

– Plug time, if you get the chance check out the youtube channels Comics Explained (which in-depthly explains many comic characters and storylines) and Screen Junkies News (which looks at movie news, rumors, reviews, offer commentaries, and things of that nature). If you’re into movies and comics, both are well worth a view, you’ll find some of their videos below.



Hope you enjoyed! Thank’s for reading, and may our awesome God bless you all my friends.