Hope y’all have had a blessed week so far! I’ll be straight up, I don’t know how long this’ll be. It’s gonna be a collection of mini-topics, which I’ll admit I love doing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy.

So I’ve been working crazy hard this past week on the website/website related things. Like I said in the update post a couple weeks ago, I’m trying to make the website and One Cross Radio grow. I love and believe in both as something fun and (most importantly) tools that the Lord can use to lead others to Him/reveal His grace through. So I ask – please pray for those two things, that the website would grow, and that the Lord will use it. And please pray for me as well, that I won’t get discouraged (which I’m prone to do and get anxious about) or too focused on the former and that I will keep the Lord at the forefront. Thanks, homies!

Some of the things I’ve been working on is our very own Instagram and Pinterest accounts – so if you’re on either of those platforms, please check them out and follow us! The pinterest one took awhile to set up, mostly because of manually adding 100+ blog posts (and 30 podcast eps). But what was really cool with that was I had the chance to see what this blog began as (just a place to write thoughts) and see it morph into what it is today (still a place to write thoughts, but with the intention of others seeing it and the Lord using it – occasionally with other contributors – and with a podcast). That was really cool to see. Also, I’ve started making some spotify playlists! The first one is up that’s a collection of some great worship music, which you can check out here.

Spotify cover yeah!!!

So Solo is not doing well at all financially. I’m hoping – as much as I enjoyed the film – that this will cause Disney to rethink their Star Wars model. Star Wars has up until 2015 been a slow burn franchise with three years between each film, and then a 16year gap. Since 2015 though, Disney’s been churning them out (while there’s been shows (and more on the way) on the air at the same time) one a year. Heck, it was a 5-month gap between Last Jedi and Solo.  That’s not giving audiences time to adjust or build up desire. It’s like they’ve applied the MCU model to a franchise with a pre-existing model and just assumed everyone would go with it – but that’s not happening, people are going less. Jeremy Jahns recently said how it used to be ‘Star Wars would dictate how much other movies would make at the box office’, and that’s not the case right now. And I’m not saying I want less Star Wars content, I’d love more (seriously, give me more). But…let’s not pump it out as often. One flick every two or three years with no planned end date would be nice.

Quickly wanted to ask y’all to pray for the provincial election tomorrow. Now, I’m not asking you to pray for a certain candidate/party to win – I don’t want to get into that, and the Lord will lead you to vote for whomever you do. But I wanted to ask y’all to pray for our leaders and the election – that the Lord will use them in the role of premier, that he will be with those who lose (and use them aswell), and for everyone else – elections (and politics) can bring out a really bad side of people. Pray that they will remember that even if the candidate the wanted to win loses, that God’s got this and it’ll work out.

I literally just stumbled across these two videos, and they make my inner (and outer, who am I trying to kid here?) geek so happy:

Personally, I like the second video more – without the audio clips, it runs smoother (though I get what the creator was going for) and looks crisper. But man, both are great – nailed the silly Power Rangers credit poses with the characters – and the change in looks between seasons/sequels. Power Rangers + Avengers = Happy Chris.

Also, anyone who knows me (or follows me on instagram) knows both Jill (my amazing wife) and I are avid funko-pop collectors. So this morning after walking Luna, I’m browsing netflix and come across a documentary called “Making Fun – The Story of Funko Pop”…and it’s a blast. It’s a fun and cool look into not only how the company started and grew, but also looks into the collecting community, and how toys and childhood interests can still connect us as adults. Y’all should check it out if any of that interests ya.

I recently found a great podcast through a chap I follow on instagram that y’all should definitely check out. It’s called the Daily Christian Podcast and features (you guessed it) daily posts looking at things from scripture and in life. They’re short episodes, so if you’ve missed some they’re easy to catch up on. You can find the podcast on itunes, and is well worth a listen.

Their cover photo is so good!

Just want to share this really cool video from Tim Challies about the ‘7 False Teachers in the Church Today’. Now, it’s not a Shai-Linne ‘Fal$e Teacher$‘ kind of thing where he’s calling out specific teachers who teach specific (false) theology. But, he’s warning us of the types/kinds of false teachers, which will help us see them better – which I find very beneficial. Naming false teachers is important, but if it’s just “stay away from Joel Osteen/Creflo Dollar” we could end up only ignore them individually, and not being aware of the traits to stay away from. Well worth a watch.

So this below quote (from an excellent sermon) has been on my mind for a couple weeks – since we discussed sanctification at mish fam. I just find it so solid, and a really good reminder that the Lord’s pruning process for us will hurt – but beautifully. It’s the right kind of hurt, praise be to God.

Here’s the sermon it’s from, which I also hope you enjoy and that the Lord teaches you through it:

And finally, here’s a worship track from Christian rapper T-bone (who’s an interesting cat) that I have not been able to stop listing to. It goes from 7:55 – 12:15ish.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post and learned some truth (and found some fun things) through it! Thanks for reading, and God bless my friends!