So its been a very busy time recently – I got a second job, I’m trying to expand my horizons (job and hobby wise), been sick, had the blessing of being part of a wedding for my awesome brother in law Caleb and his wonderful wife Abbey (wooo new sister in law!). Been posting on The Other Blog 2099 A.D. more as its easier to do quick posts on it (and honestly, I can talk about that stuff at the drop of a dime where here I feel more prep is necessary), but I do have two interviews/A Chat With’s in the pipeline that I’m very excited about. And that’s where we are. I really want to post here, so this is kind of a collection of mini posts all rolled into one with most not being connected. With that in mind, let’s get to it.

As I write this, I’m listening to Weezer (or in my case, YEAHHHHHH WEEZER!!!). I don’t know why, but I’ve always found them to be excellent writing music. At one time I was writing a script (cause why not) titled Perfect Situation, and just found the song fit the story I was doing so well (and the story was far from a perfect situation). I never finished though, I got some (quite true) feedback on the three scenes I had written that some of the characters were just exposition machines (and not really characters)…and I didn’t know how to change that, and being younger I just stopped writing it altogether. I’d like to revisit it someday and finish it.

Why are we Christians (at times) so quick to jump to condemnation of our ‘celebrities’? I’m not talking about calling out false teaching (though when that happens, the line often does get crossed to personal attack) or encouraging repentance – those things NEED to be done. I’m talking about out and out attacking – we saw it with Mark Driscoll (though there was some honest and good calling out for repentance and concern of doctrine and style, though unfortunately little of it was), and we see it virtually every time Lecrae posts on instagram, with comments like “you eating dinner with that person clearly shows you’re walking away” and attitudes like “Jesus wants us to be united and when you post these opinions (as a black man in a racially tense America) all you’re doing is being divisive!”. Where’s the prayer for these guys? Or trust that those in their circles (who know them better and see their actions and hearts much more than we do) will speak to and lovingly rebuke them when needed? Or the proper way to address concerns in (firm) love and not condemnation? We gotta work on this people. Thankfully, I can say it’s more of an individual/group of Christians problem than a problem of the whole church, at least from what I’ve seen.

Ongoingly (not a word but should be), even with things being so busy, all I can think is praise be to God. Even when things have been rough He is great. Recently I got to be a part of a wedding (as mentioned up top) – and it such a blessing. Seeing two people follow His call, rejoice in His name, and having the chance to catch up with some amazing fellow believers was so fun and regenerating. I cannot say it enough, God is good and praise be to  Him.

I also gotta say, the church is good too. It’s easy to rip on the church, complain about it, say ‘whats wrong with’ it (and why it’s always loosing millennials). This kinda ties back to an earlier point, I’m just not seeing this being done in a constructive or loving way – something I’ve been guilty of in the past. Yes, the church has and does make mistakes – and it’s learning from them (actually engaging in discussion about sex/sexual issues, and struggles with pornography are examples of this). But the church is also very good. We need to talk about and recognize this more, especially when we blog and talk online. The church is often on the frontline when a disaster strikes (sending money, missionaries, and providing much relief (both physical and spiritual), and many are involved with their local communities (providing food, shelter, programs (like ESL), dinners, drop ins for youth, food banks, supplies for other community programs, sending out volunteers, amongst MANY other things). I’m not saying we shouldn’t call out things – on the contrary, we need to. But we also need to build up the church – and I don’t see enough of that. So I will try to do my part on that, and hope you all will do.

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I hope and pray this post was helpful and encouraging. God bless my friends.