Let’s dive right in, shall we? As I write this I am on vacation in Orlando Florida with my amazing wife and family. We went to Disney World (The Magic Kingdom) on Monday, got our butts whooped by the sun on the beach yesterday, so we’re taking a break today – so I’ve edited some future episodes/videos for One Cross Radio, watched a bunch of NCIS, and figured why not write a blog post?

So last time I wrote a post was about 3 months ago, and some stuff has changed since. Unfortunately, due to some stuff I simply can’t talk about, my anxiety and mild depression have continued to rear their annoying heads big time. With that, work has been mostly good, but very stressful. A coworker and I worked very hard for our comicon event – which praise be to God, went really well. And praise be to God again, cause through hard work and the generosity of people and local businesses, the cash value of prizes and movie trips for the youth worked out to be roughly $1000…which I’m still flabbergasted, and insanely thankful to the Lord for. The feedback to the event was great, and the youth had a blast! It was wonderful, but also exhausting. At the end of the week however, I found out my hours would be changing again – unfortunately, I will be losing 8hrs a week. Not in a ‘you’ve done a bad job’ way, the organization simply can’t offer them anymore. I totally understand it, but it’s still a bit of a bummer. With all of this going on, I’ve been doing a lot of work for One Cross Radio (it’s been a wonderful distraction) – and there are some episodes I can’t wait to record and share with you all. I still don’t know when I’ll get ‘back to normal’/back on schedule for posting here – for whatever reason, with everything happening, writing feels daunting (yet I really do miss it). I hope to get back to it sooner than later, but we’ll see. I know I just wrote a fair bit, but if you can – keep it/me/all of this stuff in both your praises and prayers to our wonderful God.

I also want to say some particular thank you’s right now to Faith & Fandom, Redeemed Otaku, Melissa Miller, and our dear friends at Cardboard Koinonia – over the past while your prayers, encouragements, shout outs, and chats have meant so much to me (which the Lord has used) and I can’t thank you wonderful people enough. Please check them out and keep them in your prayers – they not only put out great content, they do a lot of great work for the kingdom.

Also, the other night Steve and Becky were blessed with the arrival of their daughter Marianne Joan Lambert! Please pray for Steve, Becky, and MJ as they adjust to life as a unit of three, for rest, and that they’ll model Christ (as we know they will) to their adorable little one.

Power Rangers: Beast Morphers – So I’ve seen the first four (of eight) episodes of Power Rangers: Beast Morphers and have loved it. To be honest, I haven’t been hooked into a Rangers series this quickly since RPM. And much like that show – while I enjoy it for what it is (cheese and kiddy moments and all), the quality is such that I think if you could subtract the kiddy moments then it would work for an adult audience (beyond adult Ranger fans). The acting has been solid, the character development has been really good, and the fight cinematography has been great. I’m looking forward to seeing where Hasbro takes this franchise.

Avengers: Endgame – So I’ve seen Endgame three times now and loved it. All I can say without spoilers is that it has a beginning and has an ending (and props to whoever gets that reference). However, Steve and I will be sharing our thoughts on the next episode of One Cross Radio – and that’ll feature spoilers!

Future Marvel projects I’d like to see: Moonknight, Union Jack, Beta Ray Bill, Nova, Doom/F4, and Galactus showing up. I’ve talked about these before to varying degrees, but with phase 4 around the corner and the Disney plus streaming service on the way (and Disney owning a majority of Hulu) we can get into some new and exciting territories with Marvel – and I’d love to see these characters show up in it.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and from the bottom of my heart – thank you for your love and support for us, this website, and our podcast.

Have a wonderful day, and God bless my friends!