Now normally I don’t post more than once a week(ish), but after reading my boy Cameron Butryn latest blog, there were things I wanted to say.

As I read this post (which you really should read) from Cam, it brought up a lot of different feelings in me. See, I was one of the the two buddies he mentioned. That’s not a brag, in fact that’s why I’m even hesitant to post this ‘response’ – I do not want any attention or kudo’s or ‘you saved his life’ kind of stuff, because to be 100% blunt; I didn’t. Hal didn’t. It wasn’t anything we did.

The only way I can describe that day is as a miracle. My memory of it differs from Cam’s a bit, but the water seems choppy  to me anytime it’s not just light waves. The three of us (Hal, Cam, and myself) decided to go for a swim. I remember being decently far out – Hal was ahead of me, and I was getting pretty tired (I was pretty out of shape at this point). And then I remember hearing a gargled call for help. I look back, and that’s when I see Cam – coming up and sinking down in the water, and looking pretty pale. I remember shouting forward to Hal that we had to turn back and go help Cam. I remember swimming as hard and as fast as I possibly could. I remember thinking we weren’t going to make it in time.

I remember Hal and I getting to Cam just as he had popped back up – he was very weak, and looked like he was about to go. I remember Hal and I grabbing one arm each and beginning to slowly pull him back to shore and trying to keep his head above the water. I remember having no energy, and worrying that we wouldn’t make it back – or that somehow, I wouldn’t make it back; everything seemed so far. I remember still asking the Lord to help us somehow, someway make it back (I have no idea where Hal’s head was at, but mine was going from doubt to trying to focus on hope). And praise the Lord, we (ehxaustedly) did.

Guys, I cannot express enough that this was a purely God thing. This was a Lord saving thing. There were WAY too many ways this situation could have gone south for this to be anything but a grace of the Lord thing. I should not – and did not have the energy to swim that hard, but God got me there. Cam could have gone back under – but the Lord brought him back up at the right time. Hal was farthest out of all of us, but the Lord gave him the energy and speed to get back to Cam, and then strength to pull him to shore. There was absolutely no way that we did this – the Lord did. And now, praise be to Him, He’s using a situation that could have been something awful to point to His grace and glory.

We serve a God who saves my friends – literally, figuratively, and in every sense of the word. My prayer is that you will be encouraged by Cam’s blog (and hopefully this post, as well), and that you will open your heart and your mind further to surrendering to our amazing Father.

God bless my friends.