Hey y’all! I’m gearing up for some podcasts coming up (look out for Avengers Infinity War!) and work, so I haven’t had a chance to do a proper post. So we’re doing a plug post!

The first is to a great sermon series from Upper Room on Womanhood (from our friend Pastor Dave Lombardo) and Being A Man from Pastor Vijay Krishnan:

The second plug is for a great video from Brett Ullman going into struggles with mental health, which needs to be discussed with more openness and love within the church (which, praise the Lord, the church is starting to do). Brett Ullman has a lot of other videos on his channel well worth checking out.

Plug the 3rd is to a sermon from our friend Hector Miray (of Faith and Fandom) from last years Summer Blockbuster series at (the church he serves on staff with) Vertical Church.

And the final plug is a two-fer, the first part being to the dinosaur protection group – a fictional website set up by universal to promote (much better than the trailers have) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Whats awesome about the site is it has numerous articles done (in the films universe) that fixes/explains continuity gaps between the films, like where the Spinosaurus came from, what happened to Site B. Seriously, it looks better than the film. The second part of the plug is to a video channel looking at SO MUCH STUFF from Jurassic Park (books, games, comics, theory’s, etc) that I just found interesting. Heads up for language.

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Please hit up that subscribe section on the front page! Hope you all have a wonderful week, and God bless my friends!