Book recommendations (short post)

I quickly also wanted to take the time to share with y’all 3 books I’m currently reading (and re-reading):

John Pipers ‘When The Darkness Will Not Lift’, Sam Allberrys ‘Is God anti-gay?’, and Hector Mirays ’10 Things I Learned From Sucking at Student Ministry’.

When the Darkness Will Not Lift is an excellent resource written for believers who are struggling with/experiencing depression and comes at it from a supportive, scriptural place. There’s no attitude of ‘you just need to pray more/why aren’t you just thankful’ here. It points to the word, and is one that I have found very helpful and often recommend (hence it being here).

Is God anti-gay? examines homosexuality and same-sex attraction through scripture and comes from an author who struggles with it (SSA). Pastor Allberry writes in a firm and loving way, and addresses a number of common questions that come with these topics (‘Jesus never talks about it’, if its a committed and loving relationship how can it be sin’). You can also find a number of videos of Sam Allberry speaking on this subject on youtube, which are also worth checking out.

10 Things I Learned From Sucking At Student Ministry is something that puts a smile on my face (and I feel a smack upside my head) every time I pick it up. As someone who had been involved in church youth ministry, I couldn’t agree more with what Hector learned. Heck, they were mistakes I and many others involved in ministry have made. It is written in such an accessible and easy to understand way that if you’re just getting started in ministry you can see what to avoid – and if you’re a ministry vet, it’ll take you instantly back to a similar situation you have had. Insightful, helpful, and wise – this is a book I will be recommending to friends and pastors I know. Well worth a purchase.

All three of these books are actively blowing my mind and have been amazing reads (and rereads). All three are on amazon for great prices, are on the shorter end (approx 100 pages or less each), and are well worth a purchase.

You can find When The Darkness Will Not Lift here, Is God anti-gay? here, and 10 Things I Learned From Sucking At Student Ministry here.

Hope you’re able to check out these wonderful books!

Thanks for reading, and God bless my friends.

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