GO GO POWER RANGERS (Do do doooo dooo doooo)

Go Go Power Rangers (do do dooo dooo dooo)!!


Today’s short post is brought to you by…me, being sick, and wanting to talk about an excellent comic. Let’s hop to it, shall we?

So in 2016 (and today) I was feeling nostalgic and started looking up stuff about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – the wonderfully cheesy series adapted from the long-running Japenese Super Sentai franchise (mostly from Zyuranger in season one, mixed with Dairanger for Zord and White Ranger footage for season 2 and Kakuranger for the Zord/Ninjor/Alien Ranger footage in season 3) with unnecessary backflips and hands making woosh sounds as they move through the air that was fun part of any late 80s/early 90s kid childhood. Man oh man am I digressing, onto the comic itself.

This is becoming one of my favourite ongoing titles in comics. Within the first 5 pages of Volume 1 (I collect the TPB’s) I was in. The writer, Kyle Higgins, knows this franchise and its characters – he knows how to embrace the wonderful cheesyness, but also deepen the content. He sets the story in the modern day (but doesn’t overdo it – there are cell phones, Bulk and Skull host an internet series called Ranger Station, and current technology), and a year or so (please correct me if I’m wrong) into this worlds timeline – the evil Green Ranger arc has happened, Tommy’s already part of the team – this gives the story’s world a lived-in quality, and allows us to revisit stuff through flashback AND go in new directions. The characters are updated, but still very true to their tv counterparts – just deeper. It explores things in a way the show never did, for example(s);  Tommy, though now a friend to the team, is trying to find his way in the group – feeling like an outsider, suffering guilt from his actions while brainwashed by Rita, trying to figure out how to go from a loner to a team player, trying to prove that he is trustworthy, and in general understand what his place in the world is. Jason is struggling with being a leader, especially now with Tommy – who he doesn’t fully trust – in the mix. Billy deeply struggles with fear and being a hero – he can always crush things near single-handedly in the simulations, but out in the field? different story altogether. That’s stuff the show maybe skimmed the surface of or minorly hinted at. This series takes a fun premise, keeps it, and goes deeeeeeeep with it. It’s fantastic.

The other main thing I love about it is how it plays and adapts the mythology of the whole Power Rangers franchise. It creates new characters and cameos in stuff from the show (in an alternate timeline) that never interacted…


and makes something original out of it. Heck, I found myself almost giddy seeing (briefly) the Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturian in this world – and I hated Turbo as a kid. I’ve only read up until issue 16 (the end of Vol 4), and I can’t wait to pick up Vol 5. Heck, if this team did a series for every Rangers team/show I’d be in.

What Kyle Higgins and the Boom Studio’s team have done is make Power Rangers accessible in ways that the show never was. For longtime fans, it’s great. For newcomers, child and adult, it’s accessible and interesting. It lovingly takes inspiration from it’s past and expands on it in new and different ways and adds to the mythos. Heck, like IDW’s excellent TMNT (Ninja Turtle) series, its the blueprint for what the live action movies should be.

So if you’re looking for a new comic book title or feeling a little nostalgic and want to revisit Power Rangers then you should definitely check out this series, it is well worth it.

If you’re into Power Rangers and actually feel like watching a show, I really recommend RPM. Or if you’re more interested in learning about the show (in-universe and behind the scenes), Linkara’s History Of Power Rangers (which I’ve talked about here) would be a great place to go.



Couldn’t resist posting one more pic, I love the art in the comic.

If you’ve read the comic, I’d love to know your thoughts on it in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and hope y’all have a ‘morphinominal’ day. Praying for the Lord’s blessings over you all. God bless my friends.