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Let’s Talk About – Shin Godzilla

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio spoilers are inbound as we are looking at one of the best entries into the Godzilla franchise (and one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last five years) – Shin Godzilla. You can also watch today’s episode on youtube! What did you think of Shin Godzilla? […]

Let’s Talk About…

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re breaking our “off on holiday’s rule” (since it’s only kinda a holiday) and we’re looking at some more movies (recent and brand new), comic crossovers, prayer requests, news from Comicon, and more! You can also watch today’s episode on youtube!  What did you think of the movies […]

A Collection of Thoughts 7: Terror of MechaGodzilla

Full disclosure – this post contains very little thoughts on ‘Terror of MechaGodzilla’. It was the final flick of the original Shōwa era of the Godzilla franchise (after it there was a 9-year break before 1984’s Godzilla Returns, which started the Heisei period), and the 7th appearance of Rodan in a film. Let’s dive in. […]

Let’s Talk About – Titanic and Jurassic Park with Mike Naulls

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are rejoined by Mike Naulls and we are looking at two amazing films (and subsequent franchise) from the 90s – Titanic and Jurassic Park! Hope you enjoy today’s episode, please share and subscribe, and let us know in the comments what you thought of both Titanic and Jurassic […]

Saban’s recent Power Rangers movie

Today’s short post is brought to you by me wanting to blog while my puppy Luna has her morning nap. What am I wanting to talk about? Saban’s recent Power Rangers movie. I’ll be straight up – I didn’t really care for it. First time I watched up, I was like “cool, this was alright” – […]

Let’s Talk About – Which Prequel Trilogy Was Worse: Star Wars or The Hobbit with Mike Naulls

  On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are rejoined by longtime friend and film-maker Mike Naulls, and we’re discussing which prequel trilogy is worse – Star Wars Episodes I-III or the Hobbit – two trilogies that were considered a huge down for a lot of fans in their respective franchises. Hope you all enjoy […]

Let’s try to Talk About – Batman with Mike Naulls

  On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are joined by longtime friend and film-maker Mike Naulls and we’re looking at Batman! Or I should say trying to. As we try to focus on Batman in film, we get sidetracked with thoughts on the upcoming Solo and (then upcoming) Black Panther, various actors, and go […]

Let’s Talk About – The Star Wars Prequels with Steve

  Much like the internet, we’re back to the Star Wars Prequels! Today’s episode revisits those muchly disappointing (but meme-creating-machines) films with our dear friend Pastor Steve Lambert. We look at what we think went wrong, what possibly went right, the Clone Wars CGI show, and if they are salvageable or if they should be remade. Hope […]

A Collection of thoughts 4: Collection & Thoughts

I really couldn’t figure out what title to go with – should it be the Star Wars (which we’ll be looking at) reference, or a poke at The Fast And Furious’s funny trend of just switching up its titles in confusing and funny ways (here’s to Fast 9: Furious Family). A lot of movie news […]

A Chat With Pastor Hector Miray from Faith & Fandom

  I am beyond excited to share with you today’s episode, the newest in our A Chat With series featuring none other than the wonderful Hector Miray from Faith and Fandom. As y’all know, Pastor Hector and the Faith and Fandom is someone who inspired me to start doing the podcast and has become someone […]