Coffee With Jesus

“Coffee with Jesus” by David Wilke (and the Radio Free Babylon team) is an online comic I first stumbled upon in TPB (trade paperback) form about 5 years ago at the Today’s Teens Conference and bought it on a whim. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I actually started to read it, and what I got blew me away. As soon as I saw there was another collection called “A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus”, it was immediately purchased. And then years later I found even more on the website Radio Free Babylon. I constantly find myself recommending and rereading these books and online strips.

Why? For starters, they’re often very funny. But more than that, I learn something – and the humor can be the way the Lord get’s me to the lesson. The humor is very disarming, relaxing, and at times irreverent – but within most panels are lessons that are thought-provoking, insightful, challenging, and even convicting (the same can be said about Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like and to an extent Matthew Pierce’s blog). I like time with the Lord, it’s something I (and all of us) need, and I find these books (especially lately with all the anxiety stuff going on) a great tool to facilitate it – because I know there will be conviction coming, as well as a great laugh.

So with all that in mind, I hope you check them out, hope you get a great laugh, and more importantly pray that our amazing God speaks to you through them as He has me.

You can find Coffee with Jesus on the above link, but also on amazon here and here, and Stuff Christians Like here.

God bless my friends.

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