Late night/early morning post? Late night/early morning post.

Full disclosure, this isn’t about the frequently hilarious former NBC/Yahoo sitcom (although, at some point I will probably want to use at least one Troy and Abed gif here, as they are too good not to). Second disclosure – I am REALLY tired, and have been watching Dawsons Creek to help keep me awake – don’t know why I shared that last part, but that’s where we are.

So earlier tonight my wife and I were blessed with the opportunity to attend a bbq with some very close friends and family – and while I was there I was reminded of something, something that impacted me greatly and I can’t recommend enough; being part of a community of believers. Now, some of these things are met when and if you are active in your church, but sometimes these groups can form outside and (praise God) still serve the same functions – call it a small group, call it a community, call it whatever you want – I cannot recommend joining/forming one enough.

I had the blessing of being part of an amazing group with my some of the guys who were at the bbq tonight, and it brought back a lot of memories (hence this post). The Lord used (and still uses) these guys in immeasurable ways in my life; to speak into, provide prayer, counsel, and direction (among other things). At a time during my church work career when regular sunday morning worship was becoming increasingly difficult (politics that come with the job were bleeding over into my sundays), the Lord provided me with church with these fellows. We studied the Word together, we prayed together, and incredibly importantly we held each other accountable in our various struggles – for me, namely pornography. To have a group of people who wouldn’t just ask me how I’m doing – but would delve deeper, and be able to tell when I wasn’t being honest – was (scary, but) fantastic – and in my opinion necessary. It was also great to have others around to bounce ideas – and scriptural (mis)understandings off of; it helped me grow in the truth, challenged my conclusions, and lead me further to the Lord.

On top of all that, we’re informed by the scripture several times to pursue community with one another. This isn’t something we should just ignore – but we sometimes do, cause as great as it is, it can be scary letting people in – ESPECIALLY when we’re asking them to hold us accountable. Scary, but very necessary.

So this week I implore, encourage, and will be praying for you; if you don’t already have a group of brothers and sisters in the Lord to form a community with – do so. Maybe it could be your small group at church, or  just a group of friends you share an interest with (could be anything, for me and the guys it was comics, music, ping pong, and theology). Start that relationship. Make it happen homies. I cannot say it enough, it’s so helpful and beneficial.

I also wanted to share another blog post – this one from a fine chap (Adam Clarke) I interact with over the instagrams (or whatever the kids call it). In it he shares a lot of great tips for further teaching younger kids, and a would be a great resource to anyone involved in children’s ministry.

As always, I hope and pray this post was in some way helpful and beneficial to you.

Hope you’re having a great week, and God bless my friends.

…couldn’t resist…

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