Sodium Hydroxide, 10% w/v Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. Sodium Hydroxide 10% (w/w) Synonyms/Generic Names: Caustic Soda Solution . It is highly soluble in water, with a lower solubility in polar solvents such as ethanol and methanol. Literature References: By reacting calcium hydroxide with sodium carbonate; from sodium chloride by electrolysis; ... Melting point: mp 318° Boiling point: bp: 5% 102°, 10… Product Number: 5068 . 77, No. ... Melting point/freezing point Not Available Initial boiling point and boiling range Not Available Flash point … Pure sodium hydroxide is a colorless crystalline solid that melts at 318 °C (604 °F) without decomposition, and with a boiling point of 1,388 °C (2,530 °F). Product Use: Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory use . 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations ... Melting point : No data available Freezing point : No data available Boiling point : No data available NaOH is insoluble in ether and other non-polar solvents.

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