ABC DVD: R-124089-9 Splashdance - Get Your Splashhands Ready! I laughed and told her how they NEVER open with Eyes....And then bam. ”That’s the key to this show. A revival of its old "Wide World of Entertainment" series from the 70's, this ABC series presented concert performances featuring a different rock or pop performer each week. This show is great because of the way Bob and Jerry trade off licks seamlessly imo. I remember people running around on the floor (or field) and sliding on the huge blue tarp they used to protect the grass like the whole place was a giant slip and slide. Also, I thought I might add that 8/16/91 sucks. ABC DVD: R-123297-9 Mister Maker's Arty Party - You're Invited! I rarely venture past 1973, but I'm absolutely LOVING this show. ABC's series ''In Concert '91'' By Michael Kaplan Updated November 15, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST In Concert continued to appear approximately every other Friday night until 1975 when it left the ABC schedule. no mention to cassidy... absolutely zero, nil, no, zero, dick, donniker balls dropped during those weir'd chages. The show smokes from head to toe. [2] The second episode, broadcast on December 8, 1972 and again preempting Cavett, featured The Allman Brothers Band[3] and Chuck Berry. Does anyone remember that? Still, I love the drums accompaniment to this tease. There were massive thunderstorms right before the show. thanks for the great recording. When the storm finally broke, the night opened up and the energy began to flow, from the sky, the stage and the crowd. A rerun of Rawhide was hastily substituted; both WKRC and Cincinnati newspapers received numerous nasty phone calls in protest, which included several bomb threats against the station. 1991 Edit. A TEASE here in there doesn't make a show a classic. your own Pins on Pinterest In a more damaging gaffe, Cher lip-synched on an early episode, which had been hyped for its live music. St. of Circumstance is without doubt the best I ever heard live or on tape. We are trying to reflect the information printed in the magazine. They complimented the songs. Cool J stormed offstage after his mike conked out, leaving the crew waiting in vain to finish taping (fortunately, enough footage had been shot to fill a segment). See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, sbd> ?> cdr> eac> shn; via Tony Gardner, with thanks to Peter Braverman, Uploaded by Brown Eyes Women is excellent especially because of Bob. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? It’s not about showing girls, hyping bands, or providing concepts for directors’ reels. The only other SOC, in the 90's, that I think touches this one was from MSG 9/16/91. ABC DVD: R-127370-9 Fireman Sam - Calling All Heroes, ABC DVD: R-123292-9 Octonauts - Operation Deep Freeze, ABC DVD: R-127418-9 Play School - 50 Best Songs, ABC DVD: R-127349-9 Peter Rabbit - Christmas Star, ABC DVD: R-127356-9 The Wiggles - Wiggly Wiggly Christmas, ABC DVD: R-127361-9 Thomas and Friends - Thomas' Christmas Carol, ABC DVD: R-127351-9 Bob the Builder - Mega Machines. Worldwide Westside. One of my favorite shows attended.... GREAT Eyes opener.... last time they even played a first set eyes was mid 70s!! With its mix of arena packers (David Bowie, the Grateful Dead, Phil Collins) and alternative acts (Fishbone, Lynch Mob, Morrissey), In Concert ’91 is programmed to be eclectically hip. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Great show. An "Eyes" opener, the fastest, tightest, and best version of "B.E. That place was always a mad house to see a show. I miss those days terribly, thanks archives. Jerry takes the ball from Bob and Bruce really helps Jerry light it up. Jerry was up for a DS but after that Eyes the rest of the band was worn out. It contains The Wiggles' first live performance to be released on video. 1991 Alice Cooper "Go to Hell" Live Version from ABC "In Concert '91" CWaraksa1. Grateful Dead Live at Giants Stadium on 1991-06-17, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help,,,,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). your music still moves us!! Thanks guys for knocking one out of the park that day-it was unexpected and thorougly enjoyed. Now that rock fans have become inured to all but the flashiest MTV video fodder, it’s hard to imagine them appreciating the grittiness of unadorned live music on TV. This show makes 6/14/91 look like a bad 95' show. My vote for the best post-Brent show ever but I was there & not boston garden 91. What a metaphysical orgasm. I used to have one and wore it out or lost it along the way. ABC DVD: R-125441-9 ABC Kids - All Aboard! Alice in Chains, Poison) and more established acts (e.g. Of course the audience loved it, cheering the crazy fans (Giants has about a ten foot wall and at the time an orange plastic fence that got trampled and torn down) each time another wave jumped. ABC IN CONCERT ABC IN CONCERT 4 DVD IN CONCERT COLLECTION 1991 170 minutes, 1st 3 discs are excellent picture & audio & 2 discs have menus and select function; 4th disc is a bit grainy but still good... featuring RUSH, SCORPIONS, JUDAS The the band came out. Amazing Eyes opener. Musical acts ... See full summary ». It was that kind of night. Touring through the 80's and early 90's meant that you could count on where the boys would step up to the plate and where they they would dish out an average show. One thing about this show though..why is everyone soooo concerned about the "Dark Star" teases. Not much more needs to be said about this show, but I can't resist. ABC DVD: R-127173-9 Sesame Street - Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas, ABC DVD: R-127380-9 Sesame Street - Sing It Elmo, ABC DVD: R-127366-9 Fireman Sam - Race Against Time, ABC DVD: R-127153-9 Postman Pat - Wild West Rescue, ABC DVD; R-127346-9 Octonauts - Best Of Octonauts, ABC DVD: R-127360-9 Thomas and Friends - Extraordinary Engines, ABC DVD: R-125624-9 Hey Duggee - The Shape Badge, ABC DVD: R-127323-9 The Wiggles - The Best Of The Wiggles, ABC DVD: R-127372-9 Kazoops - Daydreamer Monty, ABC DVD: R-125490-9 Hey Duggee - The Stick Badge, ABC DVD: R-122967-9 Play School - Here To There, ABC DVD: R-127155-9 Peter Rabbit - Nutkin's Rabbit Day, ABC DVD: R-127383-9 Mister Maker's Arty Party - Are You Ready, ABC DVD: R-127382-9 The Justine Clarke Show, ABC DVD: R-127435-9 Shaun the Sheep - Season 4, ABC DVD: R-123640-9 Shaun the Sheep - Season 5, ABC DVD: R-127355-9 The Wiggles - The Emma and Lachy Show, ABC DVD: R-127365-9 Thomas and Friends - Team Up With Thomas, ABC DVD: R-127376-9 Dot - Connect And Explore, ABC DVD: R-127359-9 Thomas and Friends - Big World Big Adventures, ABC DVD: R-125562-9 Hey Duggee - The Wedding Badge, ABC DVD: R-123349-9 Hey Duggee - The Train Badge, ABC DVD: R-127167-9 A Merry Little Christmas Collection, ABC DVD: R-127367-9 Play School - Bumper Collection, ABC DVD: R-127391-9 Play School - Fun with Friends, ABC DVD: R-127347-9 The Wiggles - Nursery Rhymes 2, ABC DVD: R-127348-9 Thomas and Friends - Christmas on Sodor, ABC DVD: R-127161-9 The Wiggles - Wiggle Pop, ABC DVD: R-127158-9 Sesame Street - 50th Anniversary Edition, ABC DVD: R-127478-9 The Wiggles - The Best Of Emma Limited Edition, ABC DVD: R-125444-9 Peter Rabbit - Unexpected Discovery, ABC DVD: R-127154-9 Fireman Sam - Set for Action, ABC DVD: R-127162-9 The Wiggles - Big Ballet Day, ABC DVD: R-127368-9 Thomas and Friends - Here Comes the Steam Team, ABC DVD: R-127632-9 Hey Duggee - Fashion Badge, ABC DVD: R-127163-9 The Wiggles - Sing Dance And Play, ABC DVD: R-125436-9 Thomas and Friends - Monkey Trouble, ABC DVD: R-127425-9 The Wiggles - Party Time, ABC DVD: R-127434-9 Shaun the Sheep - Season 1-5 Boxset, ABC DVD: R-127435-9 Sesame Street - Dance Party, ABC DVD: R-127168-9 ABC Kids - Nursery Rhymes Collection, ABC DVD: R-127169-9 ABC Kids - Best of Collection, ABC DVD: R-127434-9 Thomas and Friends - Digs and Discoveries, ABC DVD: R-127433-9 The Wiggles - Emma Volume 2 Emmatastic, ABC DVD: R-127172-9 The Wiggles - Eat Sleep Wiggle Repeat, ABC DVD: R-127388-9 Peter Rabbit: Racing Rabbits, ABC DVD: R-127343-9 Thomas and Friends - Steam Team to the Rescue, ABC DVD: R-127386-9 Thomas and Friends - 75th Anniversary Collection, ABC DVD: R-125463-9 The Wiggles - Emma's Dance Spectacular, ABC DVD: R-127363-9 Play School - Nursery Rhyme News Time, ABC DVD: R-127159-9 The Wiggles - Fun and Games, ABC DVD: R-127369-9 Thomas and Friends - The Royal Engine, ABC DVD: R-127362-9 Fireman Sam - Monster Mania, ABC DVD: R-127397-9 Shaun the Sheep - Season 6, ABC DVD: R-127390-9 The Wiggles - Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes and Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car, ABC DVD: R-127393-9 The Wiggles - Wiggles World, ABC DVD: R-127392-9 Thomas and Friends - A Colourful World. The whole first set is fun and upbeat and the sound is perfect...a welcome passenger on my long, long commute. Was at this show and the Eyes opening was a real treat. It also included a backstage interview with Garcia and Weir. A revival of its old "Wide World of Entertainment" series from the 70's, this ABC series presented concert performances featuring a different rock or pop performer each week. Three Cheers for Thomas. Always wanted a copy and now I'm in my glory. Incredible. Starting with the 3rd episode there was no host; Joshua White (Joshua Lightshow) became the director and the voice-over announcing the acts, and serving as the production stage manager was Chip Monk, often known as the voice of Woodstock. ”This show (an updated version of the late-night In Concert, which aired on ABC from 1973 to ’75) is a backlash against the lip-synching and special effects of music video. Plans call for performances ranging from hard-core funk acts to Vegas lounge legends (the show is trying to book Frank Sinatra). I remember seeing this as well on tv. ABC Video: 14474 The Busy World of Richard Scarry - The Talking Bread, ABC Video: 14980 Johnson and Friends - Songs From the Toybox, ABC Video: 14938 Lift Off - Imagine, EC and me, ABC Video: 17044 Miffy - Miffy at the Zoo, ABC Video: 17114 What a Mess Has a Brainwave, ABC Video: 14941 The Adventures of Tintin - The Blue Lotus, ABC Video: 17112 Bananas in Pyjamas - Wish Fairies, ABC Video: 17113 Blinky Bill - Detective Blinky and Blinky Bill's Wedding Picnic, ABC Video: 14996 The Busy World of Richard Scarry - The Busiest Firefighters Ever, ABC Video: 17117 Fireman Sam - Deep Trouble, ABC Video: 17122 Art Attack 2 - More Creative Ways to Have Fun, ABC Video: 17116 Spot's Magical Christmas, ABC Video: 14891 The Magical Adventures of Mumfie, ABC Video: 17127 The Real Story of O' Christmas Tree, ABC Video: 17115 Lizzie's Library - Booksy and the Bushfire Brigade, ABC Video: 17128 The Wiggles - Big Red Car, ABC Video: 17836 Noddy - Noddy And The Naughty Tail, ABC Video: 17837 Noddy - Noddy And The Kite, ABC Video: 17435 Brum - Brum and the Marching Band, ABC Video: 17437 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Rock 'n' Roll and Other Stories, ABC Video: 17436 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Thomas and Stepney and Other Stories, ABC Video: 17438 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Thomas and the Special Letter and Other Stories, ABC Video: 17439 Johnson and Friends - A Trip to the Moon, ABC Video: 17440 The Busy World of Richard Scarry - The Best Mistake Ever, ABC Video: 17441 The Legend of White Fang - Leap of Danger, ABC Video: 17442 Budgie the Little Helicopter - Who's A Clever Budgie, ABC Video: 17785 Blinky Bill - Down on the Farm, ABC Video: 18077 Noddy - Noddy And The Milkman, ABC Video: 18012 Lizzie's Library - Possums Don't Wear Boots, ABC Video: 14890 Miffy - Miffy in the Snow.

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