I've heard that before but I've never seen the wording that indicates it in the game, how does this factor in? Same with accessories. They also didn't offer any compensation for extensive bugs and lost progression early on in this game. Later in the game, you're going to be able to get these DNA frags anyway, so they are less valuable. Just painful to feel left behind because someone else gets the "right" material. Also be careful as it has Adept and Novice swapped, had to look at it a few times to figure out why the numbers were so different in my game and on the website. If you got stomped, you may need to power up more first. Progress the story and topple new missions - Progression means new characters frags to be unlocked, 100% missions gives your DNA cubes, Maria DNA, achievements, etc. If you're rich AF and used to buying your way through an easy life, enjoy your very brief time with this game. If it recommends navigation, Luisa.

The Intel room does have a storage cap, and it is going to be less than you want it to be. Enter Helix Rift Events opened for a limited time in the Animus Mobile, and play new unique missions set in famous time periods of the Assassin’s Creed universe. *NOTE* Tereysa is the lowest priority of the five. 95% success is not a guarantee. 15 per difficulty. Event Difficulty Tiers The new tiers are no joke. secondary priority would be Dexterity. I'm level 46. And, just to be clear, this is a good thing. I'm level 45. Alonso will get to 5* sooner than her and can help in the Intel room for a good while (still there for me for another 2-3 days till Rosa 4*) and then be great in the Build Material farm room. May be Luisa is better than Alonso (mine is only 3*, will finish her eventually once I have Intel free from Epic farming). I, for example, had to stop Master and re-do some missions on Adept. Apparently I have to play on novice. Keep both of them leveled up.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Save your codex for the elite squad. Upgrade all rooms as the upgrade comes available, but don't bother upgrading storage rooms, and give strong consideration as to whether you want to upgrade your living quarters. It flat out makes them much better, and is more efficient than leveling them using codex. I just failed mission 5 on novice, no kidding. Dunno, but something is off. Claudia has capable stealth, but Gaspar at Rank 5 is going to be the better healer over your probably 3* Claudia. For me personally, I used Maximo until the very end of the game when I got Aguilar to 5*. Early on maybe, but at 30+ when I could farm an epic 1-2 days faster or just save the helix to buy legendary DNA directly, I feel that's an easy choice to make for the legendary DNA. She's the best option for that, IMO, though as you said, I didnt use her nearly as often as I did Bea. After a quick scan over the guide here, I must say well done. That should help him get past the traps. Make a note in your phone of how you best completed each legacy DNA level. I'm gonna stomp one more time for Alonso, He's a very good navigator who can open chests (worthwhile to do on any given run), He's also *Very good at farming materials, Intel, & codex in the home base or whatever you call it. Really we just have 25 different missions, in five tracks. Forge your Brotherhood, Spark the rebellion! I farmed her a lot but then I felt like she was useless compared to Beatriz. You'll need to make at least one per day to meet the daily objective. It won't always be like that though. Using my knowledge while everything is still fresh, I am writing this guide to help newbies make the most efficient use of their time and currency.

Helps me wake up, anyhow.

I have subscribed to this for the first 2 months of play, but plan on dumping it at the end of this 2nd month, because I have nothing to do but grind DNA frags at this point. Hard to prepare when there's no info on the next event now, I have too many heroes at level 31.

This game is all about focusing on a subset of characters that are more useful or powerful than others in order to help you progress quickly. I have Mayya with 5* equipment, so am running Novice 5 for the chests. Or maybe I'm missing some configuration. Beatriz will carry you to the promised land. Assassin's Creed Rebellion.

For more information, head over to assassinscreedrebellion.com to learn more! Do not use it here early.

I had decent use for her, but anything she can do, Beatriz can do better. $50USD for a 1-star legendary is like, side splittingly, laughable. This game lies to you often. Assassin's Creed® Rebellion is a free-to-play strategy RPG game where you can engage with your favorite Assassins as you build your own Brotherhood and lead the fight against the Templars. It does seem to increase the role of chests slightly, since they don't change in value. On top of the whacked out pricing, they don't even give away any freebies for holidays. Generally, you'll find that you're on your own to have fun with this game as presented to you... don't expect much involvement from Ubi. Eventually it will even out.I am doing the 2000points mission for master and I dont expect to go higher even if my jorge and mayya were up to the power score without tier 5 gear. In fact, one of the best uses of helix credits is buying extra intel daily! Your Apothecary is a money dump, and will give you even more potions. Upgraded rooms = more efficiency.

Assassinations, Free-running, stealth... they all fail at the worst times. Use healers as stealth in case of emergency only, or if you've already burned all their heals. Forge your Brotherhood, Spark the rebellion! Especially in Region 4.

This is a very valid point and it is important to understand what that site shows. The site assumes once you 3* a mission, you can still continue to 3* a mission for the 4 chest rewards.

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