Standard Test Method for Accelerated Weathering of Solvent-Release-Type Sealants.This test method includes two laboratory accelerated exposure procedures for predicting the effects of ultraviolet or ultraviolet/visible radiation, heat, and moisture on color, chalking, cracking, and adhesion of solvent-release sealants. Part 3: Fluorescent UV Lamps. The aging of products or materials refers to the variation of their properties over time. Standard Test Method for Failure End Point in Accelerated and Outdoor Weathering of Bituminous Materials.This test method covers the use of a spark generating apparatus for determination of failure due to cracking of bituminous materials undergoing accelerated or outdoor weathering on electrically conductive backings. The primary accelerated aging standards pertaining to sterile barrier systems for medical devices are: 1. Design Qualification and Type Approval. Calculation of accelerated aging according to ASTM F 1980 Here you are able to calculate how long they have to perform at elevated temperature a storage tests to reflect the reality as closely as possible in the laboratory . Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting.This test method covers the determination of tensile properties of plastics in the form of thin sheeting and films (less than 1.0 mm (0.04 in.) This test measures how a product changes during exposure, to help make better, more durable products, no matter what the conditions.It is a key component in MIL-STD-810 and DEF STAN 00-035 test standards. Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for High Performance Organic Coatings on Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Profiles.This specification describes test procedures and performance requirements for high performance, organic, coatings applied to fiber reinforced thermoset profiles for windows, doors and similar products. Accelerated aging testing is based on a thermodynamic temperature coefficient formulated by J.H. The properties of interest are those related to safety and efficacy. engineering guidelines, a separate part of which describes a test of solar This can be regular weathering under normal conditions or seasonal fluctuations including heavy storms and natural disasters. Polymers consist of homopolymer, copolymers, and elastomer compounded with or without the addition of impact modifiers (ethylene-propylene rubber, polyisobutylene rubber, and butyl rubber), colorants, stabilizers, lubricants, or reinforcements. Accelerated weather testing enables you to discover how a product would respond to certain weather conditions. It describes exposures to sunshine carbon arc, xenon arc, fluorescent ultraviolet light and condensation apparatus, and a twin carbon arc. Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing.This specification covers flexible sheet made from poly(vinyl chloride) resin as the primary polymer intended for use in single-ply roofing membranes exposed to the weather. This standard lays out environmental test methods and This is a simulation of the natural conditions using extreme weathering condition to speed up the weathering process and evaluate the impacts on the materials. This occurs with products that have not existed long enough to have gone through their us… exposure, where the special requirements concerning lamps and measurement Solar radiation simulates the deteriorating thermal and physical effects of sunlight on materials, parts and finished products. Where more than one test method is listed for the same characteristic, no attempt is made to indicate superiority of one method over another. Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property—Staining of Surfaces (Contact, Migration, and Diffusion).These test methods cover techniques to evaluate three types of staining that rubber may cause when in contact with, or in proximity to, another surface that may be light colored. Plastics – Artificial weathering including acidic deposition, Plastics – Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources – Ageing of automotive components in solar simulation units, Coil Coated Metals – Test Methods Part 10: Resistance to _ It is used to estimate the useful lifespan of a product or its shelf lifewhen actual lifespan data is unavailable. Van’t Hoff that states “for every ten degree Celsius rise in temperature the rate of chemical reaction will double.” However, since this formula is based on rate kinetics of a single chemical reaction, not on packages made up of various materials, the direct extrapolation of this theory to the aging of packaging materials … This test measures the effect of ultraviolet light on the mechanical properties of a product. Carbon Arc testing measures a product’s ability to resist deterioration of electrical, mechanical and optical properties when exposed to light and heat. ASTM F1980-07 (2011) You’ll have insight into how your products react to light, rain, heat, cold and other factors over specific periods. Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration Using Artificial Weathering Apparatus.This test method covers specific variations in the test conditions and procedures that shall be applicable when Practice G151 plus either Practice G152, G153, G154, or G155 are employed for exposure of vulcanized rubber compounds. Many accelerated aging techniques used for th… Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Accelerated aging is testing that uses aggravated conditions of heat, humidity, oxygen, sunlight, vibration, etc. Heat Aging testing 3. By accelerating your weathering testing and regulating it in simulated conditions, you essentially get the same climate-response data, but in a much quicker time. Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Transparent Plastics Exposed to Accelerated Weathering Combined with Biaxial Stress.This test method covers the resistance of transparent plastics exposed to environmental conditioning (accelerated weathering) under a biaxial stress state induced by a pressure cell/test fixture. Weather Resistance: UV Light and Moisture Exposure.This test method provides a procedure for the exposure of textile materials of all kinds, including coated fabrics and products made thereof, in a laboratory artificial weathering exposure apparatus employing fluorescent UV lamps as a light source and using condensing humidity and/ or water spray for wetting. Standard Specification for Polypropylene Injection and Extrusion Materials.This specification covers polypropylene materials suitable for injection molding and extrusion. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). UV Testing 6. Accelerated weathering test is a type of weathering testing which is used to measure future possibilities of materials’ durability under certain environmental conditions. Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials.This practice covers the basic principles and operating procedures for using fluorescent UV light, and water apparatus intended to reproduce the weathering effects that occur when materials are exposed to sunlight (either direct or through window glass) and moisture as rain or dew in actual usage. Below are the various Accelerated Aging services Micom offers: 1. Standard Test Method for Effects of Laboratory Accelerated Weathering on Elastomeric Joint Sealants.This test method covers a laboratory procedure for determining the effects of accelerated weathering on cured-in-place elastomeric joint sealants (single- and multi-component) for use in building construction.

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