At the risk of being viewed as incorrect, some people use alumni regardless of gender or number. If you have to refer to a group of girls, women, or ladies who have moved on from studenthood, this is the word for you. However, upon termination of such employment, the alumnus will be able to register onto the alumni website. Alumnus in a sentence 1. Many people are comfortable using the word alumni to refer to someone who was a student of a particular school.

Here we have selected some of the most talented athletes from the ESP Alumni. Fe del Mundo was the first alumna of Harvard Medical School. The school has many famous alumni, most of them in sports. the raising or rising of a body in air by supernatural means.

Once students have narrowed down their lists of potential degree choices, alumni of their intended programs are excellent potential sources of inside information and honest critiques. This calendar can be a great gift for a Hawkeye you know, including school alumni.

―Chris Kreski, Life Lessons from Xena Warrior Princess: A Guide to Happiness, Success, and Body Armor.

Definition of Alumna. Concessions can be sold for profit at the tournament as well as various novelty items.

When to use alumni: Alumni is the plural form of alumnus or for a mixed gender group.

Example sentences with the word alumnus. The trust had also added Melissa Peeples-Fullmore, a Milton Hershey School alumnus and education professional, and Jan Loeffler Bergen, a trained social worker and chief executive officer of non-profit health provider Lancaster General Health as Hershey trustees.

alumna definition: 1. a female alumnus 2. a female alumnus. Alumni are often chosen as potential funders for a capital campaign for several reasons. If he thought she was a member of the ton, an alumna of dozens of balls and parties, then she must be playing her role to perfection.”

Alumna definition, a woman who is a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.

No outsider, no matter how cunning, can ever steal that belief away.” Uffdah!” They are perfect for any fan, student or alumni and are a great way to show school spirit. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The descendant was also an alumna of the school, and she agreed to donate samples of her blood for the project.

In order to find out when your high school prom is going to be, ask one of your teachers or alumni of your high school when one of the last prom nights occurred--usually, that is a good indication.

Ask for general advice about landing a job in the field or with their company. We undertake annual fundraising telethons and schools can bid for funding from the alumni fund. For example: My mother is an alumna of MIT. However, they each differ according to whether the graduate is in the singular or plural form and the gender of the graduate. If you form an English word by chopping off its Latin endings, it’s only fair to add an “s” as the English signal for plural.

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