Buying an engagement ring has changed, and there are thousands to be saved if you know what to look for and where to find it.”. Unlike gold, diamonds plunge in value when they have had a previous owner, so there are real bargains to be had if you look around and pick carefully. Our pre-owned diamond rings combine sophistication and uniqueness to present you with a collection to suit all tastes.

Preloved and the heart device is a registered trademark of Copyright 1997 – 2018 Moo Limited. How To Buy An Engagement Ring explains what kind of retailers men should approach, how to save thousands of pounds on diamonds, and how to get the exact diamond you want. Another factor to think about when buying a ring is the diamond cut. As well as a diamond, ring-buyers also need to think about ring metal. Jewellery buying manager, Alice Rigby said: “Despite the tradition of going on bended knee on 14 February, we see far more sales of diamond rings during the festive season. Not only is this option potentially free but jewellery with history can be much more meaningful and significant. Many customers, men in particular, get panicked the closer it gets to Christmas. ABOUT WP DIAMONDS: SECOND-HAND DIAMOND BUYERS. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. SZ 5.75. For more information go to, Available for everyone, funded by readers. “Most men like to think they know their partner pretty well, but the reality is that guys often get it wrong when it comes to engagement rings,” says Smith, “The jewellery industry doesn’t offer a centralised place for impartial information, meaning that men end up repeating the same mistakes as millions before them.

Before you start diamond shopping you need to understand the “4Cs”: cut, colour, clarity and carat. In the case of engagement rings, it isn’t unusual to find someone selling a ring which has only been worn for a matter of days or weeks and so is in near mint condition. The colour grading will usually have an impact on price, with diamonds graded D, E and F generally being more expensive that lightly coloured S-Z grading. of Moo Limited. As well as saving up to 80% of the cost of a diamond, shopping online at certain sites allows buyers to match up the exact combination of the 4Cs that they want. Oops! Price difference: Assuming a 1 carat round diamond, G colour and very good cut, an SI2 would cost £3,000 to £6,200 while an IF would set you back £6,000 to £11,000. Unlike gold, diamonds … $9,000.00. All of our new diamond rings come with a certificate of authenticity and an official UK hallmark stamp, with jewellery over £350 benefiting from an insurance valuation too. By Natalie Reynolds, • Platinum tends to be most expensive but high quality white gold can give the same glamorous aesthetic more cheaply. With a bit of searching you could pick up an engagement ring which originally sold for £1000 for as little as a couple of hundred pounds in the second hand market. Love is priceless, but engagements and weddings can be eye wateringly expensive. Another popular form is a cushion cut which is a pillow shape and a pear-shaped cut which is a teardrop shape, ideal for a slender hand.

As one of the largest recycled diamond buyers in the US and Europe, we can offer more money for your piece of jewelry, watches or handbags than jewelry stores or pawnbroker.. When searching for pre-owned diamond jewellery, are you fully aware of what represents great quality and great value? Make sure you shop around and only buy from a company with a good reputation and excellent, authentic reviews. If it is a distinctive design and was bought recently from a big name retailer, they may be able to provide a link to the original product as evidence of its original value.

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