Using light as a distraction is an obvious possibility as well.

He destroyed Hope in their session succeeding by literally doing nothing.

like a lot of rage players they (sometimes) have good intentions they just don’t always lead to good actions. They could slow time down for someone and use that power to speed it up for someone else theoretically they could travel through time and steal from other doomed timelines and give it to their own potentially saving their timeline in the process. Bard of Void Age. Strife Specibus examples of Void are random or so it seems, for Bards we don’t have enough examples.

sign me up! Doom is the aspect off death, fire, sacrifice, rules, and doom.

in general a bard of doom would be happy until you  pushed them to the edge and would show their truer colors and be super depressed. Bard of Hope. It depends on how brutal you want to go.

She also struggles with confessing her own feelings, stealing them away in order to benefit Karkat who doesn’t return them and has been trying to “TIPTOE AROUND” it. But if they succeed to let themselves have a little knowledge first and uncover what is real and what their situation truly is then they will be able to give proper, helpful information to their friends instead of spouting nonsense even they don’t understand and ending up confusing everyone. “The Hero of Light must learn to let themselves have a little Light, not always give it all to others by keeping the secrets of the Land upon finding them out through consorts and written information full of falsehoods to uncover the real truth. I imagine some players would be extremely mad and once they find out it was the Bard, even madder, while others would say they’re all lies, some would even hide. I imagine this Rogue would use flash grenades to cause temporary blindness against enemies to strike them or just as a distraction to help a team member out of a tough spot. Could you analyze Bard of Doom? Superstition: They are probably the one to avoid going underneath ladders or opening umbrellas inside.

I won’t be doing quest analysis yet but send your asks this way and I’ll answer them as best as possible. Although seemingly a Doom reference, Time is absolutely about endings and those little, well preserved creatures had reached their ends and had it encased.

First things first Knights are a canonically proven to be non-exclusive Class when it comes to genders.
- Rose: She was really curious from the start, always wanting to “psychoanalyse” Dave and played mind games with her mother to in the game literally tear apart her land to get more information to share in her session and through the tutorial she wrote the one of the trolls.

- Aranea: Though she wasn’t seen as much, she was the one to heal Terezi’s sight and attempted to heal Jake by making him see his true potential. Stealing using fortune could seen as betting on things and cheating, making sure that they get what the other bet on. this only scratches the surface of what the bard could do, they could also cerate a sort of natural disaster on the battle field but remember almost all the powers used by a player of a doom aspect require some sort of sacrifice whether it be a sacrifice of health, money, items, etc. In this case the Thief of Time would either steal through music, using it as a distraction to nab something or someone (kidnapping counts as stealing, right?

I Hope this will be good enough. The Thief turned it all off. The consorts hide it because they’re afraid of what the secrets would make the heroes do once they’re uncovered since they’re all related. Another thing to keep in mind is that sburb sometimes gives classpect combos that are near opposite of what the player actually is so a mage of time might be someone who cant schedule properly and is horrible at time management, meaning their challenge would be to develop effective time management skills. Sorry I wish I could say alot more but we just don’t know alot about mages
“The Hero of Time must learn to let others have some Time for themselves by seeing the extreme exhaustion they will inevitably put on the consorts of the planet. Void: This too, is a tricky Aspect. - Roxy: She has many examples like obscuring herself from Calliope and Caliborn’s computer and their sight, using the Ring of Void to embrace the Aspect and learn to become invisible, stealing nothing to create something and give it away… Things like that.

I’m quite fond of it though. If the real truth is uncovered when the Denizen asks for a password the Knight of Light will be prepared to serve it on a silver platter. The session even might hide purposely other important things like a King Scepter or other, which would definitely change your lore a lot. Lack: Wherever something is missing, like a piece of a puzzle, they could destroy the empty space.

He was something. Giving is great, but overdoing it can cause more harm than good. if you take on someone like this in battle they’ll basically rip you to shreds in a few blows.

- Rufioh: had pupated and sprouted wings, seperating him from the rest.

Knight of Blood (Karkat) Knight of … Even a laser pointer.

That is the biggest difference between Light and Void. The Bard may seem just like a side character at first, but once they snap into place they will do their job whether they want to or not. I rephrase it because that does wonders.

But then again, using the person’s lack of courage to destroy because they couldn’t face the obstacle and the Bard did nothing about it could also be it. The Bard would have a hard time with it because the existence of the broadcast system would be hidden as well, only stumbling upon it accidentally and unknowing of the function, turning it on. Once they are all set to the precise center the door to the Denizen’s lair will open.”.

Rogue is non-exclusive when it comes to genders. A Knight’s duty is to serve others what they lack and in this case it is luck.

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