In their own Gin and Tonic recipe, they consider the best garnish to actually be Cucumber.

Despite its name, London dry can come from anywhere in the world. This ratio of gin to tonic means the tasting notes of the gin come through nicely and the tonic will complement the botanicals in the spirit, without overpowering the taste. About this gin and tonic recipe: You may be wondering what type of gin to buy.

What are the best ingredients for a gin and tonic? Faced with a huge array of gin at the grocery store, making a choice can be a little overwhelming. • 1/3 gin to 2/3 premium tonic • 4 ice cubes • a slice of lime, to garnish. For all the drinks, we recommend a 50ml serving of gin (if other spirit is added, decrease the amount of gin appropriately) and a 100ml serving of tonic water. For a classic G & T, use a London Dry Gin, such as Tanqueray, which has a strong classic juniper berry flavor. First off, there’s the gin.

This is 1:2 parts in cocktail terms.

Combine all the ingredients in the glass. It’s not a garnish most would consider for a cocktail, but boy does it work! It’s different and gives the drink an enhanced freshness that other garnishes do not. London dry gin is the go-to style for a gin and tonic. Plymouth Gin is great, too, leaning more into the florals.

Use a nice long glass or even better, a large Spanish-style copa glass with a stem and a big mouth (any decent wine glasses will work for this).

While the exact flavors vary slightly, you can expect your …

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