I know that both George Van Eps and Lorne Lofsky played guitars with more than 6 strings.

Even the very best jazz guitarists rarely receive the attention of the genre’s horn players, so give it up for the 50 best jazz guitarists ever. BEN RATLIFF, Soloist: Jaco Pastorius All the classic Coltrane motivic development is there and then some. Every guitarist has an opinion on the greatest recorded guitar solos. Burrell was good (no doubt about it) but Benson diversified himself by adding pop influences and vocalising his improvised solos. This solo has influenced Hendrix, Townhsend and the band TEN YEARS AFTER.

Killer cut: ‘Smiles And Smiles To Go’, Once heard, the shimmering sound of Greene’s guitar, with its liquid arpeggios, chiming harmonics and walking basslines, is never forgotten, though, sadly, this California-born fretboard master and published guitar author has faded into obscurity. The 12 most bombastic synth solos of all time. Miles Davis was so smitten with McLaughlin’s guitar playing that he named a song after him (on Bitches Brew). My Favorite Things (Atlantic, 1961) The end result was a cornucopia of virtuosic guitar playing in a variety of styles. Still recording regularly, Khan is one of the pre-eminent jazz guitarists working today. While some disapproved of his switch in musical focus, as indicated by the fourth most popular jazz guitar solo on our list, fans the world over have embraced Benson in all his forms. He recorded three albums for Motown’s Mo Jazz imprint in the early 90s, and this, his second, issued in 1994, was the best (and most successful) of them. It is jazz legacy in sound.

More often than you’d think – but never quite as beautifully on this track, whose pretty tune, graceful improv, and shimmering tone all seemed to come out of nowhere in the context of Joe’s Garage. Discover the best jazz guitarists of all time. BOB MINTZER, Soloist: John Coltrane I might have included the Pizzarelli’s in lieu of some other entries.. JACO PASTORIUS was an EXCEPTIONAL BASSIST NOT GUITARIST!!

Along with Gilberto, Brazilian guitarists Antônio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Bonfá have all proved a lasting inspiration. Some of those qualities include Gordon’s logical melodic development, his rich harmonic vocabulary (without resorting to complex chord substitutions) and his relaxed yet deep rhythmic feel. And, as you might imagine, we got a varied response to that tough question. Calvary Cross. Born Mike Sedgwick in Boston, Stern played in drummer Billy Cobham’s fusion band in the 70s before joining a resurgent Miles Davis on the comeback trail in 1981.

The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965 Killer cut: ‘Swing 39’, Though he was indebted to the horn-like phrasing of 40s jazz guitar pioneer Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery patented a distinctive style, picking notes with just his calloused right-hand thumb. He’s simply the best! Their greatest hit, “I’m Not in Love” had no lead at all. The tracks were recorded several years earlier and feature tenor saxophonist Stan Getz, though it’s Smith’s mellow yet supple guitar that shines the brightest.
Pat Metheney. KRISTIN KORB, Soloist: Paul Gonsalves JOHN CLAYTON, Soloist: Bill Evans Personally, seems it would be more useful if we could see more context for the lick. Killer cut: ‘Bright Size Life’, A member of the 60s’ West Coast session mafia The Wrecking Crew, Kessel was also in demand as a jazz sideman and famously accompanied singer Julie London on her immortal 1955 version of ‘Cry Me A River’.

I remember Phil from Humber College (Toronto) in the early 1980s and recently heard him on 91.1. Sell outs….

Jack Wilkins, “Windows”, one of the top albums of the 70’s. How can you say one player is better than any other? The list would need to make a distinction between performers and composers, as well. Procol Harum’s axeman gets pegged way too often as a Jimi Hendrix disciple. Known as the master of the Telecaster, the Texas guitarist made his name with a string of 60s singles that featured stinging solos and “icy” song titles. How he came up with this is anybody’s guess. This moment of George glory is simply one of the most sensuous guitar solos there is. “Europa” is one of the few Santana tunes in which Carlos holds the spotlight from beginning to end. MICHAEL J. How is Steve Howe not on this list? There’s a slight but perceptible country twang in the bebop-rooted style of this noted Texas guitarist, who came on the radar of most jazz aficionados due to his indispensable presence in the Oscar Peterson Trio during the 50s. RE: D R Hatch’s statement: “Barney with Herb and Charlie”. This is a two-part song, and the first half is a long instrumental that finds Chicago in uncharacteristic power-trio mode – no horns, not even piano. Now everybody want´s too play like Kurt. Jimi Hendrix’s “Star-Spangled Banner” has gone down as the iconic Woodstock moment, but he goes onto greater glory in the medley that follows. A contender for the most brutal hard-rock track of its time, this Jeff Beck showpiece revolves around a monster riff that appears at the beginning, middle, and end. But jazz guitar, for some inexplicable reason, seems to lack the attention that it deserves. Its not about the order, each one of these players was extremely influential in their own way. And then there is JOHN PISANO. Amazing list, though very anglosaxen.
Precisely!!! In an era of much simpler jazz, Armstrong's modernization of the blues, unique phrasing and melodic instincts set the tone for pretty much the rest of jazz history. He led his own fusion band, Eleventh House, in the 70s and later joined forces with John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía to form The Guitar Trio. Thrust (Columbia, 1974) Although not listed as a jazz guitarist, Carlos Santana has basically one style of sound which is clearly his signature sound, a sound which makes it easy to identify him within seconds of hearing his music. It has everything. Miles Davis One half of the hugely popular New Age duo, Tuck & Patti, William “Tuck” Andress was the son of a jazz bandleader and played with the R&B group The Gap Band in the late 70s. From Australia the great jazz guitariat James Muller recorded the album Kaboom that should be part of this list for sure …. I think ranking here makes this list come off as something that you would see in People Magazine or Rolling Stone. New Jersey-born Remler (who passed away in 1990, aged 32) was a flag-bearer for female musicians in jazz’s male-dominated environment and recorded this, her sixth album, in 1988.

Sonny Meets Hawk! Carlton’s own work has been more fusion-oriented, with his early albums being a precursor to what is now called smooth jazz. When he did play flashy, he made it count, calling on his blues roots. Killer cut: ‘Nuages’, One of Brazil’s greatest songwriters in the boss nova era, Jobim also made some fine solo albums that showcased his abilities as an instrumentalist. He should not be confused with Ted Green the hockey player.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F336xzA7Ugc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKYTPVrgdVM. Profoundly misinformed. I love how Metheny dives right into his solo with no hesitation. This album, released in 1960, spotlights him in a trio setting putting a unique spin on a selection of jazz standards, including a potent version of The Modern Jazz Quartet’s ‘Django’. Seriously?

Each supplies an original song but the rest of the material – except Claus Ogerman’s ‘Jazz Samba’ – is drawn from the jazz standards repertoire. Sharpest, clearest and most precise (with Stevie edge on it) rendition of Voodoo Chile I have ever heard. Killer cut: ‘Cherokee’, A doyen of jazz-rock and fusion, Steve Khan (the son of legendary songwriter Sammy Cahn) began his solo career in the late 70s and is still going strong today.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zSZBAcQ-5M Soft Machine from Hazard Profile Part One -From about 3 minutes in to 9 minutes is the best soloing I have yet heard on a guitar. Maybe I should go back to ear training class. Burrell became a key figure in the hard bop movement and can play soulfully as well as swing hard.

Sad. Instead, he turned to the guitar, and his signature style – which was loud and funky – used horn-like lead lines as well as rock-style amp feedback.

Blues-rock players don’t get more underrated than Roy Buchanan, who had fiery fingers and imagination to match. I can’t understand Stevie Ray Vaughan not showing up on this list anywhere. Has anyone heard jazz played on a CHAPMAN STICK? By counterintuitive I mean: Shorter seems to use the unusual notes in a chord or voice-leading moment to connote other harmonic areas, keys and scales, and somehow always manages to resolve the dissonance tunefully but almost never in the way you expect. While it’s not surprising to see Kenny Burrell on a list of the top … NIR FELDER, Soloist: Ornette Coleman Coltrane of the guitar. And….

But the second solo on Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd, Another brick in the wall) is way better than any of these, and it didn’t even make the list? Sarah Vaughan Sarah Vaughan With Clifford Brown (EmArcy, 1955) Once Wynton Kelly steps forward on piano, even Wes’ rhythm chords are perfect. “West End Blues” (OKeh, 1928) You also left out one of the greatest Jazz guitar educators and players of all time; Ted Greene.

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