Named for Chef Darren Chin’s initials, DC Restaurant espouses the slow food movement via 'la jeune cuisine.' I have just had two take-out orders and their food is as delicious as ever. ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery: Where Every Single Ingredient Has Traceability, Chef Takashi Kimura Of Cilantro And The Art Of Continuous Refinement, All The Photos From Our Inaugural T. Dining Best Restaurants 2018 Awards Night, We Blindfolded Chef Tyson Gee To Test His Sense Of Taste, Copper X Wayang Kitchen's Theatrical Collaboration Kicks Off With Murder, Uncorking The Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008 & Rosé 2006 At DC Restaurant, Chef Darren Teoh Of Dewakan Describes An Important Woman In His Life, Chef Nicholas Scorpion Dishes Helpful Tips On Eating & Drinking Well In Bali, Meet Luigi Stinga, Mandarin Grill's New Head Chef With A Michelin Background, 10 Restaurants To Reserve When You Need A Good Steak, Nadodi KL Meets Demands Despite Mounting Pressure, This Spooky Menu Saint Pierre KL Created For Glenmorangie, Christian Recomio's Recent Partnership With Parisian Chef Taku Sekine, Basque-ing In New Flavours At The Brasserie, Chef Darren Teoh Of Dewakan: Mum Has Been More Of A Support Than I Give Her Credit For, We Sat Down For A Speed Dating-Style Interview With 6 Of The World's Best Chefs, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur's Bar Trigona Is One Of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020, The Best New Pizzerias In KL: Heritage Pizza, Phil's Pizza & WOP, SOULed Out Revamps Menu With 32 New Dishes, 5 Food Writers On Their Favourite Dishes & Drinks To Get Delivered.

Check out the mouthwatering selection here.


Located within Kampung Melayu Majidee food court, this is the best place in Malaysia for the dessert lovers. 5 Magnificent Places To Visit In Malaysia In December 2020 For A Refreshing Trip, 20 Mysterious Places In India To Visit In 2020 More Bizarre Than The Bermuda Triangle, 10 Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare, 83 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30 in 2021. }); Got the Som Tom, spring rolls, and Drunken noodles. Throwback to: This Spooky Menu Saint Pierre KL Created For Glenmorangie. before: function(slider) {

The final ratings are the result of the reviewers’ reports, plus feedback from our expert panel of writers who love to eat (and eaters who don’t mind writing).

Must Try: Pan-fried sea bass stuffed with shrimp and lemon dressing and spaghetti with bottarga (mullet roe) and almonds The elegant restaurant serves the whole spectrum of Sri Lankan specialities, from popular street snacks to coastal seafood dishes. Each establishment in the Best Restaurants Guide was paid a visit by an incognito reviewer who went on to rate the eatery in 19 categories including comfortable environs, freshness of ingredients, and warmth of service. Only open on Friday evenings, Sitka Studio is where Chef Christian Recomio and team get their creative juices flowing, for unlike Sitka Eatinghouse downstairs, the 5- or 7-course menu at the studio changes weekly. Location: 19A, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50300, City Center. A dizzying and delicious sugar rush. }); Dressed in muted shades of grey and taupe, the restaurant is dim, so as to direct focus to the sushi counter, where Makato Saito Sam serves up his craft omakase. Everyone was delighted with our meal of roti canai, chow kueh teow, beef redang, Chinese sausage fried rice and ginger chicken. Must Try: Crab curry, mutton curry and rasam No matter how tight your waistline feels, don’t pass on Chef Stinga’s take on tiramisu. Your evening begins at Le Comptoir for a round of aperitifs. You might find the portions a little small but you will never forget the taste of each dish being served. reverse:false, Where libations are concerned, we suggest scouring the bottom part of the menu, under the heading ‘Funky Stuff.’, See also: Chef Nicholas Scorpion Dishes Helpful Tips On Eating & Drinking Well In Bali.

From the location, design, interior and ambience, the Tamarind Restaurant Group gives you a dining experience that takes you on an adventure away from the city. On that note: Copper X Wayang Kitchen's Theatrical Collaboration Kicks Off With Murder. But this place was by far the best thai I've had in a long time. });

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