From apps to the home screen, everything is bloat-free and you can customize the device to a great degree. With Doro’s UI, the overall interface becomes larger with readable texts and icons. Enter the new Nokia 3310. If you can loosen the purse strings a bit, you can very well opt for the Google Pixel 3A. And the menus are not only simplified for the home screen, but it follows the same design layout in apps as well. It includes a True Tone display that can adjust the color temperature of the screen according to your surroundings in order to be easier on your eyes. Most important, though, Huawei phones have a 'Simple Mode' which makes icons and text much bigger, perfect for a senior with less-than-perfect eyesight.

No matter if you are texting, taking photos or getting directions, you will always be guided by a clutter-free user interface.

The second-generation iPhone SE has similar specs to the iPhone 8 in quite a few areas, but with a few tweaks to bringing it up-to-date with trends in 2020. For $500, you will be getting a premium flagship smartphone that still has a headphone jack. Relatives can set up and manage the GrandPad for their love ones, populating the contact list with email address and phone numbers. "Featuring 5Star, which turns the Flip into a personal safety device that's customized specifically for an older audience. Surprisingly, it can handle games reasonably well. Apart from that, the Jitterbug Smart2 has all the smartphone features as it basically runs Android underneath the simple UI. And with the latest EMUI 10 update, the Simple Mode is even better with its card-like menu on the home screen. The 12MP camera is passable and the Android 9.0 software runs smoothly in most assistance. Ajay Kumar is a Tech Commerce Editor for Lifewire. It doesn’t have any of the smartphone functionality a more tech-savvy senior might want, but it has large, easy to read interface, simple navigation, and a loud speaker. Now the question remains, which iPhone should you buy for senior citizens? It’s a canny piece of rebranding for an aging design that reinvigorates it through silicon and ultra-smart programming." It’s a simple, easy to use feature phone with all the basics need to keep in contact with family and friends, and a long-lasting battery to keep the connection going. The best cell phone for seniors is the Jitterbug Flip (view on Amazon).

Not to mention, you have camera functionality, LTE support, internet services, built-in app store and all the smartphone features that you expect on a standard smartphone. Right from the home screen, you get a clutter-free listicle menu with big icons and readable texts. Where dropping the phone may be an issue, durability or a variety of available phone cases is of critical importance. David Beren has been covering tech for over a decade now, and is an expert in smartphone and mobile technology. It’s powered by the Android Go operating system which is a stripped-down version of the standard Stock Android. Global Smartphone Sales to Decline 12% in 2020 Due to Coronavirus: IDC, COVID-19 Impact: Global Smartphone Sales Declined 20% in Q1, 2020, Warrants Required to Check Even the Lock Screen of a Suspect’s Smartphone, This Smartphone Aims to Reduce the Amount of E-Waste in the Environment, Indians Used Smartphones About 3.5 Hours Per Day in 2019: Report. Otherwise there's a range of feature, flip or smart-phones available. — Andrew Hayward, Product Tester. For a smarter take, we like the Jitterbug Smart2 (view on Amazon). If you want something more premium with better cameras and bigger screen, go with Samsung Galaxy S9. Firstly, it's supremely affordable, so you won't be breaking the bank by buying it.

Jitterbug Smart 2 GreatCall, 5.5 inches; A Strictly Voice Only Phone for Seniors. For a smarter take, we like the Jitterbug Smart2 (view on Amazon). Geared toward the more tech-savvy, the phone’s combination of a large display and long battery life make it a smart buy. Sure, it does not have a dedicated Easy Mode like Samsung devices, but you can get a similar experience by adjusting a few Accessibility Settings. Where health is the primary interest, some of the best phones for seniors will feature one-touch emergency response features. "What’s impressive is how much of the Galaxy S experience remains intact on the Galaxy A50, which still looks like a high-end phone, has a very good triple-camera setup, and boasts an excellent screen." Simply put, the Easy Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 is really good and you should definitely use this feature for senior citizens. There are some devices from Samsung and Honor which offer a built-in mode to make the operating system simpler and easy to use. It checks all the boxes for a phone to suit seniors. The phone supports a fingerprint sensor in the home button, but not Face ID, which might make it difficult for those with arthritic hands to unlock. Also, the device runs the latest Android 10 so you get new assistive features and powerful Google Assistant. There are also plenty of iPhone XR cases to choose from to protect the handset. The Jitterbug Flip is a basic flip phone with features made to suit seniors well. Even for power users, that battery size is more than enough to get through a day. Similar to Jitterbug Smart2, Doro 8035 runs on Android, but it has a physical home button which is really helpful for seniors. The LG Exalt VN220 flip phone is our top cell phone pick for seniors who are hard of hearing. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Today's best Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite deals, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Domestic & International Text to 37 countries, Users may notice reduced speeds when network is congested. Visit our corporate site. Apart from that, the device is pretty powerful for day to day usage with 4G support, good cameras, and more. The higher refresh panel can be easier on the eyes and make the phone feel less janky, which has value even if you're not much of a gamer. Of many such Android launchers, I found Simple Launcher and Simple Mode to be the best which has all the necessary features. Sound quality leaves something to be desired, but camera and video quality is solid, with a 48MP main sensor, an 8MP ultrawide, and 5MP depth sensor. With a price tag that won’t scare anyone away, the Moto G6 Play is an excellent option for most seniors. A big screen is useful for seniors because it lets you see bigger text and displays more content, but that usually has a negative consequence on battery drain. Large and simple displays are a smart pick for any senior, as almost no one has eyes that grow sharper over time. The phone has a high-fidelity speaker and HD Voice, …

© It comes with Stock Android which means you will get a clean experience with consistent and minimal design across the UI. The Nokia 3310 supports calling, texting, and even a bit of social media.

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