Then we met Crystal and then we all met each other. But I was primed to love Betty. Rachelle: Betty's like a meaning though. I was speaking to the other models. Moonbear: I was watching TV and then I saw Tony Hawk and he was doing whatever he was doing on the ramp. Kind of like a reclaiming for her generation of that. Her full soundtrack, which is all deep slow grooves and trippy sonic sounds, is currently available on Spotify. It was an experience I had and something that I felt like Janay could relate to. The film encapsulates the essence of what first caught Moselle’s imagination when she observed the girls on the Brooklyn G train. Need help finding something to watch? Reeves is gay now? We're not old enough to understand it. The diversity and organic feel of Betty is what makes it so compelling, capturing an chilled-out authenticity as its characters work their way through the sort of problems any tight-knit group of young friends can recognise. Ajani: Crystal has integrated into our lives in more ways than just being a director. Veronica was the hot stuck-up dark-haired girl. She pulled up with a full set up. Dede: Yeah, I'm big on that in general just because I've experienced it firsthand. It's a romantic vision of women congregating and rolling with their random encounters. He's a year older than me. Rachelle: I went skating the other day, solo skating, because we needed to film something for a press thing. The Professional Skaters Association (PSA) is the official figure skating coach’s education, training, and accreditation program for the U.S. No connection with the skate board vernacular though. To borrow from The Craft, they are the weirdos, mister. He tried to dance with me and I remembered I don't know how to dance. I was like, "Nina, I think it's so cool that you skate." I don't think she has that yet, and she develops that throughout the story. She is just there to skate. When I was younger I'd watch videos of girls like Alexis Sablone and Vanessa Torres. Can I run a cable to charge an electric car across the pavement? Meet the real-life skating stars of new series BETTY is a brand-new skateboarding drama from the people behind Skate Kitchen. While Moonbear says their characters' style was based on their own, Russell is clear about the line drawn between Indigo and herself. A Betty detracted from the serious pursuit of skateboarding. I wasn't trying to learn tricks then because it was just really intimidating and a lot of guys were mean in their crew. It was a couple summers ago, I was really excited to do this project. Everybody really likes Maryann better. "It’s been a joy to ride through the streets of NYC with the inspiring women of Betty, and we’re grateful to them and to Crystal for sharing their stories and friendships with us,” said HBO executive vice-president Amy Gravitt. It's also interesting to see what that looks like with someone who's close to you and how complex that can be, and the struggle and the internal battle of that, and how it also affects your environment. Betty is the cute, fun blond. I remember a guy who, when he saw an attractive female, would say, “Helllooooo, Betty!”. On screen, Honeybear grabs Camille to help her break the ice with her crush, Ash. © Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I'm Puerto Rican and I was like, "What's going on?" I was at the raucous premiere of Skate Kitchen at the Sundance Film Festival two years ago, and was sucked into Moselle's dreamy depiction of girlhood from the first moment I laid eyes on it. It was a decent board for somebody who didn't really know about skating. It just kind of stuck. So why was I bawling? Moonbear: I'd say I miss skating, just cruising with a bunch of people. Yeah, that’s how I always heard the term: a skateboarder’s girlfriend, or a girl who hung out with the skaters, without skating herself. Don and Betty aren’t going to win any parents-of-the-year contests, but you can’t blame them too much: They both grew up in terrible families with people who treated them badly. He was being really chill, and we were all eating and stuff. In my neck of the woods it was just the new term for “she’s a fox.”. + free trial month | Hulu promo codes, Yankee Candle coupon - $20 off for new customers, 30% off AARP discount with Ancestry coupon code, Georgia Orders Vote Recount By Hand for Presidential Race, WSJ Opinion: Joe Biden’s Florida Nightmare, Biden Vows to Build on the Affordable Care Act, Biden’s China Policy: New President-Elect, Same Tensions, News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Rachelle: [Screaming] Oh my god! The beautifully shot series can often make you feel like you’re watching a documentary unfold. And then I left them, and then it worked out. It wasn't until high school when I met [co-star] Nina [Moran] that I actually got with her and we were like, "We'll go to Chelsea and we'll skate together and do this.". A diverse group of young women navigate their lives through the male-dominated world of skateboarding in New York City. They were in a compromising position because it was a situation where they were like, "My agent sent me and they said I had to do it. I would see them all the time. At first I was like, "Dang, how am I going to do this?" Here, though, it works a treat. Dede: I'd probably say skating around the city, Lower Manhattan as well. And it was just so infuriating. So at 3pm, all the boys were there skating after school in the courtyard. "It's literally New York," star Rachelle Vinberg says of the show, "the opposite of quarantine." Then I didn't really skate. Yet this half-earnest, half-jovial demeanour does not mean that Betty is superficial. Moonbear: It's crazy because some of us were hanging out with him the day before, and then he was there. I got to set at 7 in the morning. I’ve found references to Betty Cooper from the Archie comics, Betty Grable, Betty Boop and even Bettie Page. He ended up buying me a board. The trio discuss how they met through skateboarding and what the sport means to them. I was like, "I'm here." The were skater “oaths” that included stuff about Betty’s not interfering with skating. Crystal Moselle met two of the Betty cast on a subway train in 2016 and overheard Nina Moran talking to Rachelle Vinberg about a girl she made out with. We've got more sport, drama, movies and kids' TV than ever before. "The series thrives in its urban textures: It makes you sweat the humid summer air, smell the city's stink and taste the potential of an endless diner menu," they said. Back in the day we called them ‘pro hoes,’ so we're reclaiming that word. I would skate at the basketball court. 10 best wreaths for Christmas: From Marks & Spencer to John Lewis and Amazon, Google critics call for EU to fast-track competition crackdown, Xbox Series X: Everything you need to know from release date to specs, games, and more. We used to do that from Washington Square to Tompkins or just wherever we were. Perhaps it’s the times we are living in, but it was almost painfully intoxicating to witness the freedom of young women tearing around a city, having a blast, on a mission that seems vital in that moment, although, really, it wouldn’t matter much if they found the bag or not. Then I just kept doing it. So I was like, "Oh, I would name it The Skate Kitchen." I was like, "One day I'm going to be her." Talking to Refinery 29 about her character, Moonbear said: “She is very reserved and pays attention more to what's going on than saying anything that comes to her mind. I lived with her for a period of time. The hair stylist was like, "You don't have to do this." HBO rarely ever dips into teen drama territory, but when it … Anyone know the true origin of the phrase “She’s a Betty” and it’s meaning? The disaster-movie adolescence of Euphoria, for example, feels like a perfume ad in comparison with Betty, which is anything but hyperstylised. "Betty" was a name that, back in the '90s, guys would call girls who either skated or hung out at skate parks. She was like, "Why don't you call it Betty?" For UK viewers, the show’s premise may sound a bit niche, but don’t worry if you don’t know your Ollie from your Heel-flip: there is so much more to enjoy in this series than tricks and flips in skateparks. Thousands of soldiers in World War II had pictures of her to ‘pin-up’ in their Barracks. I appreciated that they came up with that dynamic between Donald and I. © 2020 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You will fall in love with the characters of Betty, who are an extension of the real-life skaters and non-professional actors who play them. I don’t remember why Betty = Hot, though. The six-episode series premiered on HBO on May 1, 2020. I was speaking in particular to this one girl from Brazil. The origin and meaning of the lyrics are subject to debate. I guess I just miss walking my dog. When I was a kid (late 80s/early 90s), around here a Betty was a girl who dressed like the scene but didn’t really participate. The Masters 2020 betting tips: Who is favourite to win at Augusta? Perfect for helping you pretend you’re skating across the parks of New York City, even when you’re stuck in your bedroom. But her intentions and her priorities aren't set as straight as all the other girls, who value authentic friendship and how things actually make them feel rather than what they think is cool. She was telling him about the show. Moonbear: You tell the story.

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