UAW retirees receive a 20 percent discount. Not sure if it's just today but it would be nice to update their message. So, make sure you hit most of your shots low. Staff were all friendly and engaging. It’s a quiet, peaceful golf course scattered across 300 acres of dense, hardwood forest and marsh, part of the UAW’s 1,000 acres of almost entirely natural property. We stopped here and I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this hotel. The Lakes course is the most forgiving of our three courses, with wide fairways that make it the perfect proving ground for newer golfers. Three different nine hole courses, each with a unique personality. We used our KSBY Golf Card (7 courses, $85), so the only expense beyond the card was a cart for $17. The last par 3 of canyon I played a hole in one which was pretty cool. Definitely a big red flag for me. As you will see in the photos it was gorgeous! The range is good and they have a putting green but the fairways have been better. They were even kind enough to mail my prescription glasses back to me that I left in the cart. We normally play north county but decided to trek down to Nipomo because of the value and their affiliation with Avila, which we played last week and really liked. The course could be in better shape but I think the rain has damaged it a little. Straight forward course and fun to play but don't expect the best grass. We played Lakes and Canyon: the former was in great shape, the latter in decent condition. The prices for golf at a Nicklaus designed course are really reasonable. "I stopped here on my drive down the 101 coming from the Bay Area. The canyon, The oaks and the lakes. I found the courses to be well maintained and fun to play. Oak was probably the most difficult 9 I have ever played, the fairways were super tight and tons of hazards. Such a shame! Even more important, the people working here are so nice! With this package you can book tee times anytime space is available, 14 days in advance. To say the least I really enjoyed playing. Come out and take your pick — or play all three for the best Central Coast golf experience. Heads up, I tried calling the Grill to order take out and it went to voicemail. The Oaks is windy and narrow, the lakes is wider but more water and the. Service is friendly and the overall vibe is good. Fun,very refreshing and people friendly. The second 9 I played was very nice as well! Service was amazing! Lakes. There's a saying among our regulars: "That's how we do it at Blacklake." The course was great, and the 3x9 hole layout was perfect since each course really has a distinct look, feel, and challenge from the others. this used to be one of the jewels of the central coast but now has been reduced to a goat patch. I found the courses to be well maintained and fun to play.At the turnaround is an awesome bar that serves up delicious drinks and amazing food. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. See all photos from Claudia C. for Blacklake Golf Resort. Range is important because that's where we all get good. GOLF DIGEST RATED BLACK LAKE GOLF CLUB #9 BEST VALUE ON THEIR LIST OF “AMERICA’S 100 GREATEST PUBLIC COURSES”… AUGUST 2009. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. The greens are in very good condition. This course consists of a driving range and three 9-hole courses with a good mix of Par 3, 4 and 5. 36 reviews of Blacklake Golf Resort "Three 9 hole golf courses here, and very challenging. It even opens with a par 3 to start your round off on a confident note. Golf Now refers to Black Lake Golf Club as a destination well worth the trip. Thank you Krissy for all your help, advice, and hard work! Price isn't bad, use the golfnow app for better rates. Krissy was our "go to" contact for everything and she did a wonderful job. The greens aren't too bad but there's a lot of dirt and patches on the fairways. Weather can't be beat! Look forward to a return visit.Cheers!RL. The mats are beat up but still usable and the balls are older then your great grandma. Also, there is comm lines in the direct path of the range. The course does not get too busy and the marshalls are really good about making sure people are playing in an efficient manner.I look forward to revisiting anytime I am back in the area! From beginning to end was blessed to have my daughter's wedding at this amazing place. Check to see who is playing next Wednesday and come on down... INFESTED WITH RODENTS!I have been on the course a number of times and have seen it degrade over the years. Another great golfing trip. Lol! I checked…", "Very pleased with the actual room and staff. Hit em' straight. Just showed up as a single at 7AM and they got me out as if I had had reservation T time.

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