There’s a Henchman with a rifle that will attempt to make life difficult, but you shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with it. Throwing Knives cost 100 Blood Echoes, and you can stock up to nine of them.

He will change into a huge beast that oddly resembles Solomon Grundy of DC comics. Near the end of this path are two ladders on the right. When you see an opening, be sure to chuck some throwing knives at him from a safe distance. Killing the Crazed Pig will give you two Blood Vials. Father’s third stage is his literal beast mode and applying the tactics so far will not help much. Don’t use your Molotov Cocktails yet, as you will need them for the latter stage of this Bloodborne fight. All of the scattered tombstones can potentially make dodging a hassle, so be mindful. Be aware that although he is in two handed mode, he will still sometimes pull out his gun to stun you. Master the Regain System and Offensive Parry while battling werewolves and the Hunter Mob.

An owner of every console since Atari, Anthony is willing to try any video game, good or bad, but prefers the ones that involve a deep and involving story. From there, travel in the opposite direction across the bridge to mix it up with a Club Brute. Go down the stairs on the right and then the next staircase. Firing a shot with a pistol is still not recommended since his speed will make it near impossible to capitalize on the temporary stun. If you go too far, he will start shooting at you. The Molotov Cocktails should be enough to take him down fully. By now, you should have already learned the visceral attack. It’s the Night of the Hunt, and all of Yharnam is stirring as something dark and sinister awakens within the city that is the central setting of Bloodborne. As he leaps just dodge, get in a few cheap shots and back out. His axe attacks can be brutal, and will oftentimes force players into a string of hits they can’t dodge out of or heal during. Bloodborne is chock full of cemeteries and tombstones, so it should come as no surprise that at least one of the boss fights would take place in a graveyard. Similar to the Cleric Beast, you can proceed to the battle or spend a few minutes collecting more items. It should be noted that he’ll start off with the short version of his melee weapon and then transform it to a longer blade to signify the second stage of the battle. After he goes down, another save checkpoint opens up for you. How to beat every boss, find the hidden items and survive in Bloodborne for PlayStation 4. Once you have it, travel down the path away from where you entered. For now, remember where it is and take the stairs on the right. Since this room has elevated floors, there’s a decent chance some of the rats will fall onto you, so be on guard. For now, make note of this door. This duel against Father Gascoigne serves as a reminder that not all hunters are on your team. Email, Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat Father Gascoigne. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Damage will vary based on weapon type and level, but each visceral attack should take off a decent chunk of Father Gascoigne’s health. As long as you don’t get too greedy, you should be able to take down Father Gascoigne within a minute or two once he’s in his final stage. Face the ladder and take a left through the corridor. It is likely possible that you will have a hard time fighting this boss during your first playthrough and as such, this guide can help you in fighting him with ease. To reach this location, you need to run all the way across the great bridge and down the far left staircase. Remember the Tiny Music Box you found? Now that the Hounds are dealt with, travel to the lower area and be on the lookout for a pathway on the left, right before a bridge. He hacks and slashes like crazy whenever you get near him. There’s a door nearby, so walk up to it and knock. Wait for him to telegraph his actions by stopping to prepare a charged lunge. Don’t worry though, because this is where you can throw all of your Molotov Cocktails at him.

If you crave more loot, there’s a body on the left side of this room with a Coldblood Dew. Resume traveling through the waterway and you’ll discover a tiny opening. Get the Tiny Music Box 4. Sounds crazy, right? Return to the area with the ladder and keep right on walking. You will need to go to the other side of this staircase, which you can do so by taking the sewers and using the ladder to go up to a cross-way featuring a troll banging on a door. After that, players can reap their Blood Echo reward and activate a new lantern checkpoint. You’ll encounter a Hunchback, a creature with far-reaching attacks. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Since this is a single-player walkthrough, ignore these for now and go into the building where you can upgrade and repair weapons if necessary. You’ll see a doorway and there’s a Hunchback standing in your way. We have good news and bad news. Go right and run into two more Crazed Crows and some boxes. While he’s writhing in agony, quickly run behind and hit him with a Charge Attack and critical strike.

Pick up a Bold Hunter’s Mask from one of the dead Crawlers, then grab 10 Quicksilver Bullets from a body close by. Don’t stray too far, though, or else Father Gascoigne will use his blunderbuss to chip away at your health.

Help fellow Hunters and try different weapons in From Software’s PS4 exclusive. Do whatever it takes to separate them so you can battle one Brick Brute at a time. Once you have the geography of the area logged into your mind, it’s time to take a look at Father Gascoigne himself. So you can spend more Blood Echoes on Vit while using the materials to up your damage. Once you’ve defeated him, take comfort knowing that you defeated one of the harder enemies in Bloodborne. Here’s my take on a younger, pre-Father, Gascoigne.

But, there is a pretty simple way to beat Father Gascoigne - one that involves a general understanding of Bloodborne’s mechanics, specifically the concept of staggering. Given that he’s as agile as you with dodge moves, timing a shot against Father Gascoigne is as tough as it sounds. The Cleric Beast is an easier, slower boss fight compared to Father Gascoigne. Let us know what you think about this guide in the comments below. Definitely a thing of nightmares. This is his most physically powerful form, but his drop in speed makes him much easier to deal with than when he was a hunter. There’s a ladder near the entrance, but kill all of the monsters before using it. Drop down (there’s no threat of death) and collect the Blood Stone Shard. Take the bridge and look for a red lantern. You’ll know you pulled it off when you hear a metallic chime and the enemy is on its knees. Walmart PS5 Release Times: Here's When The PS5 Goes On Sale Tomorrow, Phil Spencer On Xbox And Japan, Halo's Future, Playing Elden Ring, And More, Best Black Friday 2020 Xbox Series X And Xbox One Game Deals, By If you did your best Solid Snake impression you should be able to surprise the creature with a Charge Attack and kill it relatively quickly.

The other item that you need is lots of Blood Vials. When I am not posting news, I can be seen sharing my thoughts over at Twitter. He has three phases throughout the battle. The good news is that you can also stun him for a visceral attack if you manage to hit him during his forward roll. Take the ladder on the right and you’ll find some Crazed Crows. He'll follow your path, but slower, and this will give you time to ready Molotovs, Music Boxes, create Blood Bullets, or just simply heal up to full. First the good news: Father Gascoigne lost his firearm and cannot interrupt your combos. By clicking 'enter', you agree to GameSpot's

At least according to the rumors. Before you go ahead and fight Father Gascoigne, you better be prepared first. Just keep dodging his knife attacks and slash him whenever you can. If you haven’t read the tips in the initial areas of Bloodborne as well as the notes in Hunter’s Dream, now is the time to do so.

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We think these guys are as weak as the Crazed Crows, but they have a nasty habit of performing jump attacks. The brightside is that this boss fight will condition you well for all future hunter encounters. Just wait, dodge behind and deal a quick heavy attack. This is important to be aware of because it will seriously limit your movement for a major portion of the fight. The choice is yours. Even then, it’s important to treat the Bloodborne boss with care, as he can still occasionally get a hit before the stagger triggers. Go down the stairs into the room. During your travels you’ll run into four Crazed Crows.

He has the same abilities that Bloodborne granted you, so don’t allow yourself to be pinned against a wall.

His face his horribly scarred and his mouth is twisted into a devilishly wicked grin.

Bloodborne has an insanely difficult boss fight with Father Gascoigne.

I wanted to capture his strength and control over the heavy Hunter’s Axe and also his joy and intoxication in the hunt :) I just got my platinum (only plat i have!) Molotov Cocktails cost 180 Blood Echoes and you can have up to 10 of them. Kill as many enemies as you can so you can spend all your Blood Echoes on Blood Vials, Throwing Knives and Molotov Cocktails. Yet another big bad boss from Bloodborne taken down. You’ll eventually go down some stairs and have to deal with even more Crawlers, but they’re no match for you at this point. Without the right knowledge, the Father Gascoigne boss fight can be a challenging hurdle for Bloodborne players to overcome. Beware the Crows attacking from above and Crawlers lurking in the water. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

Prepare yourself and find some good cover. However, as is the case with Bloodborne and any game from From Software, looks can be very deceiving. Turn right and slowly approach the Hunchback.

Bloodborne has an insanely difficult boss fight with Father Gascoigne. He’s basically the same as a Brick Brute but with a stronger weapon. Unfortunately you’re not alone.

OK, ignore the boss for now, go back down the ladder and to the tunnel. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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