It doesn’t ask but what if the original recipe makes 2 or 3 cakes? If your baking tin is not the size that the recipe you want to use suggests, then you will have to change the ingredient amounts accordingly. How do I measure that out? Hi there found this brilliant for my needs, my sister wants me to make her wedding cake as its going to be a 4 tier this has worked a treat but I was wondering if you could help me with the cooking times aswell as im not to sure about that if possible I recently did a 6″ x 6″ x 3″ trial of madeira cake and that took around 1hr 50mins at gas mark 4 im going to be doing a 8×8 10×10 and 12×12 if you could help me with this I would be so grateful thank you. Refer to the chart and if your tin holds 1.5 litres for example, you will need to make a mixture suitable for a 6 inch / 15cm cake tin as that is the nearest. It's there for you in a printable format from CakeFlix. It never EVER lets me down =) Thank you. I need to make the same cake but in a 12″ by 12″ by 3.5″ square tin How long will I need to cook it for and do I use the same oven Temperature? I’m looking for a recipe for a giant cupcake does anyone have a recipe and quantities that they would be willing to share. Put 2″ deep into the cake-o-meter instead of 3″. I can’t seem to get this to work today at all, am I missing a ‘submit’ button?? many thanks, Cooking times: I normally make my lemon drizzle cake in a 9″ by 2″ round baking tin, I cook it for 45-50 mins at 160. Thank you in advance Adele, This is a really brilliant tool, i could,t have managed to work out the quantities for the 12 tier wedding cake i made, without it !

Search. I’d like to know whether it works for other shaped tins apart from round and square. @Ginny – this is a question we’re often asked. This is great! thanks for this app, i’m sure it will help me lots now! As 8" round tins (3" deep) are generally the most popular size, we'll use this as a starting point and advise how to scale up or down your mixture based on this. Welcome to our cake recipe calculator! All Tutorials ; Basics for Getting Started; 1 minute – Bite Sized; Individual Purchase; Baking; Live TV; Our Tutors; Business Tutorials.

I dont understand the existing baking tin recipe it means the original recipe we have is for this size of pan?? on to save paper and ink, like other site ‘print only’ views. Hi! Standard Mix:The recipes used are based on one 8 inch square or 9 inch round cake that is 4 inches tall with 3 inner layers of icing. haha! Yes, love the app but no cooking times shown.

Or even 2.3 tsp.

And the new recipe is the pan we’re actua;y using? Hopefully better luck next time. Welcome to our cake recipe calculator! Cake tin sizes As a rule of thumb, a square tin holds about 25% more than a round tin of the same size.

off to bake a cake now X. the app worked well converting the measures but what about the cooking time? If you have any thoughts please leave them below…. For example the cake I want to bake is for a 20cm round tin for 4 1/2 to 4 3/4 at 140 c. I want to use a 10cm tin and need to know how long to bake it?? I saw a comment about turning the cake halfway thru the normal cooking cycle however as far as I know one cannot open the oven during te cake cooking process ..hence I still don’t know how long to cook this chocolate cake ! If the recipe you want to use requires an 8 inch / 20cm tin, you can reduce the quantities by referring to the table at the top of the page, where you will see that for a 6 inch / 15cm tin, 0.56 of the quantity for an 8 inch / 20cm tin would be what you need. I don’t understand the conversion. I would like the conversions for this same question for 6″. Appreciate your response. If you do want to bake using a different shape, you will have to make an approximation. Problem solved!! The calculator knows some recipes and multiplies the ingredients based on the tin size you select. Thanks L Bowers. We’ve just checked this and it definitely works. The original recipe is for a 18cm round cake pan. For those only getting half of your recipe check that you have entered the quantities as a decimal (eg 2.5 cups) not a fraction (2 1/2 cups) I had the same thing and when I changed to decimal it listed them all. This calculator includes recipes from Sharon’s books, Adorable Cakes for all Occasions and Playful Party Cakes, which you can purchase along with other cake decorating tutorials from our store. Have tried again put 9 ingredients in got five back help. So, you don’t own the correct sized tin for your recipe? Thanks for this but I can’t see a “new cooking time ” box. What if the recipe says use 10.4 eggs? Put every thing in plus the cake tin size from 6inch to 8inch nothing happens am i ment to click on something else. ha! Thanks, @Gingerbread girl. Many thanks. I cant seem to get this to work at all… I must be doing something wrong…Help. What we can tell you is that we’re hoping to include a cooking time convertor in the cakeOmeter app when it’s out. I have just been on your cakeometer and love but have a query! Learn the 5 essential cake decorating skills in my FREE mini-course. @kitschnbake. what does 3.3 pcs of eggs mean? Hi the ingredients have been converted from an 8 to 10 inch tin what does the point something mean though on the ingredients for example 6.3 each eggs? I put in all the ingredients, shape, height and size of tin – and the answer I got was butter Infinity kg lemons Infinity each sugar Infinity kg s r flour Infinity kg pl flour Infinity gram eggs Infinity each Help!!! Re Cakeo’meter Is it possible to have a similar calculator for adjusting temperatures/cooking times . Remember to adjust your cooking times a little to make allowance for new size. You want to make the cake in your larger 9 inches cake pan. @ Fran. With this little tool, you can not only convert from large to smaller springform pans or vice versa, you can also get the correct quantities of ingredients for sheet cakes or loaf pans. It surely cant be the new recipe? What would the cooking time be and oven temperature be for this quantity of cake mixture. Thanks for the pan coversion as well – a real help – GREAT site.

Thankyou so much. Approximate conversions. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this tool!!! 1.2 tsp or 1.6 tsp? Can you help? Once again thank you so very much, you are a Cake Meter Angel!x. Example: 650g flour or butter or plain chocolate = 325 g of everything needed. Let me know if I did something wrong.

Therefore, if I convert, will this then make 2 x the selected tin size? Let us know if it continues acting strangely for you. About to cook a wedding cake consisting of all three tiers being the same recipe but am unsure re cooking times.e, Love this cake meter would love it if we had cooking time,can’t have everything, entered all required fields….all I got back was recipe is scaled at 3.8 times…what the??? The new cooking time will be shown in the ‘New Cooking Time’ box. I used this to upscale from 7 inch to 8, 9, and 10 inch sponge recipes with no problems. Great job. This tool sounds absolutely fantastic providing it is dummy proof (me being the dummy). 5″ square cake tin means the length (L) is 5 Area of square = L 2 5 x 5 = 25 square inches We now need to find the diameter of the round cake tin i.e. That would be just absolute heaven. Am wanting to make my wedding cake and am stuck with out the new weight for my ingrdients. I just converted a sponge recipe for a 17x27x7cm “square” that I use regularly to a 35cmx7cm round and the result was too small by almost half. I’m having a different problem, I have a recipe that doesn’t specify what size cake tins to use, I have been using 1 22.5cm diameter cake tin, and the amount of batter seems fine for a one layer cake. I’d like to know whether it works for other shaped tins apart from round and square. Also does anyone know how long to cook a 10″ cake for and on what heat??? Re Cakeo’meter Is it possible to have a similar calculator for adjusting temperatures/cooking times . Thanks. I love my cakeulator app, but this one I have found to be too inaccurate.

Being looking for hours for a site which could tell me this information, really grateful for your help. @Buddy. Besides, how am I supposed to measures eggs from 3 to 3.7??? I’m probably being pedantic but it’s just simple maths. For square/rectangle cake pans, enter the height, length and breadth. Example 2: The original recipe is for a 18x18cm square cake pan. The results should not be taken as absolute as there may be some differences due to rounding and how fast different sized cakes will cook and expand. Maybe you’ve seen a recipe but wanted to make it on a smaller or larger scale? I agree with most of the comments that this is a very good tool but I do have one issue with it. I am now trying to convert from 2 sandwich tins as I don’t want to include a filling but want to make one large cake. You new recipe shows at the bottom. I just converted my chocolate mud recipe from a 4inch round up to a 14inch round and the same again in a sqaure using just the 8 inch round recipe I have. my mistake!

What proportions to use please? seems abit extreme! Thank you so much for making it! Thank you so very very much, what a fantastic tool!x was a bit confused about the cooking time, but as I gather you have to use the same cooking time as original cooking time, but turn the cake half way through cooking to ensure even cooking. Eggs: Just because it can be tricky we’ll add a note about eggs. I LOVE this tool! It converted them to 351.6g, so the conversion part looks right but little bit anxious there is something wrong with the calulator. For round cake pans it’s just πr²h (π x square of radius x height), for square and rectangular cake pans it’s lbh (length x breadth x height). Perhaps it could convert the original cup measure to grams, multiply by the scaling ratio and (possibly) convert back to cups as a fraction to the nearest 1/4 or 1/3 cup? Pls help! Ingredients flour, eggs, milk, butter sugar and vanilla. @Dolce You just type in your details in all the fields and your new recipe amounts are displayed automatically at the end. Yeah got it to work did not realise I need to imput the 1/2 ect as .5 wished it had said so at the top took me ages to work it out duh!!!!!!! All you have to do is simply enter your recipe, the existing and new tin sizes and up pops your new recipe AND new cooking time! Once entered simply select the new size you want and bingo! I think this calculator will be fantastic for allowing me to scale up a Christmas cake recipe to 3 tiers for a wedding cake. It halves the ingredients.

A digital scale helps immensely with this, and many other recipes. Reply.

How It Works. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Tweet. Is this a known problem today?

x, @Tinacake. What if your recipe yields two 8 inch pans? This is AWESOME!!! However the most important part was the cooking TIME , but there was no mention of how long to cook the cake ! Great tool, thanks. My minds gone blank.

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