Of the big trees, cypress, eucalyptus and acacia are the dominant varieties. The ex-workers joined to form the 559-strong Ex-Mercury Employees Welfare Association and in 2006 filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) suit in the Madras High Court. The park organizes horticultural exhibits and flower shows every summer, to coincide with the peak season. [30], Pine forests: In 1906, with a view to growing valuable timber, H.D. (26 December 2000) Environmental Information System - ENVIS : India. In this case, Kodai can have at least four meanings. 3. By pronouncing the first syllable of Kodaikanal with a long Tamil 'O', as in koe-dei, it means "summer", whilst the final two syllables kanal can mean "to see", rendering Kodaikanal as a "place to see in summer". It was named after him. [15] The city had a total of 9442 households. Kodaikanal is a summer forest, and it is a place that the first missionaries used as a refuge to escape the overbearing and mosquito-ridden heat of the plains — a place that they would have counted on seeing in the summer. Bryant, and named after him. ''. Apart from tests conducted on Kodaikanal lake, moss samples collected from trees surrounding the Berijam Lake, located 20 km (12.4 mi) from the factory, were also tested. [3], By pronouncing Kodai with the short Tamil 'o' (as in Kodi), it means "creepers" or vines. Channel. The factory sold much of this waste to a junkyard in Kodaikanal and also dumped large quantities in the forest behind the factory. The number of tourists increased from two million in 1999 to 3.2 million in 2009. Coaker's Walk, 500 metres (1,600 ft) from the bus-stand, constructed by Lt. Coaker in 1872, is a 1-kilometre (3,300 ft) paved pedestrian path running along the edge of steep slopes on the southern side of Kodai. canal. Canal: கால்வாய். The association wants an economic rehabilitation scheme, healthcare treatment and a monitoring programme at the company's expense for everyone who ever worked in the factory. Fish samples were taken from Kodaikanal lake also showed Hg levels in the range of 120 to 290 mg/kg, confirming that pollution of the lake had taken place due to mercury emissions from the factory. 1895) with over 600 members and an 18-hole golf course, spread over 58 hectares (143 acres); the Indian Club (est. Dolphin's Nose, 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from the bus stand, is a flat rock projecting over a chasm 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) deep. The economy of Kodaikanal predominantly depends on tourism. Gigantic eucalyptus trees and shola forests flourish in the valleys. பெர்னாட் டி லெஸப்ஸ் வெற்றிகரமாக கட்டி முடித்ததைத் தொடர்ந்து, அவர் பனாமா கால்வாயை நனவாக்கி நடவடிக்கைகளை மேற்கொண்டார். There is an observatory with a telescope halfway along the walk. The causes, originating from a Hindustan Unilever thermometer factory nearby, were reported to be dispersal of elemental mercury into the atmosphere from improper storage and dispersal into the water from surface effluents from the factory. This temple was handed over to Arulmighu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thiru Kovil, Palani by Devi Prasad Bhaskaran (also known as Padmini, niece and adopted daughter of S Natesan Pillai, son-in-law of Lady Ramanathan) and her husband R. Bhaskaran. 2. In 1923 it built an Edwardian style clubhouse with large central hall for social events and afternoon teas, six tennis courts, a reading room, and other spaces for meetings. As of 2011, the city had a population of 36,501. Hotels are often fully booked during the high season, and remain virtually empty during the off-season. More Tamil words for canal. Kodaikanal Department Of Municipal Administration And Water Supply. [3] Kodaikanal is referred to as the "Princess of Hill stations" and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. The town's infrastructure changes every year in preparation for the peak tourist season. Kālvāy. [43] There is a 49-kilometre (30 mi) shortcut road from Periyakulam to Kodaikanal via Kumbakarai and Adukkam. Kodaikanal has several scenic natural attractions which are enjoyed by its visitors and make it a popular romantic destination for newlyweds. [4] Much of the local economy is based on the hospitality industry serving tourism. [37] These dangerous caves are highly protected now, and tourists can see sections of the cave system from afar. This temple comes under Palani Devasthanam. [26], In 1994 the Potter's Shed was inaugurated. Browse English Dictionary for meaning in Hindi, a path over which electrical signals can pass, a passage for water (or other fluids) to flow through, a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e.g. Information about Channel in the free online Tamil dictionary. The town of Kodaikanal sits on a plateau above the southern escarpment of the upper Palani Hills at 2,133 metres (6,998 ft), between the Parappar and Gundar Valleys.

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