Because he's the batman.

That is not the case with Mr. Wayne who has undergone far greater personal trauma. So a fully prepped Batman could conceivably beat her.

When it comes to raw strength, Superman is more likely to outmatch Captain Marvel. However, though both characters are great heroes, the nature of their powers also makes them some of the more unstoppable characters in their respective universes. Lol  Batman FTW!!! Also Batman would probably win with prep really easily. This likely means that if Captain America puts him in a tight spot, Batman will go for alternatives such as ranged attacks, running away from a battle that he is losing, special poisonous compounds and other methods, which Steve would never deem worthy of respect. RELATED: Captain Marvel: The 10 Biggest Threats That Carol Danvers Has Ever Defeated. and managed to defeat all kinds of villains, but Captain Marvel’s complicated backstory really helps her to connect with others in the Marvel universe as well as readers in the real world. Round 1: Captain Marvel Round 2: Captain Marvel.

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0 ... She tanked a fall from space with no damage Batman literally can't hurt her.

Considering his track record though, it is easy to see how he can have yet another advantage over Captain Marvel. Granted, Kree DNA does come with benefits that even Kryptonian DNA doesn’t have, meaning that either character could be victorious depending on the scenario.

For years, both characters have been putting forth their best efforts to make the world a better place in some way, which makes it easy to see why both are so popular.

Because of this, it is interesting to think about how one would fare against the other. Cyborg 3. Furthermore, Batman has been susceptible to injury and has died in many more of his comic-book stories than Captain America has. Tessaract-powered Kree tech vs. the DCEU versions of the Justice League, in order: 1. This means that regardless of Cap's strength, Bruce will know the right counter-attack for each one of his strikes. Of course, both characters have great personalities that make them easy to love, but Captain Marvel’s journey has definitely taught her some things that Superman wouldn’t understand. Batman wouldn't even be able to use the ring, Geoff John's rectonned any random person being able to use properly and Batman without training wouldn't be able to uitlize Hals's ring. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Robinhood is giving viewers a free stock at http://battle.robinhood.Blue Apron: Get $60 off at There's a slight mix-up in the script. Unlike characters like Batman or Iron Man, Superman and Captain Marvel don’t obsess over certain details or craft master plans down to every possibility. Superman: 10 Most Iconic Supporting Characters From The Comics. But, knowing Captain Marvel, he'll still be able to somewhat fight off the Dark Rage, distracting him from Batman, the Green Lantern. Furthermore, the proof is in the pudding - Cap can't build advanced weaponry or sustain a business empire the way Bruce does. If BFR is allowed, the first one easily goes to Batman. While Superman may have a massive advantage when it comes to his time served as a hero, Captain Marvel has still had far more opportunities within her story that still give her an advantage. That means that he can throw it and hurt Batman or his gadgets and vehicles from a large distance and then quickly retrieve it to protect himself from whatever The Caped Crusader throws at him. Robinhood is giving viewers a free stock at http://battle.robinhood. Batman has given up. Well, Batman with Superman's powers.....Here's how you have to look at it, Batman has defeated Superman without powers, and Superman is considered to be leveled with Captain Marvel, except for the magical abilities.

Batman VS Captain America is the 36th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Batman from DC Comics and Captain America from Marvel Comics in a battle between peak-condition human heroes.

Who Would Win?

Since she first got her powers, the character has constantly been evolving and growing into the best possible version of herself.

As far as Cap is concerned that would be an unfair advantage - he didn't build his shield, suit or body. Both characters' abilities are based on energy absorption, which means that they can only last as long as they have a power supply from which to choose. Batman has completely mastered both. When it comes down to it, both characters are actually pretty evenly matched. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

However complicated her history may be, it is part of why so many fans are drawn to her in the first place. She no sold reentry, how is Bats even scratching her? Both Superman and Captain Marvel are some of the most powerful characters in their respective universes and for good reason. The Dark Knight is morally fallible, especially when compared to Steve Rogers. Superman Vs Sentry: Who Is Really Stronger? Deyan Angelov is a writer and short film director based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. As for the second, well, I think the picture speaks for itself (or at least its caption does). That's not to say that the two lack intelligence by any means, as both are still quite smart. Well the way I see it in how its even is that Superman is vunlerable to magic and C.M has the wisdom of Solomon (whatever that means). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. He has graduated from the University of Royal Holloway and is currently a writer in training for Comic Book Resources. Forum Posts. Kryptonian DNA may be more capable than Kree DNA, but the two are pretty evenly matched when it comes to using their powers. With several factors in mind for each of them, here are our thoughts on Superman vs Captain Marvel, and who would win in a fight. Everyone knows that if you want to beat Batman, you have to go all the way.

MCU Captain Marvel vs Arkham Batman CocaColaMan.
NEXT: Who Would Win? RELATED: Black Panther VS. Batman: Who's The Better Billionaire Superhero. The Dark Knight can bombard Captain America with all kinds of technological terrors but that still won't change the fact that Steve Rogers is in possession of the ultimate tool - an almost indestructible shield.

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