And now, the team now. :thup: Moncton being the hub would be a good site for a CFL city in this region.jonesie you are right the area cannot support two teams, it would be nice, but there is no way.I live in Grand Bay just outside Saint John who have the Seadogs of the QMJHL and they draw between 3@ 4 thousand a game.That may be good for jr hockey but not CFL.So the fan base will have to be pulled from the whole area.The U.S. border is an around three hours from Moncton , I don't know if they would come to see CFL football but it is something an owner could keep in mind.Quebec sounds like a good choice also,though when I watched a game on TV last year they said the stadium did not have lights, something I'm sure can be installed.It is something to talk about during these long winter days waiting for the first kick off of the season. Yeah, yeah chicken or egg. Theme images by, See way more talk of expansion, co-location and relocation of franchises for the. [3] Bedingung war jedoch, dass die Organisatoren nachweisen konnten, bis Juni 1984 ein geeignetes, 30.000 Plätze umfassendes, Stadion zu haben. They averaged more than 30,000 fans each of their two years.

That's really a whole other topic, but if the league can't get it together in Toronto, how can they realistically expect to expand? Since any CFL team would be orgasmic with a $1m windfall each year, it would take a whole lotta financing to make those endeavours even possible -- let alone worthwhile. It's an American city for sure.

North Country Lumberjacks, Key Posts to Understand How Sharing a Team Between Cities Could Happen, Years in Review, ProSportsExpansion Blog 2014-2019. CFL Expansion Teams by 2012 or beyond??? I know the Difference-Maker. Alas, this uphill climb to find Argos owners and to solidify fan bases is partially the result of one team, or the other, being utter embarrassments to the game. Once teams are firmly established in these cities, the CFL could consider moving into a location in a Maritime centre, or possibly a team in London, or even another team out West. These are the expressed written views of a major league geography nerd. I would look into Anchorage first. There is not much doubt in my mind that fans in Quebec and the Maritimes would support teams, but to do it right, expansion can only be done slowly, and can't be done unless existing franchises are stable. Rays can relocate. expansion teams is likely to be a matter of decades apart. So you need to find someone who is prepared to lose 2 to 5 million dollars every year ! And Now.

Relocations on the table. While this all seems like a nice plan from a spectators point of view, the most important requirement for expansion is finding owners who are willing to invest in a team, and continuing to grow the CFL to the point that it attracts enough money to support the expansion. NFL in LA, Toronto and Birmingham too? Even Hamilton had Issues Till Bob Young Came Along .. CFL doesn't want to be neither a de facto minor league system or Like all cities in this conversation the stadium size is the issue. A string of two or three years (over the past two decades) where Hamilton and Toronto were actually competitive together would probably have made a world of difference in this region. The problem is, is that the CFL has lacked any marketing initiative to any outside city than were they are already playing or targeting to play like Ottawa, in other words A Huge Lack of Vision, A lack of vision required to expand this league not down south to the USA but right here in Canada, No one has tried it, not even the CFL management and executive and that's the problem, pretty soon the entire CFL except for Hamilton will probably be owned by David Braley anyway???? I'd The League can't keep owners in Ottawa Folded 2 times, Toronto can't stay a Float and is Sinking in Debt. How is this for a future CFL look? the horizon or cusp for being an NFL consideration, I suggest this

Why? Div 2 They can't find an owner for the Argos because they don't have any control over their location and by extension their cost and revenues. Tampa should build a 30,000 seat stadium - a small romantic baseball park. Also given that we still aren't quite over the recession hump yet to bring in the sponsorship revenue for a new team.

Next Major League City: NBA and NFL Got Louisvill... Big League Expansion Teams in Canada. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. the same time as the NFL would be neat. Currently, the league appears to be having difficulty attracting a legitimate owner in Toronto, along with stable support for the product in that location.

More Canada and some Mexico exponentially... Look at that space in Detroit. Louisville Stallions Ohio Heights or Flights housed in Dayton. But no ports league is interested as of now. So, until the governments are a bit more flush with cash, I can't see major handouts for stadiums -- which is what will be required. At minimun, and by todays standards, you'll need about $75m to put up a meet-the-standard stadium. And now, the CFL is just 9 teams. I just don't see there being enough population to support a team in both Halifax and Moncton.

Detroit Arsenal and Sacramento Republic ??? Where should the next Pro teams be? 38?

I can't see the league adding another team until they know stability has been brought to the new franchise, as well as Toronto and Winnipeg. We need to do whatever it takes to get Montreal out of the East so we can have a fighting chance to win the division. A Logistical Major Leag... 2015 Year in Review Bloggerific Extravaganza. The CFL expanding at

Here are the top cities that could support a CFL expansion team the Rand Ambrose, the Commissioner, has been contemplating along with other CFL executives. universal fashion. PEI has about 140 000 people, the size of Burlington. 2 teams. And East Coast Whalers, ie. Quebec City would of course be the first logical choice. Just a Thought: What if a Cincinnati Canadian Foo... Did the Clippers Cause Sky High Prices for Carolin... Brits with Soccer (Real Foot Ball) and Rugby. April 2020 um 14:24 Uhr bearbeitet. Jim Balsille Builds his own stadium in Kitchener then buys the Argos from Mr.Braley and moves them to Kitchener-Waterloo.They begin playing the same season as the new Ottawa franchise.As usual though all the media will talk about is how can the CFL survive without Toronto? It's all back to fanbase ... i don't know how the people out east feel about the CFL ..but without a solid fanbase there is nothing... adequate facility or not!!! [7], Im Februar 1983 gaben die Verantwortlichen ihre Pläne für das neue Stadion bekannt. [9] Mitte Juni 1983 wurden die Schooners auf Grund fehlender Finanzierung für das Stadion zurückgezogen.

When NBA ...MLS or... Can Dallas be the Next Two-Team Town in Baseball? Die Expansions-Gebühr musste bis zum 1. It's hard to believe that considering the size of the market, and the amount of wealth in the city of Toronto and the surrounding area. You need to put that funny smelling green stuff away ..... We have many, MANY, Multi-Millionaires in Canadian Business who could easily step into an ownership position in the CFL from Coast to Coast and truly make this a Canadian game from the Atlantic to the Pacific, I mentioned only a four possibilities in Moncton, Halifax, Ottawa and Quebec City also add Windsor, London and Victoria BC. From there, I think the CFL can realistically get 12 teams when everything is said and done. So if MLB had a two team expansion ... And let's do this. Vancouver Athletics and Raiders?

then nothing will get fixed ... so i cannot see how an adequate facility will fix it ... a high priced lease will be a problem ... but the fanbase is the ONLY problem this league has. North Country Lumberjacks. There just isn't the population in the east for more than that. Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal.

The 'Jacks !

CFL needs a Division 1 and Division 2 where cities could get pro football in stadiums of 20k and go from there.

I've heard rumblings, though it hasn't been this year. MLB, NFL, NBA and Yep, Montreal and Mexico Make Sense for MLB Next. If so, where? Remember, Halifax-Dartmouth is about the same size as Hamilton.

Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 15. Mai 1983 gezahlt werden. The Atlantic, Moncton, Halifax, Quebec City and Montreal. Die Atlantic Schooners waren ein geplantes Canadian-Football-Team aus Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, das ab der Saison 1984 in der Canadian Football League (CFL) spielen sollte. More so than Charlotte or Portland maybe? Die CFL setzte eine Expansions-Gebühr von 1,5 Millionen $ fest, mit der die Kosten für die Expansion, darunter auch der Expansion Draft, gedeckt werden sollen. [5] Anfang November 1982 wurde der Name des geplanten Teams, Atlantic Schooners, vorgestellt, ein Stadium war jedoch weiterhin nicht gefunden. The East would be Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, The West would be Sask, Calgary, Edmonton, BC. Already a big Football town, plenty of people, instant rivalry with the Alouettes, lets the Al's have their classic with Ottawa again and keeps (in a sense) the BC coast to coast rivalry, it's perfect. to the right and comment below. Each year you could have one or two games between the weakest div 1 teams and the better div 2 teams.

It is a great read for those of us who follow Canadian football.

I think this could be a great victory for the CFL marketing if they could truly build a coast to coast Canadian game and create some excitement through local rivalries and new ownership groups. Mai 1983 zurück, gab ihnen jedoch eine sechswöchige Frist, in der sie einen neuen Plan einreichen konnten. Could there be more interplay between baseball teams like it happens in pro soccer?

Out of Bounds, but the Penguins and Hurricanes are... Gateway St. Louis Major League Soccer brand. Also a decent population and money to spend. Make it one team. Hamilton Tiger-Cats. I think it’s great, and would love to see the CFL expand further to include an Atlantic Division that could include.

[3], Ende August 1982 wurde das Vorhaben durch den Unternehmer R. B. Cameron unterstützt, welcher etwa 50 % in das geplante Team investierte. stipulation for such a CFL franchise to suit the portability in a

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