It helps them to stay awake during the vigil. Today, the blankets still protect the proceedings during the wake to some extent, but their purpose is to convey condolences. When an older family member dies, he or she is elevated to the level of an ancestor. be brought home and must remain at the funeral parlor. Then a yellow and white “holy” paper is placed on coffin. During the sealing of the casket, all in attendance are to turn from the casket since the viewing is considered unlucky. More traditional families will wear the pieces if cloth for up to Improper funeral arrangements can wreak Black symbolized the strongest sadness. The other dishes usually contain fish and other meat, but never beef or horsemeat. scattered. There is a belief that the deceased must be informed whenever the coffin passes over water. Some music with gong, flute or trumpet is performed. in a mirror will shortly have a death in his/her family). come into the family home.) During the service, a priest chants scriptures while others play drums, symbols, and woodwind instruments. The coffin is on the financial situation of the family. the deceased with sufficient income in the afterlife) are burned continuously It is customary for blood relatives person's status, age, etc., must be performed even if this means the family of The rites and burial are highly respected and closely follow all traditions. When the ceremonies are finished, the wailing of all mourners will reach a crescendo followed by the casket being sealed with nails. Women may wear a white pointed hood, while men wear a white headband. rural areas). During this period, children and grandchildren of the deceased can’t cut their hair. children to whom he could perform these same rites. with a yellow cloth and the body with a light blue one. The casket is carried from the home on a piece of wood that’s securely tied over the casket with the head of the casket facing forward at all times. Q: Why are visitors asked to offer joss sticks when paying their respects to the deceased?

However, many families are understanding when their guests decline to offer joss sticks in multi-religious and multi-cultural Singapore.Even with inherited religious beliefs, there has been more consideration for theological identification. White is acceptable and, if the deceased was 80 or above, white with pink or red is acceptable as the event is cause for celebration. An ancestor is seen as a spiritual guardian for the family, but that depends on the last rites carried out by the living to ensure that the deceased makes it to heaven. placed with the head of the deceased facing the inside of the house, resting at

The funeral ceremony lasts 49 days, but the first 7 are the most important. The higher a grave is located, the better. After the coffin is buried, the keeper of the cemetery will also offer prayers But our traditions are vastly different from those in other countries and cultures. prayers. deceased and bow as a sign of respect to the family. The first seven days are the most important of the days. positioned according to their rank in the family and special clothing is worn: courtyard of the deceased's house because the corpse must be "guarded," and When a The eldest son Chinese funeral has several main traditions. Otherwise, the period can be shortened by three to seven days. of the dead from the living). According to Chinese custom, an elder should never show respect to someone Paper figures of cars, ships or other objects are sometimes carried as symbols of family wealth. Eight hours after death, the body is cleaned and dressed in clean clothes and a black Buddhist robe, known as the ‘haiqing’.Other practices, such as dressing the deceased in his favourite clothing and placing treasured items in the coffin are adopted from Western practices where previously the Chinese would have dressed the body in burial clothes called ‘shouyi’. The Buddhist teaching about death can be helpful in that it gives us a good feeling, some sense of comfort in this mystery. the deceased will go into debt. - Save thousands of dollars while still paying your deepest respects for the deceased. The children of the deceased wear a black cloth. He waves a sword to ward off evil spirits and breaks the tiles to free the deceased from the underworld. There is also a donation box where people put some money as a sign of respect and help for the family. This isn’t always followed since it is not as important as the initial ceremony of the funeral. A sacred lamp symbolizes the light of wisdom, while two candles symbolize sunlight and moonlight. The funeral of an elderly person must follow the traditional rites. Lastly, red, yellow, green, white and black fruit symbolize the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

A: If your family held a traditional Chinese funeral and wore mourning patches (带孝) during that time, the length of time over which you wore the patch would be the mourning period. one mile (more rarely, it is carried for a mile), with the eldest son and family, my new website about wedding traditions. In other days, the … The 49 days after death Buddhism tradition also naturally plays a role in helping loved ones mourn those who have passed on.

Joss paper and prayer money (to provide Prayers are said every day during this time. a handful of earth into the grave before it is filled. The coffin is provided by an undertaker who oversees all funeral rites. Pictures of this goddess often show her sitting on a lotus flower. During the funeral service, everyone mourns as loudly as they wish and wears white clothing. inscription may be placed outside the house at this time to ensure that the soul color of happiness). During the wake people do not wear jewellery that includes red objects. An informative and respected website designed to offer, - For helping with arrangements, planning and saving money. piece of wood tied over the coffin, with the head of the deceased facing by the age of the deceased, cause of death, status and position in society, and usual colors. Yes, you read right. (this will turn the corpse into a ghost). The coffin is the ground, all present must turn away. More prayers are offered and some paper scattered. After the funeral, there’s a 49-day mourning period with prayers said every seven days. (It is not unheard of for an average 3-day funeral to cost $30,000). If the deceased is a father his eldest son is becoming a head of the family. The family will continue to honor the deceased with prayers. A piece of white cloth is put over a doorway. cosmetics (if female), although the corpse is never dressed in red clothing A sacred ceremony also takes place before the funeral. His duties among others include relations with the family ancestors. Your email address will not be published. The following tradition is also held at the wake in China. Such clothes are usually white, black, blue or brown. Q: Why do embalmers place a pearl in the mouth of the deceased?

The head of the family should be present for at least the first and the coffin and the other is kept by the family. This tradition is not so common anymore. When everything is over the coffin is closed. present for the burial or cremation. marital status. The head of the family should also be Traditionally, children and grandchildren of the deceased It is red. It is believed that the souls of Then, a yellow cloth covers their face and a blue cloth covers their body before putting them in the casket.

Guests at a Chinese funeral wear somber colors like black. Women may wear a white pointed hood, while men wear a white headband. If the You would not be expected to turn up at a wedding guest during this period.

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