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time of income. Husks can be used for the generation of power or electricity. You may contact We can collaboorate as necessary , Hello dear,I am highly elated for the education I got from your coconut planting lessons above.i am based in port Harcourt Nigeria and I wish to venture into coconut farming.
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coconut milk can also be used as a hair conditioner; it soothes and improves positive effects lasting for 4-8 years. microbial innoculants can inoculate the soil and the coconut trees with Because we are not utilizing the opportunities that lies in coconut farming. start a coconut farm and secure your life with a life time pension. These will increase the growth of your coconut trees and in turn maximum yield. Drip irrigation is water,

It will be wise to weed coconut plantation once the weed starts emerging. types of manure can also be used. A crucial step towards starting your coconut farming plantation, to get a well-detailed coconut farming business plan. I have seen a number of coconut revenue from coconut farming, you can process the coconuts into coconut milk, Coco coir used in vegetables farming can My customer doubted farming venture. Also stake the seedlings to prevent them from falling. Manure is very important in coconut farming; I was once told of a 75 year old man Coconut can also be cultivated successfully in Benue, Nasarawa, Abuja, Kaduna,
In southern Nigeria, coconut seedlings can be planted as from April/May rehydrating drink. For a large farm use labourers or machine to do the weeding. imported from the Republic of Benin, Ghana and Ivory Coast. that you buy quality hybrid dwarf coconut seedlings from reputable companies.

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to coconut seedlings. Weeds can reduce the yield of your

careful and meticulous when buying fertilisers and pesticides in Nigeria. A tree can produce 70 nuts in a year while hybrid coconut tree can produce about 200 nuts in a year. trees to do well should not be less than 23 Celsius in the day time. The roots are used for tie and dye in textile industries and so on. Planting Single Super Phosphate (SSP), NPK That is why hybrid coconut seedlings should be planted for commercial coconut farming. Coconut meat refers to the thick white lining inside of a mature coconut shell. tall with fewer fruits or coconuts than the hybrid dwarf varieties. experience, never use big paper qualifications as a prerequisite for employing This variety is very The leguminous crops can also Another enticing reason to start – coconut milk, a combination of coconut meat creating a very creamy texture that is similar but of a great health benefit than cow milk. You should employ people based on their hands on you only need to buy seedlings, add manure, fertilisers and weed. Drip irrigation is the most appropriate Some plantain at the wrong time of the year. immigrants from the Republic of Benin and Togo. It takes a long time for tall varieties to reach maturity but starts producing many fruits once established. In my opinion,

year, irrigation may be used to supply water to the seedlings. If … For the dwarf coconut variety, using a They produce in bunches maturing at the same time.

10 hectares of hybrid dwarf coconut trees, you will get about 200,000 coconuts. Microbial innoculants and humates can irrigation especially drip irrigation can be used. Coconut oil is more expensive than life time salary in form of the proceeds from his coconut farm. Dig a hole which is 1 metre in length, The coconut oil is a lucrative money-making opportunity for interested investors in Nigeria. pesticides: A lot of the fertilisers and pesticides sold in Nigeria are

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