The receiver must understand what the sender intends to communicate for an effective public relation. This applies to communications and public relations in the sense that a public relations The systems theory of communication is one of the most critical for a public relations practitioner to understand if they want to meet the goals of their organization. It is concerned with people, organisational processes, activities and media. In general, systems theory states that all things can be evaluated as part of a larger whole.
“Public relations is the attempt by information persuasion and adjustment to engineer public support for an activity, cause, movement or institution.” - Edward L. Bernays “Public Relations is a combination of philosophy, sociology, economics, language, psychology, journalism, communication and other knowledges into a system of human Examination of leading companies in Western Finland Instructor Sara Åhman Pages 125+4 Supervisor Finnish companies have a reputation for designing and producing quality products and services. Communication plays an essential role in effective public relations. The Handbook of Corporate Communication and Public Relations is an essential one-stop refer-ence for all academics, practitioners and students seeking to understand organizational communication management and strategic public relations.

420 Human ecology and Family Sciences part 2 Corporate communication is based on giving out of information by a variety of specialists and generalists in an organisation.

... Also managers of the public relations should be familiar communication and management.

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS AS AN AID TO EXPORT. Public relations is the management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whom its success or failure depends.

Public relations draw purpose, and how programs. Public relations and communication management in Europe: challenges and opportunities.pdf. Public relations are the art and social science of that link inside and outside the organization together. Unfortunately, they also seem en masse to be less capable and

Sandra M. Oliveris a corporate communication academic at Thames Valley University,

corporate communication and public relations 24chapter. Broom, 2009, Effective Public Relations, page 7. Two way communication between both the parties is essential and information must flow in its desired form between the organization and public.

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