Also features a historical timeline and a selection of online maps. Fences, gates, underpasses and even an overpass, keep migrating deer, moose and other wildlife away from traffic. From Friday at 8 am to Sunday at 8 pm, an additional counterflow will be in place. ©1998-2020 Shangaan Webservices Inc. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for connecting with us and for the great catch. The Coquihalla (part of BC Highway 5) was completed in three phases, opening in 1986. (I rode my motorcycle from Merritt to Hope down many kilometers of completed gravel road bed in 1983.) We have shared them forward with the local area manager for review. It took more than 10,000 people 20 months of continuous work to open Phase 1 of the Coquihalla, on May 16, 1986. Disgusting tragedy!!! I agree the toll booths should have remained open to cover maintainace costs .i am curious to know how long it took for construction of the connector hwy 97 c . She was working for Bridge Branch at the time, but transferred over to Construction Branch after Phase 1, for Phases 2 and 3. In 1986, Highway 5 designation was applied to the route between Hope and Merritt. The Coquihalla corridor also plays a vital role in our Pacific Gateway strategy by supporting the fast and efficient movement of goods between BC, the rest of Canada and the rest of the world. Its midway point (Merritt BC) has a variety of commercial and emergency services as well. It’s one of the most heavily travelled route in all of British Columbia. Grandview Motel is a friendly family owned and operated motel in the heart of Kamloops. thanks. Drivers should be prepared for delays of up to 30 minutes, according to the transportation ministry. Hundreds of people came together in one place, at one time and built an incredible stretch of highway – including road, bridges and walls – and did it in a very short time, in extremely difficult conditions. Will be interesting to see if the Ministry of Transportation ever manages to complete the Kamloops to Alberta Border ‘program’ to 4 lane the Trans-Canada if there is a SINGLE person who’s working life spanned the whole program. So, there you have it. Kamloops to have this designation. I took the Coquihalla highway after it opened on my way to Expo 86. Thanks for your message. Then turn left and grind up a major grade. Hi, I enjoyed the article. did i miss it or is it not in here Pi, Happy BC Day! According to your figures the Malahat has a higher daily volume but if that doesn’t count because it’s on the Island, then surely Highway 1 through Coquitlam Burnaby and Vancouver sees more traffic? 45 kilometres of culvert pipe were installed. Merritt is the service centre for the ranch country of the Nicola Valley, and provides an excellent base for exploring the many outdoor recreational opportunities in the area. The following towns are located on or near the Coquihalla Highway (listed in order from south to north): Hope The 115 km section between Hope and Merritt follows earlier cattle trails (1876), the Kettle Valley Railway (1913-59) and oil and gas industry pipelines (begun 1958) through the BC Cascade Mountains, following the Coquihalla and Coldwater Rs (Coquihalla is a Halkomelem Salish name meaning "stingy"). The the second phase connected Merrit with Kamloops (completed in 1987), and the third phase, the Coquihalla Connector which linked Merritt to Peachland and the Okanagan (opened in 1990). The Coq = Work hard x play hard. Kudos to all my coworkers for doing the impossible. It was like a large military operation with construction equipment scattered continuously along the entire corridor. The Coquihalla project was groundbreaking in many ways and environmental work was one of those areas. ; Larson Hill - N Hwy 5 at Larson Hill, 36 km south of Merritt, looking north. Were you able to find more information on the company he worked for? Looking for Whales? Mike: The amount of work we accomplished without the technology we now have. Stay tuned as we shared more stories, images and videos celebrating the Coquihalla. The construction of the Coquihalla also included award-winning work to protect fauna and flora along the route. Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive content, contests, and perks direct to you. The growing city of Merritt is located at the hub of the Coquihalla Highway system, in easy reach of Vancouver, Kamloops and the Okanagan. The closures will be approximately 25 km north of Hope and will take place from July 3 to the end of October. As you drive along the highway, you may notice some small signs in the shape of an old steam locomotive, with Shakespearean names. Enter your email address to receive updates to your British Columbia Blog by email. Suite 3000, 421 – 7th Avenue SW, These signs commemorate the approximate locations of the Kettle Valley Railway stations along today’s Highway #5. To be sure the project was completed on time, more than 10,000 people were needed to fill all of the jobs. Myself, Ross Coulter and Bill Kobenter worked in the Design & Surveys Department. Repost from Steelhead, Summer camping adventures in British Columbia! We appreciate you taking the time to send us a message. The first phase of construction, which officially opened on May 16, 1986, was the longest stretch at 120 kilometres. Construction of the connector began shortly after the opening of the Coquihalla Phase 2 in 1987 and was completed in 1990. I’ve worked on the 144″ water pipeline in Libya, Bay Area Rapid Transit extension and the China Town extension for San Francisco Muni and none of then presented the technical difficulties that the Coquahalla did. Traffic now has to slow right down for a 180 turn, and often as not stop at traffic lights leading to visitor centre! [Get this story and more like it delivered directly to your inbox. Construction crews will be working … You think you can give me some answers? Design of the Coquihalla Highway began with exploration of the proposed route in 1973, followed by an official survey in 1978 when the first construction contract was let. We’re talking, of course about the Coquihalla Highway. A story for every kilometre and, we hope, a little bit more. North of the bridge, which takes the #5 highway north, heading past the Sun Peaks Resort, and then on toward Jasper and Highway 16 (the Yellowhead Route). For a map of the side roads, contact the BC Forest Service for a map of the Merritt Forest District: 1-800-665-1511. Typing with a real arm strong manual typewriter; not even an IBM Selectric…. I also tried to find the time capsule where all the workers were supposed to be named. Today Merritt is a vibrant and growing community, an important hub between the coast and the interior of the province. Be sure to check out our main page for more: This video explains how wildlife fencing and underpasses were constructed as a part of the project to help moose and deer move freely without having to engage with traffic. Safe travels out there! We still talk about today. Thanks you so much for the page you have put together. Can’t say the same for sfpr hwy17 or hwy7 or hwy97 or pretty much every other highway in bc besides highway 1 through the lower Fraser, Thanks Mae! Kerkhoff Construction was the name of the contractor for the Snow Shed project. sorry about the spelling. TranBC: How do you feel today when you travel over the Coq? Randy Jackson, Wow Randy – how cool is that?! This route significantly reduced travel time, and was originally opened as a toll-highway. Who were the contractors on the coquihalla. The the second phase connected Merrit with Kamloops (completed in 1987), and the third phase, the Coquihalla Connector which linked Merritt to Peachland and the Okanagan (opened in 1990). In 2016, 3.4 million trips are taken over the Coquihalla route each year (including 700,000 trips by commercial trucks). What is the Highest Point on the Trans-Canada Highway? The route was explored in 1973, with an official survey conducted in 1978. It’s part of the history behind our “can do” ministry; an organization that has always taken the challenge and – no matter what – delivers. When the Coquihalla opened, it wasn’t just a faster route to the interior of the province; it also became a vital link between the community of Merritt and the rest of the province. Coquihalla Photos. The Coquihalla turns 30 (!) Find them on a BC Kayak Vacation! Canadian Pacific Railway engineer Andrew McCullough was an avid reader of Shakespearean literature, and he used characters such as Lear, Jessica, Portia, Lago, Romeo and Juliet to name stations of the Coquihalla subdivision. For two excellent reasons: to avoid high altitude weather and to stay close to services. It was the most ambitious highway project in the province’s history. Thanks Bart and Moe show! That has a spin-off effect as well (hotels, restaurants, motor services) in regions that need a steady influx of money for long term sustainability. From top to bottom, motorists can experience every single type of weather condition known to man. Built to enhance regional tourism and to lighten traffic on the busy trucking routes, the 303 km, 4-lane highway has 3 segments. His name was Werner Vedder. Watching the construction workers drive golf balls across Dry Gulch before the canyon was completely spanned by a bridge. The Coquihalla's wildlife control program is unique in BC. Set into the hills beside Logan Lake in the heart of the Highland Valley, the community of Logan Lake was originally established as a company town to support a copper mine, but has since bloomed into a beautiful rural destination and one of the more popular communities in the interior of British Columbia. Any people who remember these considerations?

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