Makes it a on-pot meal. I would have to do some testing to figure out how a one pan meal like this would work with regular pasta (I’d probably have to add more liquid). 1 medium onion, diced. Season with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. The only thing we change is we sub out the italian sausage for chorizo!! It was just right! The only changes I made were , I used 16oz bulk sausage and owed 1cup 1\2 & 1\2 in place of the heavy cream. Do you think I could substitute the cream for creme fraiche? It was a big hit. Drain and add to the creamy tomato sauce, stirring so all the pieces are coated. Is there a way to substitute tomato paste or sause for the diced tomatoes?

Hmm, not sure what went wrong because ours has never been heavy nor gluey. I’m hoping to make this tonight, but have to use what I have on hand for obvious reasons. I'm so glad it's a hit with you guys. In a large pot, cook the gnocchi according to the package directions. Hi Marissa! I'm so happy you were able to make it!! I used this recipe to try and use up some the food - but my goodness! 3. Creamy Gnocchi and Sausage Skillet Unbound Wellness. This was so quick and so good - rare to get such a nice combination. Feel free to substitute with spicy Italian or another similar variety of sausage. However, I have one question as I’ve never bought or cooked gnocchi before: Should it be thawed out before adding it to the skillet, or do you simply add it to the pan frozen? Such wonderful mix of flavors and ,only 1 pan ! And the gnocchi may get a little gloopy. I like your style haha. Wow! While may eat it as a pasta, it is actually a potato dumpling that can be served many ways! Amount is based on available nutrient data. Thanks so much for letting me know! Then add some more because cheese. Hi Jen!

Could I substitute for regular pasta? Made it without the spinach simply because I didn’t have any, but looking forward to trying it with spinach next time. Thanks for the amazing recipe! Add the wine and let it cook for about a minute. No other additions or substitutions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Stir in wine and Dijon mustard.
It still turned out great! Changed nothing else. In a large skillet over medium heat, cook sausage, breaking up the meat with a wooden spoon. Notes: I often use ground pork and add my own sausage seasonings but any mild sausage flavor will do. Hi!

Oooh love the gouda idea! Can I use the cooking wine or what can I use for replscement?

Twin Brook’s Heavy Cream gives the sauce a rich, creamy texture, which perfectly complements a kick of flavor from the Italian sausage and roasted red peppers. Required fields are marked *. this was delicious and very easy to make. Those are all the qualities that I adore in my dinner recipes. Honestly, I don't know. THANK YOU!!!! Pro tip: If you can't use white wine for whatever reason, try replacing it with chicken broth + 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard. They don't sell gnocchi in my town's grocery store. You are very welcome!! Season with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. Definitely on the heavier side, but that’s EXACTLY what my family and I wanted tonight ;-). Add in the crushed garlic and spices and sauté one minute before adding in the chicken stock, and sour cream. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Made it tonight for my very discriminating Italian dad who loved it and asked for the recipe. We usually have enough liquid leftover that it is super creamy. There are never any leftovers, which I'm sure would be amazing! You may need to add a splash more cream to restore the sauce to its original glory.

This is going to be a staple in our house!

Here she is.

Maybe try half-and-half instead? This recipe is a keeper! Yes, I used uncooked sausage. Doing this recipe again. I am pretty sure they're shipped frozen, but I always used it thawed. I sautéed the gnocchi first just to get that initial chill out of it and to prevent it from watering down the sauce. Once the sauce starts to bubble again, cover the pan and reduce the heat to medium. The sausage and cheese add plenty. This was REALLY good! This Creamy Pumpkin and Sausage Gnocchi Recipe is an easy 30 minute dinner. The hostess provides the bread.

I made this using tortellini instead of gnocchi and it was still super good! I love gnocchi, those cute little Italian potato “dumplings”, usually found in the pasta section of the grocery store. I bought a pack of 5 mild Italian sausages (Johnsonville brand) and used half of it for this recipe. Thanks for letting me know! It was even a hit with my 16 year old son and he is SUPER picky! But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. Live and learn. This was fantastic and my family loved it! Delicious one pot meal. Cook for 5 minutes. In this recipe we started with some mild Italian sausage that is browned with some onions, tomatoes, spinach, cream, gnocchi and cheese and it all comes together in one pan, under 30 minutes and is crazy good. Prep your sausage and onion. How would you recommend cooking this if using fresh gnocchi?

That's awesome!! Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. As far as the basil goes, you could probably just skip it. I'm soooooo bummed I tried this tonight and it was so soupy. I’ve made it 2X now. Husband thinks it's too spicy so i get leftover lunch all week. Great!! Or experiment and let me know how it goes haha. Glad you liked it, Rebecca!

I added kale but otherwise made it exactly as written. Reduce heat to medium, cover, and cook for 5 minutes. Press GO to unleash the MOB step by step feature. Also made me feel like it was *slightly* heather haha . So happy you liked it! With that said, it doesn't hurt to try if you end up with leftovers. Try ripple half and half it substitutes well for dairy cream. Quick question, is this ok to make in advance (say during the afternoon) and then just re-heat for dinner? So easy! Hope this helps and that you enjoy the recipe! If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Thanks so much for creating and sharing this! Thanks for letting me know, Jen! Hi Pam! Yum! Taste the sauce and add salt and pepper. No need to boil the gnocchi in a separate pan because it all cooks in the sauce. Would either work, or save the recipe for when my next food order comes in? Sure, doubling it is prob a good idea. I haven't tried. Thank you so much for putting this together. The sauce was smooth and flavourful and the gnocchi was soft and perfectly cooked as per the recipe. This is delicious! Thanks for the recipe, will definitely be making this again!! We also used Italian turkey sausage and added some spinach to make it a hair healthier. . Divide mixture between 4 serving plates and top with crushed chili flakes. Aww thank you for taking the time to leave this sweet comment! Ready in 30 minutes!

I made this tonight and it was DELICIOUS!
substituted the heavy whipping cream for vegan cream cheese and omg yum without the stomach ache (: thanks for sharing! Bonus!! Our #1 Question … Do I need to keep Goolsby’s Sausage frozen? Thanks for sharing. The only substitutions I made were to use spicy Italian sausages and to use passata instead of diced tomatoes and it worked really well! Sauté the sausage pieces and onion in a skillet on on medium-high heat for 7-10 minutes, or until the sausage and onions are lightly browned. It was hearty, and all our kiddos (even the picky 4 year old) enjoyed it! Serve immediately, topped with Parmesan and parsley. This was my first ever gnocchi recipe that I have made at home and I say it will be a repeat! Eat well flavored! I added fresh spinach at the end and let it wilt. Should I double to feed 6 people and can frozen gnocchi be used?

I made this tonight, and it was delicious! Cook the gnocchi according to packet instructions, they are ready when they float to the top and will only take a couple of minutes. I will definitely be putting this in my rotation of meals! There are literally a million different ways you can serve gnocchi. Toss in the parmesan cheese, stir to coat and serve! Add onion to the fat in the skillet (if the sausage did not release much fat, add a little olive oil to sauté the onion). I do have light cream and half and half. 4. Add in cream, parmesan and cooked sausage and toss. . Stir in the parmesan cheese, basil, and salt & pepper, to taste. Best thing i ever made! Just yesterday I made this recipe again, after spending a couple hours walking the fence lines behind our home picking wild asparagus. Brown sausage in a large skillet with diced onion and garlic on medium-high heat. You may want to cook it at a slightly lower heat when you add it to the pan. Thanks for posting. Honestly, I just buy what's available in the grocery store since there usually isn't a huge selection where I live. Growing up in Minnesota we have things thing called Klub which is pretty much this big potato dumpling that has bits and pieces of diced ham inside and you serve it with butter and salt and gnocchi really reminds me of that, but the crazy shortened version. Replying to this comment, as I added frozen gnocchi and had came out just fine! this was tasty, but heavy & gluey! . You really make me want to try everything I see on your website . Saute till the sausage is no longer pink and is cooked. I will try and with regular gnocchi. It was quick, easy and delicious! I'm going to try this tonight with Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi and see how it goes! And I love mushrooms so that addition sounds fab! Many thanks. Thanks for the recipie! I did use an entire package (18 ounce) of sweet Italian sausage. My creamy spinach and mushroom gnocchi recipe has been doing really well (it is delicious), so I made a creamy tomato gnocchi recipe recently as well. I’m making it for dinner tonight. 5. Thank you so much! It is creamy, I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I think that should probably be fine, but reheat on a low heat since cream sauces can easily separate when re-heating. I live in Canada, so I am usually pretty hesitant to recommend brands because most of my audience is in the USA, and I have found that gnocchi brands don't seem to be the same. Let us know how it goes! This was really good and easy to make. I love me some creamy sauces every now and then. Also just for fun I love measuring any liquid ingredient with these because they are just so fun, stack for easy storage, and give me more variety than a pyrex (they have the 3/4 cup size that I used above). This quickly became one of our favorite recipes and is now in our regular rotation--I can't even count how many times we've made it over the past year! Awesome!! 1. If I make this with frozen gnocchi, can I still cook it all in one pot or should I boil the gnocchi first? It's definitely heavier on the calories, though, so I would keep portions fairly small. Hi Lisa! I made my gnocchi from scratch and it’s ten times better than store bought and surprisingly easy! Add in the uncooked gnocchi making sure each is coated with the sauce. Our favorite gnocchi recipe so far. Brown sausage in a large skillet with diced onion and garlic on medium-high heat. Have not made this, but I will! Thank you!! Thanks for this keeper! You could use mild Italian sausage if you're willing to share . Creamy Pumpkin and Sausage Gnocchi. ( Log Out /  The package says it can be softer prepared by boiling.. I’m thinking just adjust the time that the gnocchi is in the pan/sauce. I’m so happy you liked this . Stir in the diced tomatoes, cream, and gnocchi. Brown sausage in a large skillet with diced onion and garlic on medium-high heat. Using pre-made gnocchi, pumpkin, kale and sausage makes this a hearty and flavorful one pan dinner for any night of the week. This One Pot Creamy Sausage Gnocchi is just the tip of the iceberg. It was yummy and plenty rich. This recipe has become a staple in my house, we love it! Just made it with the following adjustments: 1/2 lb italian sausage, 1 tsp italian seasoning, no salt, no garlic powder, 1/2 c heavy cream, 1/2 c chicken broth, 3/4 c. mozzarella cheese. I woke up wanting more so I will be sure to make it again in the next few days.

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