through Washington State.)

The industry would remain there for three-quarters of a century102

Sending Stafford and Bryant down to Nova Scotia to recruit more miners and move them and their families out to Coal Banks, the Galts attacked the problem of delivery. On April 9th of 1884 the Alberta Railway and Coal Company (AR&C) was incorporated in England, but it was fated to lay dormant for a number of years. Bowman in Railways in Southern Alberta (Occasional Paper No. To move the anticipated 5,000 delegates and the visitors in an efficient, modern manner, Council began taking tenders on the construction of a street railway system. It must be noticed, however, that even though the it was developing a solid tax base, the Town thought it un-necessary to hire its own police force. At Dunmore the company built similar facilities, and at Woodpecker,58 Winnifred and Grassy Lake raised maintenance shops and stations. On the far northern tip several mines worked over the years.

He was disappointed.

When floodwaters soaked the old homes down on “the Bottoms” in the spring of 1953, residents, who had been under civic pressure to vacate for three years, were refused the right of return and the bedraggled structures were bull-dozed.

While workers added five more stalls to the Lethbridge “running sheds” and raised additional infrastructure, Grant’s men laboured to complete their 64.62 mile-long part of the project to the Boundary at Coutts84 on October the 1st. This pattern pertained in 1911, 1919, 1922, ‘23, ‘24, though most of these work-stoppages were of much shorter duration than the 1906 action. 2, the Sheran pit becoming the No. By midnight a canvas village was accumulating on the turf to the north of the yards. CP would lease the standardized Dunmore–Lethbridge line until December 31, 1897, with an option to buy it for $9,000 per mile until that date. Ex-N-WM Policeman E.T. It had been ten years since gold had been discovered in the South African Republic and the tensions between Imperial Britain and the independent-minded Boers that that developing bonanza had exacerbated had driven up the price of wheat.

Beginning in 1963 under the direction of Masami Sugimoto, native plants were collected from within 100 miles of Lethbridge and installed with imported Japanese rocks in a traditional garden at the western end of Henderson Lake. The Lethbridge News exhorted the citizens to attend and boost the reputation of their city as a progressive, vibrant community worthy of investment. McKillop retired from the fray.

Fewer hammers were heard ringing in Town as construction slowed and buildings fell vacant. 18 Geo. This the City set about to build.

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