PGC > Information & Resources > Agency Business Center > Timber Sales > Recently Bid Timber Sales. Previous Post. PA Game News Magazine; Frequently Asked Questions; Social Media; Buy a License. Skip to content. PA Game News Magazine; Frequently Asked Questions; Social Media; Buy a License. February 13, 2020. Unless you're a certified timber expert, we recommend either consulting with a forest service contractor that can help explain the timber you have on your land, or partnering with a company like us that understands best management practices for timber and can help you make smart decisions about the best time  to sell, how to prevent thinning after selling, and even what to consider with tree planting in the future.

Considering the return is a big part of getting the best price for your timber. The Pennsylvania State University Timber Prices. Next Post. Compare the bids you receive to market prices and to each other to ensure what foresters are quoting you aligns with what you should be receiving. Timber Mart-South provided by the Center for Forest Business, Warnell School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia. PA Some paper and board prices drop in Korea over third quarter due to … If you have been logging for a year or more, all you need to do is look over your books for the past year. Depending on the type of timber auction you hold, you'll want to be prepared to wait things out until the right bid from the right company comes around.
Short term outlook remains weak. Here at Green Ridge Forest Products, we're a full service forestry company that works with landowners to help them get the best value for their standing timber and logs. Seasons. Charles David Ray, Ph.D. Family owned and operated for generations, we're a staple here in the Pennsylvania forest industry because of our commitment to quality, fairness, and sustainable forestry practices. PGC > Information & Resources > Agency Business Center > Timber Sales.

Why do we need this? We believe that wood and wood products are only as valuable as the efforts we take to use them. That bid may not necessarily be the highest you receive, but the value you get out of that company will pay dividends down the road! Take a look at their mission, and ensure it lines up with what you're looking for.

Report a Violation. For current information about a no-bid sale, ... even during poor economic times when timber stumpage prices are low.

As a logger and harvester of standing timber, there are several factors to consider when determining the standing timber prices you will pay. Phone: (814) 865-0679 Begin Main Content Area Recent Timber Bids. Timber sales generate significant revenue for the commonwealth. Begin Main Content Area Timber Sales View Recently Bid Sales Contact Us: Phone: 717-787-2039 All links below are PDFs. If you want a forester to simply come in and rip out your mature timber, there are a few companies that will. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Bureau of Forestry. September 18, 2020. February 25, 2020 February 27, 2020 Uncategorized * * * Post navigation. We know timber, and we know how to provide you and your land with long lasting value.

What Does the US Forest Service Say About Timber. But if you're looking for value and the ability to sell your timber and forest resources again and again as time progresses, you'll want to consider foresters that understand sustainable forestry stewardship, and are willing to partner with you for the long haul.

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