His thoughts on the matter were, “I don’t know. How is it possible for one guy to have such a ridiculous lack of foresight and self-awareness and not realize that something like this will only make his next choke job that much more pathetic.

© 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. “Just stay with my family and come back with a fresh mindset for the last part of the season.”. Theis took a pass and was getting ready to go up for a shot.

“I always make sure I say thank you.”. It's the tattoo prominently and fittingly on display in the image of LeBron taunting KG down the stretch of last night's game; the second in a two-part tat that extends across LeBron's biceps and reads: "What we do in life echoes in eternity." Well, there you have it.

Who knows? Why make things harder than they have to be?

pic.twitter.com/tWgjxzU9EO. His unquestionable reputation as one of the game's greatest frontrunners and most formidable chokers. Wrestling fans came out and immediately made “Sweet Chin Music” jokes as a reference to Brett Michaels’ signature move. NESN Daniel Theis Injury: ... Former Duke basketball star shows off Tiger-like golf swing Golf Week Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum is smashing 300+ yard drives The contract agreement came after Hayward decli, Doc Rivers is clearly ecstatic that he will be getting to coach another member of his family. Just a beat behind the play. It’s too bad. Smart has always been one of the team’s best passers (if not the best), but he’s been flexing some extra saucy passes lately. It would have been reasonable for the Kansas City Chiefs to get conservative on their final drive Sunday night and try to play for overtime, but Andy Reid says he never gave it a thought.

Shop from our official licensed Celtics store for more collections to embrace your Celtics love. National team career. B: We can adjust the sliders on a lot of stats to make them unique to certain players. On the, We are moving toward the part of the season where every game is decisive and every mistake is magnified in the NFL.

Toronto won again, so Boston’s win helps them keep pace. Daniel Theis really needed the All-Star break, “The six days, the all-star break was great,” he said.

Hayward on Saturday agreed to a four-year, $120 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets. Tom Westerholm has much more on Theis and his impact on the team here. It must be something.". 5.

Marcus Smart’s passing is getting… better?

With Germany's senior team, he played …

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. He also has a dragon on his chest, and a picture of Dan Gilbert on his butt crack.

The number zero has two main functions: to stand on its own as a symbol of nothing and to function as a placeholder. it’s funny that he had such a good game because he got yanked from this game right away. If you really want to drill down even further, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, and Daniel Theis carried that, combining to shoot 31-for-48, or just about 64.6 percent. A: Yes, this is a great stat. He not only sets picks on the perimeter to get Tatum open, Celtics wings follow him into the lane and he picks off opposing bigs to clear lanes to the hoop. Daniel Theis’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and his father’s name is under review. He has Witness running down his right leg, History on his left leg, Family on his right rib cage, and L and J on his left and right triceps. It's the tattoo prominently and fittingly on display in the image of LeBron taunting KG down the stretch of last night's game; the second in a two-part tat that extends across LeBron's biceps and reads: "What we do in life echoes in eternity.". Cousy and Sharman had 25 each.

It's a quote from Gladiator, LeBron's favorite movie, and really couldn't be more perfect when you consider the round the clock talk of LeBron's legacy and his uncanny ability to screw everything up.

Tatum is accomplishing a lot at a very young age, which is great. We all would have loved it. They combined to hit 31 of Boston’s 44 made baskets. Here are 10 things we learned from the first game out of the All-Star break.

The Celtics bench gave them almost nothing offensively, so four guys had to do everything. I guess that's just LeBron. I personally think it needs an apostrophe, but it’s not my ink. He checked in early for Theis and he didn’t look like he was moving particularly well. His arms feature a lion head, the words "Beast" and "Hold My Own" as well as homages to both his sons, his mother and his hometown of Akron. Siakam leaped into the lane to try defending the ball and ended up kicking his leg out.

Take for example, the incident in question: Now, I'm not about to lecture LeBron for big timing Garnett, because the truth is that if KG did the same thing to LeBron, it would have been the highlight of the season.

And only cloud eternity's memory of what he accomplishes in his basketball life. Subscribe to MassLive.com. Valdes-Scantling’s Green Bay Packers got the ball to start overtime with the game tied at 31.

And this pass to Gordon Hayward was so good, Hayward didn’t even land from the dunk before reacting to it. Boston Celtics forwards Jayson Tatum (0) and Gordon Hayward (20) celebrate in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Friday, Feb. 21, 2020, in Minneapolis. My only question is: Why would he want to? If you really want to drill down even further, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, and Daniel Theis carried that, combining to shoot 31-for-48, or just about 64.6 percent. He just seems to play well there. Offensively, Brown was cooking. Rich can be reached at rlevine@comcastsportsnet.com. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. In sixteenth century Europe, mathematics was undergoing a transformation. Historical context is important, though. All the power to him. It really negated some very good play on the offensive end.

Russell had 26 point and 23 rebounds. Like many famous people and celebrities, Daniel Theis keeps his personal life private. The VIP Lounge | Daniel Theis C’s forward likes to lay up his feet on vacation. Hayward just barely missed his fourth straight 30 point game against Minnesota. But for the sake of this post, I'm only going to mention one more.

In some ways it might be more impressive that he’s doing this so young. Fatherhood has prepared Gordon Hayward for Sunday’s early start. Daniel Theis was kicked in the chin by Pascal Siakam during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals on Monday night, and plenty of wrestling jokes were made as a result.

Ever since he hurt his hip, he’s mostly been a liability, Ah well here's Tatum's new ink pic.twitter.com/hrvi2h18ey. Need exclusive stories only we can tell? The first time was in 1960, when Tommy Heinsohn, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and Bill Sharman combined for for 119. 1. But then he had defensive possessions like this one where he just seemed lost in no-man’s land for a bit. The Celtics face the Lakers on Sunday at 3:30 Boston time, which is 12:30 local time.

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