Dear Evan Hansen exemplifies the effect that social media has when The Connor Project is started and goes viral within days. Even the closest thing Evan has to a friend at school, Jared Kleinman (Jared Goldsmith) — a “family friend” whose parents insist he be nice to Evan if he’d like them to continue to pay for his car insurance — declines, giving him a hard time about it instead. In the show’s tone-setting opening number, “Anybody Have a Map?,” we meet two mothers, Heidi Hansen (Jessica Phillips) and Cynthia Murphy (Christiane Noll), desperately trying to connect with their respective sons, Evan (Ben Levi Ross) and Connor (Marrick Smith). “It’s a story about him helping out a grieving family while dealing with a sticky situation after telling a few lies that spiral out of hand.”. The novel narrates his quest to find himself, but in order to do so he lies and ultimately ends up right back where he started.

Dear Evan Hansen Themes . A minimal amount of furniture is used to convey the setting of the moment, allowing near-omnipresent sliding transparent panels on which social-media streams and video clips are projected to grab the eye. Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of a young man with social anxiety disorder who so yearns to make a connection with his peers that he fabricates a relationship with a deceased student to become closer to the boy’s family. The Power of Fiction. Mental health and youth suicide are major themes in Dear Evan Hansen.

For tickets, $39 to $159, 216-241-6000 or Mental health and youth suicide are major themes in Dear Evan Hansen. The musical has received critical acclaim, particularly for Ben Platt's leading performance, the lyrics, and the book. “Dear Evan Hansen” — a winner of six Tony Awards in 2017, Best Musical among them — is such a show. Community is a primary theme in Dear Evan Hansen, whose central character is looking for love — albeit through morally questionable methods. When a classmate commits suicide, shy Evan Hansen finds himself at the center of the tragedy and turmoil. The magazine is published once a month during the academic year (September-April) by the Gateway Student Journalism Society (GSJS), a student-run, autonomous, apolitical not-for-profit organization, operated in accordance with the Societies Act of Alberta. Dear Evan Hansen revolves around a lonely teenager who is encouraged by his therapist to write letters to himself highlighting what will be good about each day. Throughout its various runs, the show has earned recognition for providing and encouraging dialogues about mental illness, youth suicide, and mental health. Regardless of where they come from, how old they are, or what they’re struggling with, all audience members will be ‘found’ by the show. News is able to spread within seconds and there is more pressure to keep up an appearance for the hundreds or thousands of people that follow you. Along with loving music, movies and television, he is crazy about sports and tech. And although it is impossible to note all worth noting in a review of “Dear Evan Hansen,” the production design and its related components are deserving of significant praise. Seeing Zoe’s name is peppered throughout it, Connor believes Evan meant for him to see it — he believes Evan is trying to taunt him with it. The second act is where the real drama comes, when “Dear Evan Hansen” hits you with emotional punches — moments earned from what has come before them. Broadway Across Canada is bringing Dear Evan Hansen, a deeply beloved, highly acclaimed, and incredibly hopeful story, to life on the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium stage from February 11-16. He takes prescribed medications, but his therapist also has given him an assignment: to write letters to himself in which he will lay out what will be good about the day ahead. This section contains 2,634 words (approx. Evan is a demanding role — at one point late in the affair, the actor in the part must transition seamlessly from crying as he speaks to singing — and Ross handles it all with grace. Social media is playing an increasingly important role in society. The novel narrates his quest to find himself, but in order to do so he lies and ultimately ends up right back where he started. “It’s very empowering and ends off with a very uplifting message and I think people can walk away feeling hopeful and uplifted,” LaRochelle said. With music by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, “Dear Evan Hansen” is a show full of complicated emotions that uniquely tells a story of public grief and mourning in the digital age. Essay Topics. “It’s really inspiring for me to hear stories from people who have seen the show, whether it be online or at the stage door, people are sharing their stories with us,” she said. Evan, meanwhile, is dealing with social anxiety. That lie, however well-intended, leads to others perhaps less charitable on Evan’s part. Print Word PDF.

Heidi has encouraged him to get it signed by classmates, but his handful of attempts — an aborted try with Zoe among them — do not go well. This Study Guide consists of approximately 44 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Dear Evan Hansen. Throughout its various runs, the show has earned recognition for providing and encouraging dialogues about mental illness, youth suicide, and mental health.
Get information on a digital lottery for $25 tickets at With a smart book by Steven Levenson and impressive music and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, it confronts not-so-pleasant topics that include anxiety, depression, isolation, suicide and the effect social media is having on our society — and, especially, on its young people. By continuing to use the site, you accept our, By Mark Meszoros Create your own unique website with customizable templates. LaRochelle describes seeing the impact of Dear Evan Hansen’s message and themes first hand during her time on the show. ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ with its myriad challenging themes, lives up to hype at Playhouse Square | Theater review, ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ with its dealing of myriad challenging themes, lives up to hype at Playhouse Square, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 7 pages at 400 words per page) View a FREE sample . The latter is high from smoking weed the morning of the first day of school and has no interest in going; he lashes out at Mom, as well as father Larry (Aarn Lazar) and sister Zoe (played nicely on the second night of the run by understudy Ciara Alyse Harris). This website uses cookies to improve your experience. “They can just hear that song and feel like they’re not alone and know it’s okay to open up and talk about the things that you’re going through.”. Christiane Noll, left, and Jessica Phillips portray mothers dealing with difficult situation in “Dear Evan Hansen.”. Fortunately, this musical does so in such a way as not to crush the audience member; it manages to leave one with a sense of optimism even though a toll has been taken over the previous two-and-a-half hours of theater. While you may leave the theater singing Evan’s Act One number “Waving Through a Window,” just as moving are “Disappear,” “For Forever” and Heidi’s late-show epic, “So Big/So Small.”. Overall, Dear Evan Hansen promises to be a heartfelt, emotional, and hopeful experience accompanied by an acclaimed story and endearing set of songs. He flies into a rage and refuses to give the piece of paper back to its owner. This touring cast is packed with talent, but you simply must single out Ross. Evan voices his concerns as to what Connor might do with the letter to Jared, who delights in spinning worst-case scenarios for Evan that involve the ruining of Evan’s life.

In “Dear Evan Hansen,” Evan (Ben Levi Ross, left) becomes close with the Murphy family — Larry (Aaron Lazar), Cynthia (Christiane Noll) and Zoe (Maggie McKenna) — after the death of Connor Murphy, Evan’s classmate. Also, Evan is sporting a cast on his left arm stemming from a recent fall from a tree in a park. Mental health is extremely important and this novel explores the effect that it can have on a person's character. He has sever social anxiety and therefore has few friends and overthinks every situation. (He doesn’t put them in the letter, but he has detailed, sweet observations on what her face does while she plays her instrument in the school’s jazz band.). Understand, though, that while it is an easy show to love, “Dear Evan Hansen” is no easy show. Identity.
Symbols & Motifs. Important Quotes. But, the ordeal did highlight what was important to him, and even if he ended up in the same place, he had more of an identity at the end than he started with. These visuals can become overbearing at times, but that’s clearly purposeful on the part of the show’s creative team. Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter to receive the best of, delivered straight to your inbox. Themes. Evan clearly loves his mom, but she’s busy with her job as a nurses aide and taking classes to become a paralegal. After a gentle nudging by Heidi, Evan does type up such a note, and in it he includes much about Zoe, on whom he’s long had a crush. For instance, Evan learns that he and Connor share many similarities, from common interests to internal struggles. @MarkMeszoros on Twitter, the national touring production running at Playhouse Square through June 30,, Emotionally impactful Tony Award winner ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ soon to hit Playhouse Square, Specialty grocery store proposed on Sawyer House site in Mentor, Marc's to open new store in Willoughby Hills, Mentor, minus Ian Kipp, falls to Pickerington Central in state semifinal, Florida men accused of targeting Ohio elderly including Mentor man in 'grandparent scam', High school football: OPSWA Northeast Lakes District football team, Painesville City Manager Monica Irelan to resign, 'Boutique' inn approved for Tall Oaks wedding, event complex in Kirtland, Program set for Nov. 10 to commemorate 45th anniversary of Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck, Mentor officials talk possibilities for Lagoons property with passage of charter change, More than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases reported in Lake County in past week.

Mark is a lifelong Northeast Ohioan and an Ohio University grad. Fitting in simply is no small task for this young man.

Evan Hansen, the main character of the novel struggles with finding his identity. No One Is Alone. “The show is opening up a conversation for mental health,” LaRochelle explained. Themes of bullying, loneliness and suicide may not sound like the makings of a hit musical, but those are the elements that make "Dear Evan Hansen" this year’s hot Broadway ticket.

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