This answer is honest and it shows the person’s vulnerability. Employers ask tough interview questions for several different reasons. I didn’t want to push him and the team too hard but instead focused on finding out what they need that could help solve the situation. One reason employers ask difficult questions is to seek out important information about you. Other suitable examples might be situations you dealt in hobbies, such as sports clubs, or volunteering situations. For example, I was working on a project with another team and we found there was duplicate work being done. TASK. Lastly, employers might ask tough interview questions to gauge your experience level and comfort with difficult tasks. Finally, you should avoid using situations that aren’t work-related. Related: Interview Question: “Tell me about yourself”. Employers might ask this question to get a self-assessment on possible shortcomings in your life. If it lacks empathy towards the listener, the impact will be diminished by result. Do you have to communicate a lot or would problems be more technical in nature? You have the perfect template to answer it if you opt for the STAR technique – you will talk about the situation, task, actions and results in a direct and sensible manner. Both are okay as long as they meet our criteria. As with any “tell me” or “describe to me” interview questions, it’s vital that we recognize the interviewer is asking us a behavioral interview question. As well as providing a few boilerplate examples that you can use for your upcoming interview. We created a list of things we could delay and work on after the launch and put the effort in fixing the bug to allow the launch – even if not in the most perfect way possible. While some interview questions are common and expected, others may surprise you. To answer this question, you should provide a quick synopsis of your education, highlights of your professional experience and achievements and what brought you to the position you’re applying for. You will succeed when you know how to match the situation you talk about with the skills and qualities you use in the job. This is the type of phone call none of us wish to get. One of the most common interview questions is focused on difficulties and your ability to handle them. If it’s a customer service job you might be asked something like, “Tell me about a time when you faced an angry customer and how did you deal with it”. It also has a lesson learned moment right at the end. There is no point in running away from them and being honest can help. One of our senior editors found a major bug in the code and he wanted to push back on the deadline, which I knew the company wouldn’t appreciate. The interviewer gets a better idea of your personality and whether you can solve problems quickly and efficiently, especially if the situation calls for it. Employers will likely ask this question early on in the interview process, or you might have to answer it in early-stage phone interviews or recruiter screens. In the end, the team understood the priorities and we were able to work together to direct resources where they were needed. Even when we can’t salvage everything, these difficult situations can help us learn something. We have all been through the harrowing stage of …, When you first start searching for a job and get invited to a couple of interviews, you may feel …. But I had to let them go. Acknowledgement of mistakes can be accusatory or simply a statement of facts and you can see it in the below examples: The one on the left acknowledges issues and highlights the road towards solutions, while the answer on the right is just badmouthing the organization. Both are absolutely okay. This question might be particularly important if you’re changing industries or job roles. They want to gauge whether you can think analytically, deal with ambiguity and communicate clearly. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Most notably, it says that you care about the opportunities presented.. You shouldn’t come up with a situation under any circumstance. What kind of problems might come about? The interviewer is not adding fillers, small talk or random questions just to pass time – anything they say and ask is aimed at learning something about you and testing your ability to work in the specific role. So, take a moment to consider the role and the daily tasks you’d be engaged with. How you handle pressures at work and if you are able to respond the right way. While I do get excited about the projects I’m working on and love collaborating with others, I deeply understand the value of active listening and using the diversity of ideas in the room. In the end, we launched the website on time, increasing company sales by 20% in the first week and we had to fully functional site up within 2 weeks of launch. From that day forward I started making sure I asked my colleagues for assistance when I needed it.”. Another reason employers ask difficult interview questions is to learn about your thought processes. 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