If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Tuh.

She acts like her daughter isn’t attractive enough to date other guys, This has to be for TV No way Egypt is that Gullible . During his speech, he would say even more. Master P is a nut for that comment he made about Angela and her son’s deceasedd father. SAM TOOK OVER THAT. Which you're gonna see in this season, it can get to that point and that's when I'm like, okay, now we have a problem. Egypt get a real man that dude is a d-ck in the booty lame. I’m surprised at you Treach letting your daughter be with a ni**a that gets more than she does WTF I knew Pepa was a piece of sh*t but you Treach are now questionable Salt is the better woman all day and I have mad respect for her and glad she keeps her distance, Maybe he’s agreeing just to have a relationship with his daughter, Sam has come along and made all the focus on himself, I feel like this whole gay sh-t is for a come up for his music career, he wants attention now, he wants to be the next, lil Naz. An engagement is supposed to be something to celebrate, but this season on "Growing Up Hip Hop," getting to a proposal has been anything but easy for stars Egypt Criss and rapper Sammattick. He looked just evil on that episode.

Go get you a real brother Egypt. Andy Cohen Addresses Cast Changes After Monique Samuels & Candiace Dillard’s Altercation. Like come on he is clearly a scam from way back. EGYPT AND SAM ARE TRULY BORING HE CAME INTO HER LIFE A TRULY HELPED HE OPEN UP BUT D-MN THE INES THAT TRULY HAD HER BACK CANT STAND GAY BOY SAM UGLY A-S I LIKE BRIANNA HE ISNT RIGHT FOR HER ITS ALL ABOUT HIM AND I PRAY SHE DOESNT MARRY THAT PIECE OF SH-T. Nobody cares enough about Teetees or the rest of that family for it to be interesting enough. “But I was like hmm, that’s Christmas time, I really just want the focus all on me.
Egypt: I was shocked. Lastly, Briana dishes about what she learned from Chanel to Lil Twist and she’s ready to spill the tea to Egypt. In... Dutchess was ready to leave “Black Ink Crew” after all the drama. It looks like she wasn’t there for him as much as she is for Egypt. And Tee Tee is very interesting. Treach needs to stop throwing up the finger because he looks stupid. She’s so desperate for that love I don’t know! Not much Growing Up Hip Hop left on the show. The entire show is fake, at least they got rid of Romeo and hopefully his dad.

Which after managers, advisors, and taxes probably is not that much. Egypt is in trouble. Sam has been sleeping on the Streets, it’s no telling Who all And what kind of people he has slept with. people need to focus more on their glass house instead of others sexuality.

As for the show Nobody on the show has a story line to include the recurring Legends. Girl don’t stop your career for his Live your Best life.
I don't have to just get advice from my partner. He did so during the engagement party. Be near her . At this point I think they’re all finessing now. Who said that on the show? Romeo Miller clashed with Angela Simmons. How can treach and peppa judge Sam, when they may have had the same sexual experiences. Like Treach said DON’T let Tee Tee and other people interfere and he’s right. PEPA NEEDS TO GO ALSO. What a hot mess. He has no respect. I'm just grateful it was a 'Yes' and we get to start our journey together. That poor girl is being brainwashed by this user. Bottom line for all the nasty replying people and the Brianna’s who are self appointed judges of others don’t pay these people’s bills, stop tying to raise someone else’s child raise your own.only way you have aright to say sh-t is if you invite them to judge your a-s and your kids.

So we were just practicing every day with our band and I thought it was going to be that. I love her. If they had a story line why the only thing they talked about was Egypt and Sam? We are losing the race. U gotta be kidding me As sure as the sun will shine, he is useing her for a platform,to ride on Egypts shirt tail, n being her 1st love, she is smitten,by him and bossy trying to run her business, I’m suprise, but not suprise, by Pepa actions, bc she thinks that she is still a young jitter bug instead of being girlfreind.If Sam is in love like he claims, he will wait n get his act together on his own n not on Egypts name, Look what example of a mom she has, pepa was dating a married man with a baby on the way, she actually paid for his wife an apartment. Exactly. He said I want you to perform with me. Sounds good,” the WE tv star explained. I know egypt has no talent, but she could actually do something positive with her life. !smh no wonder Romeo leaving the show and honestly if Bree goes I’m done watching Although lil twist my guy. Sam, can you just talk a little bit about that? Required fields are marked *. Romeo was an initial cast member of the show, which launched in 2016 on WeTV. I can't see her as someone I would call someone who claims they love me, because to me, certain things you do do not say to those you love.

I am done watching Horrible to see, not a good look. Bow is BRILLIANT on the show. I am proud of Sam for open up and to have the courage to tell everybody in the engagement party his secret. Everybody need to mind their business about Egypt relationship with Sam. © 2020 EHM Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. As far as her parents are concern shame on y’all for liking Sam. Why is she on the show she did not grow up Hip Hop , her dad is a loser and she is not related to my girl Mary J. TeeTee is pregnant and the guy don’t even want to marry her. It’s sickening to see 2 parents except this kind of relationship. And Egypt ended up hitting Briana. This is what happens to celebrities. It can be easier hearing from someone who're not in the family because I'm like, 'OK, that's just another person's opinion.' I use to enjoy the show until Romeo left. He thinks everything is funny. Treach is supposed to be furious. The show is dying. Sam has nothing, to compliment Egypt, nor the Cris family.

And they have been very vocal about this on social media. Were you worried, Sam? All Rights Reserved. She’s just about had it with people criticizing her relationship with Sam. Plus pep was with a married man & a lot of fail relationship sooo poor daughter didn’t have a good example she going be on drugs next with lot of babies paying Sam alimony ‍♀️…….Treach !!! Meanwhile, Romeo returns and is unbothered about Angela. They all have something going for them outside of the show whereas the rest of them don’t. “I live with Egypt and Sam at this point. This is something Sam has taken issue with. Sam: Definitely, the engagement party and everything that comes with that has a whole lot of secrets revealed about me, past, present and future. By the way who the f-ck is she anyway?

Things might get crazy and Treach Egypt father might not be happy or okay with it but one thing that Treach should be clear of is that Sam makes Egypt happy and she loves him and he was open to her from day one and she accepted him the way he is and all the things he did in the past. Getty Romeo Miller has quit Growing Up Hip Hop after conflict with the Simmons family.

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